Amazing information
Bring this pod cast back nothing can beat it .
It tells you what happens behind the stage when they're not performing.
Great bands, great interviews! Great, insightful questions. Now when I go to see a band live, I feel like i know them, and when they do something on stage, I know EXACTLY what it is, and where it came from. THX AP!
This is soo informative and it really help me learn so much more about my favorite artists and bands! Whoever doesnt know about AP Podcasts should really look into it. Soo good!!! Yup. Bye!
I've heard nearly all of the podcasts AP has to offer, and I learn something new every single time. I really they keep on what they're doing because it's just plain awesome.


By N896
You need to do one of these with Jawbreaker. Or jets to brazil. Great, keep up the good work


By BLV1033
Which ones ronnie's?;(
I've spent probably 10 or more hours listening to these podcasts. They are super informative and just plain fun. Mike Shea has always done everything right in my book. Also, I'm very glad that new episodes are coming out, even though the past episodes are still great.
I listened to the podcast with Ronnie radke online and I absolutely loved it! I wanted it on my iPod but it's saying that I can't download it. Why is this?
I'm so glad this podcast is coming back! It's such a great insight into the lives of artists and the music industry. Please never take a year off again! Thank You. You rock!
thanks omg that interview with Ronnie Radke its Amazing Love it<3
Need more episodes! These are amaaaazing shows.
I am tired of listening to the old ones over and over.
So I love Alternative Press for a number of reasons but the most important would be the variety of bands on the cover. I love falling asleep to Oli Sykes's voice and the lyrics of Escape the fate. I love the questions that are asked and the way it seemed like a casual conversation. But there are a few problems:1) the bands should be listed first so we know what we're downloading 2) numerous podcast won't play on the itouch. Now it could be because I have a 2nd gen. But I could download some of the podcast. And 3) I think there should be more podcasts from the ap tours as well as from the bands. I'm sure these problems are easily fixable and I still love AP podcast despite it's issues
Good but should really put the band names first
Im listening to the motion city soundtrack podcast and its still interesting after over a half hour. As somebody who is trying to start their own band, this kind of insight into the lives of the artists is super helpful to me. I would really enjoy a podcast of the band pepper. I got to jam with them backstage at a 311 concert and they are some of the nicest and coolest guys. It would be sick if you interviewed them. Theyve got some great stories and you wont be disappointed
For some odd reason, none of the podcasts are downloading on my iPod. I've tried numerous times to download them. Please fix it.
Umm you can't download these on ipod touches? What is this?!
Anybody know which one is the Fall Out Boy one?!?!??!!!


Which one is all time low??
I abaoloutly love this podcast but what happened to it? Dis it just dissapear?


AP is the best magazine ever. and this is the best podcast ever. I love how AP has all my favorite bands, epecially Escape The Fate and Cobra Starship. Go AP! :D GO ESCAPE THE FATE! FREE RONNIE RADKE! I LOVE CRAIG MABBITT!
I just love this thing it has some of my fav bands and I like hearing about them very much
This is a great podcast. I love it and AP is like my fav magazine.... ;-)
super great! tons of cool bands, so even if you're not interested in the business side of it, it's nice to get a feel on the band's personality.
Although I haven't listened to all of the podcasts (and there are some I never would) these podcasts are great. I stumbled upon them by going on senses fail's myspace and saw that buddy gave an interview. I don't read AP very often but there are some great interviews here. Each one gives great incite and answers some questions you've always wondered about bands and band front men (Andy Mcmahon, Ace Enders, Max Bemus and Buddy's are great). Keep em' commin!
Dude! The podcast with the ap tour of 09 is thee best! I'm laughing soooo hard!!
and i really want to listen to interviews with anthony raneri/bayside, and connor oberst
This is a sweeeeet podcast. they need to do it more frequently. there hasn't been one all august!!! YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE!!!!!
I love Alternative Press, don't get me wrong. But I was trying to download the interview with William Francis, but it was unable to download because it said the link was not found. I should think they would keep the links working so we could download the podcasts. I hope they fix it.
i freaking these podcasts but i really want a them to interview we the kings!!!!
This podcast is amazing! I listen to them every night! If you love music like i do then subscribe! Its the best podcast ever!!!
this is one of the greatest music podcasts to date. i haven't been disappointed yet. AP magazine also happens to be the best music magazine, next to rolling stone. they interview bands that i love and help me discover new bands and learn more about bands i love. AP itself is a great company. subscribe to this podcast immediately!
its 'There's no sympathy for the DEAD' not the devil. If they are gonna talk about what escape the fate has done they should at least know what they are talking about.


By ;fdjla
i absolutely love this podcast. Mike finds a way to grab your attention even if he is interviewing a band you dont care for. I would love to hear an AP podcast with someone interviewing him, considering he started AP magazine. click yes if you agree
i love this podcast, which is saying alot because i dont really like podcasts. But in the recent Escape The Fate interview. Their EP was called There's No Sympathy For The Devil. It's actually called There's No Sympathy For The Dead.
I used to have a subscription to AP magazine but now my only connection with AP is through this podcast. They do a good job of getting talented artists with interesting backgrounds and stories to tell. However, listening to Mike Shea is like listening to a broken record of monotonous stuttering and remedial questions/statements. In his latest interview he talks with Chris Conley of Saves The Day who is one of the most talented and influential artists of the alternative scene. Mike Shea could have a billion questions for Chris that I, or anyone else, would want to hear. But instead he begins by asking Chris about a blog in which he talked about strawberry jelly. As confusing as this was, Mike Shea then goes on to talk about himself (something he does often in the AP podcast) for the next few minutes. Mike tells Chris some family story about his grandpa and strawberry jelly... Now I can promise you Mike, no one listening, including Chris, wants to hear you talk about your relationship with jelly and pretend that it is remotely interesting. No One Cares. Im sure Mike is great at writing pieces on bands. Hopefully AP will find a new person to interview the talent, someone who allows it to flow smoothly and make it about the artists and their music.
This podcast is amazing! if you like the magazine you'll love the podcast! Mike Shea = genius
I love the AP podcast, but I wish they had woman from the industry on.
SOOOO when are we gonna get some more podcasts man. i love listenin to these things
I love these podcasts!They are awesome and i love the people they interview!<33
I love this podcast along with the AP Show. It's funny and it gives great insight to the music scene and industry today. Plus i like hearing interveiws from some of my favorite artists instead of reading them. It's more fun. Plus, the music breaks let me hear new music.
they should interview the devil wears prada, if you agree click yes
Anyone know what songs were played through the interview?


Even if you don't read the magazine, this podcast is a great listen. This long-form interview is usually very informative on the interviewee, the music industry, and today's "scene." Usually there are a couple of laughs included. This is truly the only podcast that I enjoy listening to, to the point where I wait for a new one to come out!
Listing to this podcast has taught me so much. Its not just "how did the band start," its more than that. what the toll of touring is like. and they dont just interview the talent. they interview founders of labels and people who are behind the curtain. great for the aspiring musician, techie, or whoever wants to sound smart in front of their friends. would give it 6 1/2 stars
If it werent 4 this AMAZINGLY GREAT podcast, I would barely kno about Cobra Starship & Gabes odd childhood & I would never had known about Chiodos & Craigs perfect taste in emo songs (he said it, not me!) well, all that's left to say is... CLICK 'YES' IF U LUV THIS PODCAST, PETE WENTZ, GABE&RYLAND, & CRAIG OWENS!!!!