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I try to listen to these but the noises they make when they are speaking is just too distracting. You can really hear everything from lips smacking, to the tongue rolling around and when they speak it's like they are told to not talk in a normal tone but a soft loud enough whisper to convey what they are talking about. I can't listen to this podcast anymore. Great topics of discussion though!
Gil is a lifesaver. Wise, gently humorous, a voice that has consistently inspired, educated, entertained, fascinated, advised and comforted me these past five years. And I’ve never even met the man! Hope I do some day, so I can thank him.
It is truly a blessing to have these talks and guided meditations freely and publicly available. I have benefited so much from Audio Dharma’s uploads since I first discovered IMC’s website in 2013. Thank you for sharing the teachings and practice with all of us around the globe!
These talks helped me on a road of healing and enlightenment that has continued for the last 4 years. I’m very grateful for each teaching. Thank You and keep up such great work. The Buddha has change my life :)
Gil is one the most relatable and knowledgeable teachers of the Buddha dharma of our time. And he is supported by a solid team and great community. If you can’t be at IMC every week (I live on the other coast) then this podcast is a great option. Highly recommend
i have listened and studied through Gil and this podcast everyday for three years. It has changed my life. Truth, wisdom, generosity and peace. I cannot express properly the ways in which this podcast and the ability to connect has helped me. Thank You !!
This is the place i go to, helps me quiet my mind. Thank you!
If not for this podcast, I would still be in such a cluttered place.


By cesur
Truly a gift to the public. Listen, explore and meditate!
It’s just great
Gil has been my guru for a decade, though I’ve never met him and he doesn’t know I exist. If you want to get your head on straight and keep it that way, listen to Gil and the other wonderful teachers here. Seriously. I’d be lost in a hopeless pit of despair if it weren’t for this podcast.
I always learn something from them and there are ones that are only 7 or 8 min long or ones that are 30-40 min long so I can listen to them all the time. I highly recommend subscribing to them to learn about Buddhism. They give me so much peace
Gil's talks always make me feel centered, peaceful and give lots of food for thought. The other teachers are also very good. Great podcasts!
My husband and I have been listening to your Podcasts regularly for many years. You have become an important foundation for our lives. Living in a remote rural place, we are especially thankful for these podcasts; Without them, we would never have had the opportunity to hear the message you share.
I'm truly grateful for Audio Dharma. I started my mindfulness journey over a year and a half ago and have not met anyone to talk to about it or to learn from. There aren't many places around where I live to get information about mindfulness or Buddhism. The audio Dharma podcast has been my 'church' every morning in the car on the way to work. Not only are the speakers incredibly insightful and enlightening, the podcasts help me to feel like I have companions on my mindfulness journey. I highly recommend it.
The content is very good and I appreciate the podcast. My challenge is with the recording qulaity. The microphone is too close to the speaker's mouth and the constant "wet-noise" of the speaker licking his lips (?) of wetting his tounge is very distracting.
Gil is great; I had never heard of him before finding this podcast and now I really enjoy his talks. Everything is very accessible for newcomers and Gil explains things in a way that is easy to understand. If you are new: look for talks from the beginning of the year as he uses that as a refresher to come back and review the basics.
As a newcomer to Buddhism, I've very much enjoyed this podcast. I love how descriptive the titles are, as in not "Dharma talk 1" but "Not Self," etc. I feel like that is helpful to me because I'm able to target my approach to Buddhism and best supplement my reading. I really like how Andrea uses practical examples, I feel that as a scientist and medical student I enjoy her practicality (after listening to every podcast she's made on this app). Sometimes Gil goes over my head, but I can understand what he is saying after I think about it for a while. However, his guided meditations are on point. Anyway, that's all I have to say as a person who has been listening for over a year!
I listen to this podcast regularly. It is an important part of my practice since I don't have a Buddhist community near me. The only constructive feedback I would offer is that the titles need to be more informative. This podcast has a lot of content, many are series. It is hard to know easily which podcast is part of a particular series if I want to find the next one. Please, please tweak to something like, "Fronsdal mindfulness #4: free will?" Thanks!


By Rawbbit
I'm very grateful for this podcasts. I love listening to Gil's teaching and it's a great way to start or sometimes even end the day, listening to these on my way to or from work. Always inspiring and mind/heart opening. Thank you and please continue to upload!
great talks. well worth your time.
For more than 3 years, Audio Dharma has been a part of my life’s foundation. Gil and his team do a wonderful job of relating the dharma to the ebb and flow of everyday life. Very much a blessing!
Sensitive, insightful, and funny. Thank you Gil!
I listen to these during my morning commute. It's a great way to begin the day and get through traffic with fewer frustrations. Beyond that the podcast offers a way into Buhddhism that is clear & understandable. It inspires me to practice medetation and helps me to see the benefits of practicing if I get discouraged.
I feel this has helped me a lot to progress in becoming a saner, less neaurotic human being. And to, sort of, actually, meditate. Yea. Gil and Andrea are wonderful, thank you both! :)
i dig it.
I have been listening to these talks for years. There have been so many things I've heard in these talks that I'd never heard anywhere else. You don't have to know anything about Buddhism or be a Buddhist to understand the meaning. Gil's talks particularly seem to resonate with me. Give one a try, and as with all things, if it speaks to you listen, if not then move on to something that does.
Wisdom, insight, contemplation, compassion… Love it.
Gil Fronsdal is funny, warm, accessible, and has serious chops as a Buddhist scholar and longtime practitioner to boot. He brings lofty topics down to earth and reveals the wisdom in the mundane. Love him, love this podcast.
A wonderful and deeply satisfying perspective about life that fits well into whatever your spiritual beliefs are. The mindfulness practice presented here will build upon many aspects of your life.
These talk mean a lot to me. I find them to be a helpful tool to center myself and inspire my growth
This podcast is an awesome resource for anyone interested in Buddhism !
Same with Zencast, highly suggest checking out both if you're interested in Buddhism. Really enjoy the philosophy and the delivery of the teachers.
I absolutely love these talks. I have only one personal tick - and I'm truly trying to work on this, but is it possible to cover the speakers mic with something that would mute the 'tooth sucking' sound? The audio is clear enough to hear the speaker taking a drink and ALL salivating sounds.
After studying information on cognitive behavior therapy, and other psychological info to help me with my depression and anxiety, I came accross mindfullness as a helpful approach. I then searched out more info on mindfulness and somehow ended up listening to audio dharma. It was Andrea that I heard first. She was astounding! It was like a curtain lifted from my mind. I was instantly hooked, and started listening to more dharma talks including Gil's. I have to say that I am very attached to both Gil and Andrea now:) They are incredible teachers, and they have brought me so much more than I ever thought possible. Through their teaching, I am feeling more deeply human and alive than ever in my life. I've found purpose, and I can now handle the difficulties of life with much greater ease and skill. I highly recommend this podcast. I listen to it every day, multiple times per day. The teachings are so well explained that within days, you will see a difference in the way you approach life. May all beings be at peace in metta!
Excellent organization & spectacular Dharma talks!
I stumbled across this Jewell on my desktop years ago and now that I have a device I carry with me I can take these talks with me wherever I go. So thrilled!
"The Dhamma is Well-Expounded, Apparent Here & Now, Timeless, Encouraging Investigation, Leading-Inwards, To Be Experienced Individually By The Wise.” Audio Dharma is hands down the best place for Dhamma talks, outside of Abhayagiri Monastery talks or going to a Buddhist temple yourself. This is /real/ Buddhism; you know- the actual teachings of the Buddha (something that seems to be overlooked in so many western circles using the word "Buddhist".) Andrea Fella, in particular, is an amazing teacher. Personally, she has helped me dive into myself and find insights that I would have never found without the help of this podcast. Buddhism is a systematic path for radical understanding, realization, acceptance, and growth —under one condition: you're actually practicing Buddhism. Audio Dharma would be sanctioned by the Buddha himself. If you're looking for serious Buddhism, for a serious Buddhist - you've come the the right place. These Dhamma talks are among the first steps on the Path to Waking Up. I strongly recommend them to anyone even remotely interested in the subject. There is a disturbing trend among New-Agey, Western folk-Buddhists to slap the Buddha's name on anything even remotely pop-psychological. As a result, there is an unfortunate misconception about what Buddhism is in the West. Well, Buddhism has nothing to do with happy-go-lucky sentimentality, Buddha "watching over you" (that makes me shudder), or any type of transcendental meditation hokey-pokey movement promising heaven on earth. No. What is Buddhism? Listen to Audio Dharma - and you will begin to know.
I've been listening to these talks by Gil for years now. My respect only deepens for the quiet, steady wisdom he delivers several times a week in these sessions. I am continually impressed by his clarity, his subtlety of mind and ability to explain, to listen, to reveal the intricacies of a complicated practice and an overwhelmingly deep tradition. I'm amazed that he never hits a sour note, never rambles, never sounds uninspired or less than engaged with the topics at hand; I detect no self-importance or self-involvement. Forgive a tired cliche: he practices what he preaches. Without preaching! While figures like Jack Kornfield may have more entertainment value and hit higher rhetorical highs, providing a kind of roaring bonfire, Gil is focused on a different objective, acts as a kind of a pilot light, more humble and mundane, speaking a bit more directly to the earnest practitioner making simple steady progress on the path. For this he seems an invaluable presence.
This podcast is my favorite! Gil and the rest have helped me change my life for the better. Thank you audio dharma
I listen to each podcast nightly when possible and it, along with reading about the Dharma, has opened many doors for me (mentally.) I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning about Buddhism or just a new way of living.
Thank you for taking the time and effort to make audio dharma. I'm not Buddhist but I've learned so much.
Really? the dharma of Harry Potter? you should be ashamed
I am eternally grateful for these podcasts. Thank you for sharing them.
Gentle and deeply inspiring
These podcasts have helped me immensely with my life during a difficult time. I highly recommend them to anyone. Please keep them coming. Sending my deepest gratitude.
The best spiritual podcast I have found I find so many parts of this podcast fit into the mystery of this life. Listen and live in peace and acceptance.
I like the lectures. You always learn something. The papancha lecture was great! This is a good companion to learning about Buddhism and meditation.
Gil Fronsdal makes me smile with just the right amount of humor together with peace and wisdom. Andrea Fella brings me warmth and insight.