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Amy Goodman of of independent news,DEMOCRACY NOW, is a truth-teller! Even though DEMOCRACY NOW is liberal/progressive, they discuss the problems of both the republicans and democrats. It’s my number-one source of truthful news! 2-4-2020, I disagree with David Fromm. He says we have extraordinary prosperity; who he representing? Has he looked at JOB QUALITY INDEX - like the number of people that are making minimum wage or working several jobs or having no health benefits or other benefits? He sounds like a republican or corporate democrat or a person from the DNC! BERNIE, I believe, can beat Rump! Thanks for informing and educating me. Nermeen Shaikh (during stay-at-home covid time) looks like she’s going to a party instead of delivering serious news! I listen and learn from Amy Goodman. Her straight-forward, humanitarian, progressive approach is trustworthy July 15, 2021 - I can hardly understand what the Afghan woman human rights advocate, JOYA, is saying. I suggest that you have subtitles for some of these folks that speak English, but not very clearly. Thank you, Juli
Every morning I wake up, make me a hot cup o joe, put on ten masks, and listen to the latest Democracy Now!
Democracy Now is fantastic independent journalism. I really appreciate the show, the guests, and the topics covered. I do worry about Amy ‘s health—she sounds like she’s worn herself out in the past year or so—and hope she can take some time to take care of herself! We need her voice for the long term future! Thanks to the whole Democracy Now team for their hard work and impressive content!
I recommend this podcast and before that radio/ tv broadcast to everyone I know. Keep doing what you are doing, we need dependable news sources!!!!
This is the best news source - period.
The amount of “news” sources out there is overwhelming in terms of learning/knowing of the dire threats against those fighting for actual democracy. If you’re looking to narrow down the countless independent sources who stand up to capitalist/racist thuggery to just one a day, you cannot go wrong making Amy Goodman and her team your 1 daily go-to.
Thank you to Amy and the team for providing such comprehensive reporting and coverage of reality.
The best, free, non-profit independent news. Love the first fifteen minutes for a global news recapitulation, followed by some of the best interviews in journalism for the rest of the hour. 10/10 Only complaint is there is no weekend show!
I use to listen to Amy when she was at KPFA/Berkeley! I followed her over to Democracy Now from It’s inception. The headlines alone are so hard hitting and informative and her interviews are incredible. I appreciate Juan and Nermeen as well. So many great questions, in-depth responses and the music, always fitting! I started donating years ago! Could not imagine life without Democracy Now!
Not sure what I would do if Democracy Now became unavailable to me. I have downloaded Amy’s podcast wherever I am in the world to get ground. I have come to rely on the outstanding efforts of all those affiliated with this outlet to provide comprehensive, relevant, necessary world news and insight. The quality of thought , inquiry and critical discernment surpasses every other essential broadcast news. In a post modern world this information outlet has resisted commodification .Guests are distinct, mindful, highly accomplished, intellectually knowledgeable and highly relevant contributors. The reporters are intrepid and don’t pander to sound byte. This news does not go for sensational ratings , glamor, celebrity, personal opinion or influence peddling . There is no redundancy - it sets out to get it right and give you the most it has learned and can share with you at any moment . Democracy Now focuses genuinely and relentlessly on standards of truth, priority, access and essential concerns. As a news team they provide information vitally necessary to ones understanding of the complex world of information, misinformation and the many voices we must navigate in around and through. The war and peace report is a lifeline, a tether to a source of valuable information extending in both directions highlighting our progress and our dissolution - war and peace , the human condition . Thank you for being a reliable and educative source
My first political science professor introduced me to Democracy Now in 2009. He assigned the class an assignment of compare & contrast. I’ve been hooked ever since.
I have been listening to/watching DN since I found it accidentally on a local university public access channel back in the 2002 and I can say that this program has opened my eyes in so many ways about the importance of independent journalism to free society. I hope Amy and Juan can keep this going for another 15 years at least!
Though maybe don’t start your day with it. It is almost always a downer, as it reminds us of the sorry state of the world with sobering clarity. Amy is eternally frank, Juan’s got an underlying amusement in everything he says, and Nermeen is severe. Their deliveries harken back to a time when journalists attempted objectivity, if only in tone, even where the framing makes their positions quite clear. I hate to label things “left” or “right”, as I think it is less meaningful than “toward” or “away” from truth. DN is definitely the former.
I don’t understand why everyone hasn’t tuned to Democracy Now! for the daily news. Democracy Now! is the absolute best. I’m invigorated every day with the truth and inspired by those seeking justice and accountability.
No other show compares, both NPR and the NYtimes daily are rife with corporate interest. Only DN! Tells it like it is, and shines light in the darkest corners of our world. The music is great, the guests are great. Truly a gem.
If you want to understand the forces at play in the world today, Democracy Now is your go-to place. It gives us the info we need as we try to wake the world a better place. Thank you, Amy, Juan, and Nermeen for your persistence and dedication to the truth, hard as it is to hear and stomach. You are so inspiring! in solidarity, Annie
Democracy Now! is vital to me. As the options for real journalism diminish, Amy, Juan, Nermeen and co. pick up the slack. Global news coverage is so hard to find in corp media at all, especially from a rational, anti-imperial perspective. We are lucky to still have media sources like this as the establishment’s war on journalism has been raging with bipartisan consensus across administrations, creating a constitutional crisis.
Democracy Now is by far one of the best sources for unbiased information. An informed public creates an informed electorate. No spin, no bias, just great reporting. I’ve been tuning in for years.
These people will not lie to you. I download this podcast every day and always play the daily Headlines. Almost every day I decide to continue through their in-depth segments. They always go beyond the sound bites and frequently they include rich historical context. “You can’t fool me. I watch Democracy Now!” See also: Intercepted, and Deconstructed podcasts.
Very informative show - thank you for that, but I wish there would be a different opening piece of music. It screeching sound drives me absolutely crazy - have to mute the beginning of each episode. Also, I’d appreciate a calmer tone on the reporting. We have enough stress in our lives on a daily basis.
Love listening to DN everyday, but In the last week the audio and video uploads have been very shoddy. Audio recordings jump and skip through 15-20seconds every few moments end of episodes. This leads to unintelligible last 20 minutes! Video uploads are occasionally doing the same (including 11/19/18 upload); audio and video don’t match up, and some skipping as well. Keep on doing the Hard Work we all appreciate!
The reporting far exceeds typical news shows. Amy Goodman deserves to be recognized as one of the leading news anchors/reporters of our time.
A daily must watch or listen. Download to device to listen in your car. Detail you won’t find in most other hour programs Daily headlines with sufficient detail. And a daily comprehensive news story. Thank you.
In a 'post truth era', we need Democracy Now more than ever. If you want to know what is really going on and get behind the scenes and down to the nitty gritty of the cultural and political landscape you have come to the right place. Absolutely essential if you are looking for the truth. NO SPIN.
I’m a fan of DN but I found this to be lazy and overly righteous journalism. The original people of what is called Western Sahara would probably take offense to the people who occupy that area now as victims. The current day Morrocans and the people in “Western Sahara” look like the same descendants of Arab migration to this region.
If ure not watching this dhit right here nga.... u don’t know dhit. True story! But for real. I wouldn’t be the person I am right now if it wasn’t for DN. It is heavy so once again if u only eat cooked food this is may be hard to digest. For those who know how valuable raw is it’s invaluable. Love y’all! If there is a god, DN is the only reason she hasn’t wipe us off the face of the earth
7am M-F One thing first i must have me a “Good” healthy dose of some Amy “man” if u dont get it 4get it. To all the members of the Democracy Now family Thank you.
this is the only media i gave money to and would happily promote. downloading has been really slow though, i wonder if there’s something fishy here — corporations trying to suppress Democracy Now...
Watch daily. Independent news, just the facts!
I recommend this to anyone interested in learning about how we got here, what is currently going on, and what is likely to happen. I love the focus on the movements—this is sooo different from the other media who wants us to give up defeated before we even begin to fight.
This is a great podcast, but for the past few months, I have not been able to download the video version. I don't understand why.
Amy Goodman is a breath of fresh air after listening to the national media.
Accurate and comprehensive journalism
This show is strictly for the wild crazy left and socialist. Keep leaning to the left more, and more to finish killing off the Democrat Party for good.


By egdod17
Democracy Now is my go-to source for in-depth, ethical journalism. Amy Goodman is an incredibly courageous and dauntless reporter who embodies the true spirit of journalism to shine a light where there is none, to question the claims of those in power, and to privilege the voices of the unheard. Sometime co-host, Juan Gonzalez, is a towering figure in investigative journalism as well. I have depended on DN for news for a decade, and for insight into history: their archives span back to before 9/11, and are a rich source of firsthand information. Love DN, cannot recommend highly enough.
This is one of the least accurate sources of information I have ever seen. The goal of this podcast is obviously to keep is listeners missinformed and ignorant of what is really going on or happening. They don't even pretend to be journalist. This is for the extreme Alt-Left. The fact that they would even lable this as News & Politics is laughable. You would be better informed if you didn't listen to anything then having listened to this. Lack any substance and has to resort to name calling of anyone who would dare to disagree. Seriously, don't waste you time wathing this if your goal is to be well infomred.
Thank you Amy Goodman! I am so happy to have Democracy Now! on various platforms, which makes it convenient for me to learn about relevant topics
This show used to be better... now it is obsessed with Julian Assange and various other criminals. They don't even bother mentioning that Assange is a criminal and anti-American. This whole show is becoming anti-American. Not what is needed right now.
Democracy Now! has quickly become one of my favorite ways to get the news that the mainstream media outlets tend to gloss over. They provide solid in-depth reporting and generally always have a great group of commentators and activists. I love the focus on the injustices imposed upon minority groups in this country: Lantinx, black communities, women, LGBTQ people, and many more. Their coverage of international issues are always very succinct and the journalists on the ground are passionate and willing to ask the tough questions.
Democracy Now is like a grown up civics class for those of us who were lucky to have civics class in school! As a retired person, I love the clear, articulate and informational nature and presentation of current events!!!
Democracy Now fulfills it's mission to bring unflinching information to the public. It is the ONLY National journal in the USA that I can trust. I give it my highest recommendation.


By Mutzica
Poor, biased journalism (my least favorite aspect is how Amy Goodman asks leading questions, esentially putting opinions in her guest's mouth), but it's interesting to see the POV of some knowledgeable people that would otherwise not get time on network news or PBS. I prefer Charlie Rose to Goodman.
On one episode you will see a few thousand marchers rioting in the US painted as heroes, while 2 million protesters marching in Brazil (think 1% of the population) protesting the left-wing corrupt president who has destroyed our economy? Just a protest from the "rich" In another episode you will hear American police being described as brutal, yet ironically you will have some Cuban paid by Castro complaining about the USA for 15 minutes, never mind the police brutality that happens there.
It's great to have found news outlet that isn't owned by giant corporations.
This is the real news.
A great deal of what is presented in "Democracy Now" these days consists of unconfirmed stories particularly during their foreign coverage. In that process DN frequently becomes the propaganda apparatus of interest groups and governments that are more interested in self-preservation than in truth or justice. While I am a very active, discerning critical-thinking liberal I cannot stomach disinformation from the left because it ALWAYS backfires and because it usually supports folks who claim to be on the side of justice and instead are oppressing others in the name of "socialism", "revolution", "the people", etc. The other problem is that for us progressives, truth is our greatest weapon and as I write the other side manufactures false data, false studies, false interest groups and false science. The last thing "we" need in folks disseminating lies in the name of our sacred causes.
I used to watch this daily. I don't since in can be very protracted. But when I need more extensive news and analysis it can be a great alternative to the mainstream media.
Awesome app