Reviews For Senate Republican Conference Podcast

Thanks for giving us some right Political Talk,excellent to the point.We need more
If you are interested in the political world at all, this is a must, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative. It's best to listen to it rather than have it on a filter from Hannity OR Colmes. I am conservative, but I catch what I can of the Dems as well, and I wish both sides of the aisle in both houses would get more of their people online. Before you criticize it because you disagree with the conservative worldview or the Republican worldview, realize that hearing only one side creates an echo chamber, and distorts your view of reality. Both sides are necessary in a democracy, and only hearing one viewpoint ad infinitum will make you guilty of the same thing you accuse Bush and the Republicans of being: closed-minded.
I like the news and information straight from the people that are saying it. To all you way left wing libs, pick up a book, get a life and get a clue. Please just grow up and look at things through more than just your point of view and then write a review.
This is pure right-ist effluence
This is a great channel for news gathering. One need not wait to hear it filtered through NPR or ABCNBCCBSMSNBCNYTIMESWASHPOST. It's good to see this available so that one can hear it straight from the horse's mouth, and not Katie Couric's.
The same old propaganda of fear being shoved in your face, no true honorable conservatives here. Just ignorant people who think praying will rebuild New Orleans.
Podcasting the views of both sides is political is benefit to our free society. Jefferson and Adams would both be proud. Other reviewers have used this forum to give their political views. This is not the place for this. Go find a blog or buy a bumper sticker.