Reviews For Bishop Robert Barron’s Sermons - Catholic Preaching and Homilies

Best pod cast EVER if you want to learn more about your catholic faith. Especially cradle Catholics!!!
I really look forward to the Word on Fire Show each week. Bishop Barron provides, in a concise and entertaining format, thoughtful and edifying spiritual content that helps reorient both the mind and the heart toward Our Lord and His Church. Highly recommended!
Even though I attend Mass regularly and our parish priest’s sermons are great I looked forward to Bishop Barron’s sermons He makes it all sounderstandable
I am always amazed at how much more I love and understand my faith through Bishop Barron's homilies. Thank you Bishop. Your videos and podcasts have played a big part of my spiritual journey.
I listen to Bishop Barron's sermons to help me understand the readings for the week. His insight not only provides a theological explanation but practical application as well - how we can apply the Word in our daily lives. This aspect has been especially helpful in my own life.
This is such a great gift to our soul / heart Thank you Bishop Robert Barron
Bishop Barron is relatable, brilliant and engaging. He will satisfy your mind and heart. You will feel like you didn't waste your day after you listen to his podcast.
I met Bishop Barron after a talk he gave in Washington DC a few years ago and confirmed in person what I sensed in the sermins and Word on Fire films: He is extraordinarily humble and accessible. Praise God that he is so committed to public ministry. Only Pope Francis tops him for excellent homilies!
Professional, informative, never disrespectful or pandering. Solid Catholic teachings.
The Bishop does a marvelous job explaining Catholic theology through this podcast. Great supplement to Sunday mass!
It's become a habit to listen to Bishop Barron's homily before weekend Mass. Listening ahead of time allows me to get deeper into Sunday's liturgy. Sometimes Bishop Barron makes suggestion to read a chapter which again, adds to the teachings of Sunday's liturgy. Love, love, love this podcast and the work of Word On Fire!
Bishop Barron continues to strengthen my faith every day. I thank God for his ministry.


By ppyski
Incredible podcast, Look forward to it each week
Each week this is a must listen for those of us who have talented priests and those who may be looking for a little more substance from their weekly homily. Bishop Baron is a brilliant man and his sermons help bring to life the readings each week. I especially love how he uses his knowledge of the Greek language and the historical context of the scripture to place us with the writer when breaking down the text. Listing each week before mass will help you have an engaged experience at mass and will focus your mind while listening to the readings and your priest’s homily. I think Bishop Barron’s approach can be especially useful with young adults or those in your life who may diminish Christianity as some sort of ritual or superstition. Thank you, Bishop Barron!
I listen to Bishop Barron’s sermon on my way to mass Sunday morning. His homilies are wonderful addition to my pastor’s sermons. I also go back and listen multiple times....each time I pick up more meaning which deepens my faith. Thank you for all you do. God bless you always!!
The go to podcast for a proper interpretation of the Sunday readings.
Bishop Barron is the best Catholic preacher in the US. I have listened to every sermon, beginning in Dec 2000 and each one is a gem in itself. He is gifted, well read and prepared, insightful, funny, authoritative, etc etc. No Catholic should ever complain again about the quality of the sermons they hear in their parish - just tune into Bishop Barron's weekly podcast!
Bishop Barron’s ability to put readings into historical context and convey the message at its deepest level has been one of the most significant reasons my faith has grown. I’m so grateful for these podcasts every week and I continue to listen to old ones as well on a regular basis.
I love listening everyday! Some I’ve listened to two or three times and every time I hear something new. Such a great reminder of Gods mercy and love for us! Thank you Bishop Barron! Sincerely Debbie Waters
I really enjoy in listening to Bishop Robert Barron's sermons. I enjoy his works and looking forward for any new materials. Hope one day I can follow his footsteps as an lay evangelist, theologist, and philosopher by learning from sermons that God inspires him.
Amazing content! Essential in my transition from a non-practicing Christian to an invigorated Catholic. Love what Bishop Barron is doing!
If you do one thing on your weekend before you go to mass, it should be to listen to Bishop Barron's sermons. They are always so thought provoking and really help flesh out the readings.
I have listened to all of these--as a new Catholic, I learned so much from Bishop Barron. He does an excellent job explaining Catholic theology through the scripture readings each week. Highly recommended.
Bishop Baron and his cohost address concerns of today's Catholic, offering positive ideas for modern life. Additionally, they give us intellectual and useable facts for discussion with believers and non-believers alike. I have benefitted immensely from listening
Bishop Barron is a deep student of the Bible and Catholic theology, and his homilies reflect that. This is a great supplement to whatever homily you hear at your local parish. To hear Bishop Barron on a broader array of topics, try out the Word on Fire show podcast.
Absoluutelu the beat. Inspiring, informative, Bishop Barron makes the difficult to discern easy to understand. He gives light to the brilliance of Catholicism, and helps make it's value relevant for people in the modern world.
Bishop Barron brings each week's readings to life. I listen on my way to Mass in the car, but then am sometimes disappointed in my own priests lackluster preaching. I wish he would subscribe!!
Bishop Barron is easily the most effective and inspiring Catholic preacher I have ever heard. He does such a fantastic job of melding hefty intellectucal insights with practical advice. He explains himself in a clear, compelling, and interesting way. He is a true powerhouse of the new evangelization. Wow, thank God his sermons are available to such a wide audience through this podcast!
Helps you understand what Catholicism and Christianity is really all about. Very engaging; makes you think deeply
This is my favorite Catholic and Christian podcast. Bishop Barron helps you understand scripture in relationship to today's culture. His sermon greatly enhances my Sunday Mass experience, I usually listen on my way to Mass.
If only every homilist were as good, or even half as good, as Bishop Barron! Every Catholic should supplement their Sunday Mass with Barron's sermons. You'll be amazed at how much you learn! And, if you really want to learn, listen to his weekly Word on Fire Show podcast as well.
Thoroughly enjoy Bishop Barron's Homilies. Instructive insights that help faith flourish within.
I learn something every time
Our family has been stationed in South Korea. In the past two years, we've lived where no English Mass is available. We faithfully attend every Sunday, but everything is said in Korean! We listen to Bishop Barron's sermons so that we can still have the good news proclaimed to us. Thank you for helping our family to continue growing in the love of Chirst and His Church.
Bishop Barron's homilies are, as expected, a wonderful, carefully considered and very insightful explanation that is a splendid compliment to your own parish priest's homily. Bishop Barron's homilies are very true to his style of being academically rich while remaining accessible to us all, distilling complex theological topics into everyday language and imagery, as they cover all the major themes that Bishop Barron's Word on Fire ministry seeks to diffuse and which are so pressingly needed in today's Catholic Church. Bishop Barron is a true modern missionary, and these homilies are without a doubt one of his most useful tools. I trust they will add a rich layer of understanding to your worship and in doing so inspire and strengthen your faith.
Bishop Barron is a true theologian. He has a way of speaking in a down to earth manner without "dumbing down". The gospel. Catholic or not, you will learn something.


I enjoy Bishop Barron's approach to faith and information about Scripture.
Bishop Barron's sermons are absolutely incredible! I am forever thankful to him for his ministry! He points us to all of the beauty and intelligence of the Catholic faith!
Your parish priest has a good sermon this week. This one will augment that with insight.
Bishop Barron really, through his excellent evangelism, has brought me into a better Catholic formation. I have learned more about the nature of Christ and faith through his commentary on cultural events. For any fans of his work, this is a must have podcast. BTW - I secretly hope Bishop Barron is the next Pope, even though I fully trust in the Holy Spirit in all it's guidance.
Outstanding content to support Christians interested in spiritual growth and better understanding of the scriptures.
I never get tired of listening to Bishop's reflection on the Gospel. He brings such a relatable message and sometimes I will listen more than once for all of the gems in his Homily.
Thank you Bishop Robert Barron, thank you for helping me to meditate on the message of the Gospel, it prepares me so well for mass!


Bishop Baron's sermons allow me to better understand the Word of God and apply in my daily life. Thanks Bishop Baron!!
I absolutely love hearing what Bishop Robert Barron has to say. I have gotten so much more out of EVERYTHING because of him!
The stories and content are thought provoking and timely. BRB covers topics ranging from pop culture to history and current events, and he does it with sound teaching and a certain charm that makes philosophy and theology accessible again.
After listening to this show for two years, WOF became a part of my life. I know that every Tuesday there will be a new episode and on Wednesday a new homily. Thank You ALL!
Spiritually enriching and intellectually insightful, Bishop Robert Barron's homilies are inspiring. A must for anyone looking to energize their spiritual life or interested in the Roman Catholic faith. Bishop Barron is a true evangelist of our time. He truly brings Faith and Reason when presenting the Gospel.
These sermons offer an intelligent, but manageable, explanation of the gospel for an "everyday Catholic" like me. These are perfect to listen to in the car
I'm a life-long Catholic and am stunned at how much I don't know! Bishop Barron has an incredible knowledge that reignites my sense of wonder in the Church.