Watermark Audio: Sunday Messages

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These messages will encourage and admonish you to look more like your Savior. Couldn't recommend more.
If you want truth spoken from a heart filled with love, listen to Pastor Todd Wagner. If you just want to feel good for a couple of hours, find another shepherd.
Just found this podcast & I Love it!
Live in Midwest City, Oklahoma. My music minister told about this church his son goes to. I started listening last week, Todd is an amazing pastor!!! I love this podcast!!!
I travel from time to time and really love the ability to download a message about Jesus and travel in His peace.


By Bretaks
im listening to this now and its great! 5 stars!
Todd Wagner relies on Christ to be the center of his messages and the center of his life. The various messages give new perspective to the Bible and help Christians to go deep into the fulfilling life of a Christ-centered life. You will be blessed and never be the same.
Todd Wagner is an amazing speaker that challenges you to take a look at your life and to make a change. Wagner will hold your feet to the fire and some people cannot handle the heat, for those that can, this is a place where you will be fed. For those that cannot, I recommend finding a podcast in a prettier package, this one is the truth and sometimes that truth is not so pretty.


By caedmon
Todd Wagner speaks truth! I have been to so many churches where truth is not preached. A "live the way you please" attitude that is killing the name of Christians all over the world. Todd Wagner has the guts and intregrity to preach the truth and he is making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people.