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Intelligent, funny, surprising.
...and curated. Excellent.
Ms Fishko has a voice that is most pleasing, (silky smooth) and every subject she has covered thus far has been so very interesting…Subscribe Now…
So excited to find the podcast
Next time I go MoMA or Metrapolitan, I will enjoy the exhibits more than ever before.
This show is a national treasure. The recent Culture Shock series is testament to that. Thank you Ms. Fishko. Keep it up WNYC. Thanks to the staff, too.
Sarah Fishko knows her stuff, very informative.. How about something from The Harlem Renaissance? Nora Neale Hurston,Langston Hughes
I am excited to find these podcasts available so I can catch up on missed episodes. Invariably fascinating, informative and well thought out. Always leave me wanting more.
I only listen to one of these brief episodes at a time because the content of each is so richly thought provoking that I just need to pause and reflect upon (and frequently explore further) the episode's content. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the field of music, yet I am consistently delightfully surprised at the fresh and intriguing insights Sara brings to even widely familiar topics such as Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" and the contributions of conductor/composer Leonard Bernstein. The subject matter concentrates upon, but is not limited to, music, and is interesting regardless of one's prior knowledge of the topic. First rate production and presentation…VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
On just does not get any better than this!!!!
When Sarah Fishko talks about music, it's always interesting and entertaining. These little podcasts invariably leave me wanting more.
Consistently interesting and informative.
Luckily, her medium is radio, which makes the podcast so much more enjoyable than if she worked with acrylics. (little arts joke there) But if Sara Fishko were on NPR nationwide people might soon forget the name Susan Stanberg. Though who doesn't like Susan Stanberg? The radio dial's big enough for Sara and Susan, and if its not maybe Dr. Laura needs to step down. Give Fishko a try, you'll be glad you did.