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God! I couldn't get through the first episode too much screaming, repetition of "you know?", and the man freaks out over the smallest things. I was very dissapointed.
As much as I wanted to like this, several things ruined it for me. It's a bit too long and not enough relevant content (IMO). And finally the constant stuttering really got on my nerves. It's frequent and it's long; maybe okay for a guest but unacceptable for a host/regular. Maybe a review of the contents before going "on air" would have helped. At least the web site makes decent reading.
Down with dubbing. Learn to read. Original voice actors is the only way to go.
Great show, with great reviews and great point of views. Keep doing a good job guys.


Its one of my all time favorite broadcasts. Yatta! I cannot wait for the next episode to release. Ja!
Huhu, what a funny title... Anime Genesis, provides you with the best Anime Reviews and always up-to-date info. Enough Said. If you're wondering why I rate this four star, not five. Nothing, unless it is good enough to were critics can say its five star, gets a five star rating.
There are always good dynamics among the host and co-hosts, the news is informative, and what can I say, it's quite entertaining. I especially like the rants, and those occasional heated discussions.


Theeeeees eeeeees muuuuuuuy firrrrrrssssst pooooodcaaast soooooo yaaaaaaaa weeeeeeel aaaaay miiiiight noooot weeeeel ooooom uhhhhhh. Dude speak normally or donj't speak at all
This is a sweet anime podcast. Good recording quality and yeah..... SUBSCRIBE OR ILL CALL CHUCK NORRIS TO KILL A KITTEN!!!!!!! SO YEAH!! COOLEST PODCASTYTHINGY EVER!! -Coll1nam11