Reviews For Soundcheck


Just read e-mail from WNYC’s new CEO, reversing the decision to cancel the show! Good things are still possible - Schafer is a wizard we’d be poorer without.
The most interesting podcast on contemporary music.
John the host actually listens to music, & asks thoughtful questions. He doesn't just read the publicity sheet. The in-studio live sessions interest me less than the conversations. I miss the conversations with critics, biographers, & comedians about music history, especially the "THAT was a HIT?" recurring segment.
Since I'm not in NYC, I don't get to hear the whole show I assume, just the segment that week they choose to upload. That said, a couple years ago when I started listening, it was fascinating. Most of the better shows were like great lectures on genre, history, theory, etc. Sometimes you'd have a basic "interview/live performance" and that was OK. Now in the past year, the podcase is all just small, often local acts performing and being interviewed. While John might like that and/or they might be less research, they're now MIND NUMBINGLY DULL. Few care about motivation and history of an act you have no history with. New acts are great, but they shouldn't be the focus and they certainly don't need an indepth interview. Bring back the effort you used to put into educating and impressing us fellow music geeks. I'll hang on for now, but it hasn't improved in 2016...yet.
This is a great show and John Schaefer is an excellent host. It's engaging and entertaining. It does not just explore a revolving door of artists, it explores music as an idea. One of my favorite things to do is take a heavy dose of an OTC sleep aid and walk around my neighborhood at night while listening to Soundcheck. My family doctor calls this behavior "concerning", but that's how I like to unwind.
Soundcheck’s John Schaefer is one of the best interviewers in the business.
I'm a big fan of Soundcheck. The host John Schaefer is clearly knowledgeable on the subject of music but is also very relaxed and friendly. I've discovered some cool bands listening to this program. The show covers a broad spectrum of music too-I loved the segment about accordions. I'm glad they've started offering individual segments as separate downloads again. I can't always listen to the program in its entirety (I teeter on podcast overload as is) and I really like being able to pick and choose. Some other great music podcasts: All Songs Considered, Sound Opinions, Morning Becomes Eclectic, World Cafe
This is the best radio program about music I've ever seen. I like their talk shows about pop music, but there's more. Live performances and ...
Is there a more knowledgeable host than John Schaefer on any music podcast anywhere? Between this and Sound Opinions (from WBEZ), I discover great music, learn more about music I already knew, and delve into realms that I never would have known about. Highly recommended. Not every segment is going to please or interest everyone, but this is one fine, fine show.
Not sure why they split an episode of their show up into individual segments. It should be posted as one file. They never seem to download together.
I used to listen to his New Sounds show on WNYC back in the early 80s when I was a law student in NYC. He's really knowledgeable, never egotistical-sounding. I learned an awful lot of great new music composers in those days!
WNYC's Souncheck is a thoughtful and entertaining show that I have routinely downloaded for months. I'm so glad to see that it's available via iTunes so I can listen to it on-the-go.