Reviews For RazorPod--the ORIGINAL Razorback Sports Podcast

Being a Hog fan in Maryland isn’t easy, especially during such a trying year. Guys really appreciate the all the hard work and allowing me to be connected to Arkansas. WPS, go Hogs! Better days are ahead.
I’ve been listening to the Razorpod crew for over 10 years. Their unique mix of humor, passion & insight has made the hills & valleys of being a Razorback fan far more enjoyable. If you love Arkansas Razorback football, this is the podcast you’ve been looking for!
I die laughing at least 5 times an episode. They have been razorback fans so long that they know exactly where this program is headed and what it needs. I hope razorpod goes on forever.
As everyone else said, good ole boys talking hogs. I miss the old times when it was easier to get the boys all in one room, share a brew, and talk football. Times and addresses have changed, and the fellas have accommodated as best as they can. I don't miss an episode!
I was looking for a good Razorback podcast to listen on the way to work and found this one. The conversation is great, the analysis is well-rounded and researched and the guys are good at talking Razorbacks. But I couldn't even make 20 minutes into this last one. Distracting echoes, delays, people cutting out and dropping off, etc. It takes too much away from what could be a great hog podcast. We want to hear what is said, but it's just too distracting. Tighten this up and let's get back in business.
That Jimmy G is a funny guy.
This is the best podcast about the hogs that I have found. Been listening for years and while the audio quality isn't always the best, their knowledge and insight is far superior to anything else i can get as a fan living outside ARK. You can spend hours on the message boards or just wait for razorpod. Wish they would do shows throughout hoop season as well.
I listen every weak during football season. It's the hog fan's perfect companion on a long fall run. Like everyone else says, these guys aren't pros or journalists...just good ole boys who like talking razorback football.
Pretty funny stuff. Always from a fan's perspective, which is entertaining. Also like the fact that they're obviously having a few brews while recording. If you're a Razorback fan, you should download and listen.
Not a bad fan podcast. These guys enjoy talking about the Hogs. However, the audio quality isn't always that great and it rarely rises above the level of guys just sitting around talking about their team...then again that's not such a bad thing.
These guys have fun and are fun to listen to throughout the football and basketball seasons. They fully understand what they are (fans) and are not (journalists) and the podcast reflects that perspective.
Although the tech quality is not always the best.... They break down the big Razorback games before and after along with key picks for the week.
These guys are great. They have insight and really have their pulses on the state of the program. I enjoy this podcast every week, I just wish their Blog would work better.
This is a pretty good podcast, for what it is - a weekly update on Razorback sports. These guys don't claim to be "all knowing", they are clearly just a group of fans who submit a weekly report as well as their opinion on the Hogs. It is a great way for out of state Razorback fans to keep in touch with the program without having to weed through a zillion posts on a message board.