Reviews For Bishop Robert Barron’s Sermons - Catholic Preaching and Homilies

Bishop Barron is the best! The best Jerry! The Best! No podcasts in June??
I love the weekly reflections on the readings by Bishop Robert Baron. The recent series on the Book of Revelation was really helpful as I read it in the Office of Readings as well as hearing Bishop Baron’s homilies. Today Inam wondering where the Homliy for Pentecost is, it has not been uploaded yet? I look forward to listening to it soon!
Bishop Barron and his amazing team have produced such illuminating programs about our rich faith. I am so grateful for his enlightened, thoughtful, scholarly explanations on the readings, church doctrine, the Pivotal Players. I’m hooked! May God richly bless you all for your evangelism in a secular world.
Overwhelmed with the access to this great direction for my soul and apologetics.
We all need this light in our life
Thank Bishop you for reminding us of God great love for all us!! Love listening to your podcasts 💗🙏🏼!
I love being Catholic and Bp Barron reminds me why I do!
Bishop Barron’s homilies are keenly insightful, relevant, and a source of spiritual nourishment. No matter your depth of faith, his insights are good for thought and good for the soul.
Bishop Barron’s podcasts are insightful and inspirational for all People not just Catholics.
If this was the only podcast show out there it would be more than enough. What a great blessing the word on fire ministry is. God bless bishop Barron and all who make this possible
Bishop Barron is fantastic. He does an outstanding job of taking a very complex subject and breaking it down into easily understandable chunks. Also, he uncovers and explains nuances in the readings that typical Catholics may miss.
Perfect to the point talks.
Bishop Barron’s sermons are a staple of our Sunday worship. We listen to him in the car on our way to breakfast, right after Mass. Educational, enlightening, uplifting, and inspiring—these sermons are sure to deepen your faith and bring you to a fuller understanding of the Catholic-Christian tradition handed down from Jesus and his Apostles
Bishop Barron is so wonderful. He speaks with such enthusiasm, interest, and love for God and the Catholic Church. Listening to him has truly deepened my faith! God bless you Bishop Barron and the Word on Fire team!
I love to listen to Bishop Barron’s sermon before I go to Mass. It helps to prepare myself better to hear what God has to say.
You really learn about the richness of the Catholic faith. Bishop Barron is truly a compelling and inspirational speaker.
We have been listening to Bishop Barron’s homilies for many years and they are so helpful in our preparation for Sunday Mass. We read the Sunday readings from the Word Among Us and follow each with the weekly explanations from Exploring the Sunday Readings. We top that off with Bishop Barron so we feel pretty ready for our priest’s homily and the sacrifice of the Mass. This is such an outstanding resource. Thank you Bishop Barron!
To hear a Bishop with a happy, energetic voice is a treat. The fact that he is quite knowledgeable and engaging is an added blessing. I just wish he would end with a question each time, to encourage us to keep thinking about our faith.
I listen to Bishop Baron’s podcasts over and over. They have the best content ever for someone like me who received “dumbed down” religious education. Great for Catholics in non-Catholics a like!
Bishop Barron explains the Gospel reading well and gives great insight into what the Gospel reading means.
These podcasts help me on my journey towards Christ.I love immersing myself in my Catholic Faith. It keeps me inspired all week. The Mass continues all week thru Bishop Barron!!
I’ve heard probably all his recorded homilies over eight years. It has deepened my faith and nourishes my intellect.
Bishop Barron’s homilies always are an insightful look into the gospel readings and our culture today. He does a great job explaining the meaning behind the readings, our faith, and making it relatable to our every day lives. Thank you for providing this great podcast!
In the past 20-30 years preachers have become enamored with seeker sensitive relevance. Others react to this by taking comfort mere doctrinal correctness. The Bishop starts in the right place and then builds a bridge to the sheep. Right Biblical thinking applied compassionately is a rare combination. Find it here.
As a newly baptized Catholic, I really look forward to Bishop Barron’s homily each week. He always speaks what needs to be said. However, it’s hard to hear the end of his homily because the background music is way to loud! I’d be happy to record some classical marimba music to overlay instead!
Great synthesis of the Sunday readings. Really helps me have concrete take always from mass every week. Super appreciate Bishop Baron making this a part of his content regime with everything he has going on.
Bishop Barron’s groundbreaking Catholicism video series and podcasts have increased my love of the faith!
My guru , my prayers and gratitude to Bishop Barron for helping me make it through one more day in truth and in love.
If you’re not doing so already, do yourself a favor, and prep for the Sunday readings with this podcast. Listen to it in the car on the way to Church or use as a morning meditation. Seriously, it’s terrific!
Most days I read from the Magnificat; first I start with the readings in the Mass, next to Morning or Evening Prayer THEN to Bishop Barron’s daily email for help to better understand the key points. These podcasts further supplement prayerful reflection.
I look forward to this message each week. I am 69 years old and love it when Bishop Baron opens a new window to my relationship with Jesus. Many, many thanks to all at Word on Fire and May God richly bless you.
I cannot imagine a Sunday going by without listening to Bishop Barron‘s take on the sacred scripture readings for the mass. He is such a treasure for the church. If you want to understand the church and scripture in a more profound way, subscribe to this podcast!
I love to listen to him on my way to mass. So much good information!!
Bishop Barron is able to draw out beauty and power in passages I've heard hundreds of times! The Gospel becomes brand new again! I look forward to each one every week!
Bishop Barron has many gifts of the Holy Spirit! I am so grateful that he readily gives us the gifts of wisdom and hope through his homilies. Thank you!!!
I am currently going through RCIA. Bishop Barron is one of those people who is very instrumental in bringing my wife and Me into the church. His love of the church and its truth and beauty are very evident. He is so engaging you can't help but be drawn in to see what this is all about.
Bishop Barron’s explanations of the weekly readings for the Catholic Church are always short, interesting and packed with information about Christ and His life. He combines an ability to take stories and anecdotes from 1000’s of years and make them meaningful to you. He has a command of history, philosophy and psychology to teach the truth of Christ. This podcast is great if you are interested in getting more from the Bible readings of the Church (Liturgy of the Word) or looking for more information on Christ and Christianity.
I can always use more truth in my life!
What a blessing it is to be able to hear Bishop Barron’s sermon each week. His insights on the gospel always help make it come alive to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!
I love the way Bishop Barron uses philosophy and real world knowledge to bring the gospel alive. He does it with such passion, we listen to it as a family every Sunday before Mass.
Best pod cast EVER if you want to learn more about your catholic faith. Especially cradle Catholics!!!
I really look forward to the Word on Fire Show each week. Bishop Barron provides, in a concise and entertaining format, thoughtful and edifying spiritual content that helps reorient both the mind and the heart toward Our Lord and His Church. Highly recommended!
Even though I attend Mass regularly and our parish priest’s sermons are great I looked forward to Bishop Barron’s sermons He makes it all sounderstandable
I am always amazed at how much more I love and understand my faith through Bishop Barron's homilies. Thank you Bishop. Your videos and podcasts have played a big part of my spiritual journey.
I listen to Bishop Barron's sermons to help me understand the readings for the week. His insight not only provides a theological explanation but practical application as well - how we can apply the Word in our daily lives. This aspect has been especially helpful in my own life.
This is such a great gift to our soul / heart Thank you Bishop Robert Barron
Bishop Barron is relatable, brilliant and engaging. He will satisfy your mind and heart. You will feel like you didn't waste your day after you listen to his podcast.