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The host could not be more fake and poppy


By AlsoREL
I’m just gonna unsubscribe from this podcast that I listened to so religiously I became a member of KEXP, because the intros are execrable. ✌️
If I like the bands music then I will go read their Wikipedia page. I would rather not have to listen to unfunny intros. I normally do not write reviews for things like this but I was in a horrible mood and the 2005 being “73 years ago...oops my math might be a little off Hahahahaha” “joke” in the hiss golden messenger episode really hurt me at my core in a way that is difficult to put into words.
I’m a huge KEXP fan. I’m a supporting member and listen everyday. These are some great recording but now they come wrapped in nonsense that made me unsubscribe. This podcast used to be a simple recording of the live shows from the radio and it was outstanding. Not anymore. Now they put a cliche intro that makes it sound like a Clear Channel station and have overproduced rambling before the music starts. Just pay the music.
What a podcast! Introduced to so many great bands/musicians.
It’s fitting to title this review the same as the Idles’ most recent release. I first came across the KEXP live performances watching Shame on YouTube, but the top notch sound mixing made me subscribe to the podcast so I could listen in the car too. The staff’s taste in music is impeccable. The fact that they’re evangelical about the band Idles shows that. It isn’t just about punk though. KEXP is on the cutting edge of showcasing bands across the entire musical spectrum. They’re good people supporting good people. You can see it in the YouTube versions of this podcast. Just look at the joy on the faces of all the artists performing early after likely have a late night of performing the night before. As a 46 year old man who thought every band I’d ever love had already broken up or died...KEXP is how I discover new music. Thank you KEXP.
I've been listening to KEXP since podcasts became a thing maybe ten years ago. I attended a performing arts high school, and I'm fascinated by not only the music of musicians, but their lives and perspectives on life and the world. KEXP sessions offer not only phenomenally-recorded live music, but also excellent conversations with the artists as people. They cover a huge range of music, and have a high volume of episodes.
KEXP has overtaken the music in my actual library. The discussions are fun and interesting, the music varied and powerful. Thanks for sharing with us non-Seattleites.
Great podcast. I learn about new artists & some that I’ve missed. Love it.
Huge fan of KEXP -- great mix of talented artists and an incredible number of quality live, exclusive performances.
But this website is just amazing! So many favorite groups on the list i'm overwhelmed. And i'm not even sure that's even a good thing since i'm sure i have other things to do…But not while i'm discovering stuff here. Plaudits all around.
Not only is this a podcast of free live performances, but the sound quality (which is perfectly engineered) is so good! Now, if only Night Moves' performance could be uploaded, than this would be perfect!
WOW!!! These guys really know what they are doing. They find so many great bands it's good to know that there are still radio stations out there that still care about the MUSIC. Thank you so much for helping me discover and enjoy the live performances of so many amazing bands.
The best!!! Thanks!


By B.Dan
Some of these I've been wanting to listen to since I heard them on my Sirius and now I can! FINALLY!
We sometimes take the power of the Internet for granted. I can clearly recall a time when something like this was not even imaginable, this was Science Fiction, and the only way that I was able to hear the very latest, best & brightest music was when I spent 12-hours on a plane to visit my Brother, who lived in Seattle, where I could listen to KCMU/KEXP, or take an even longer flight to the U.K. and haunt the club scene there. These podcasts help to make my life complete, all from the comfort of my home, and I thank everyone who helps to make it possible. PS- Please do not forget to make a pledge to KEXP, because it is after all PUBLIC RADIO!
I find myself thinking about some of these tunes and artists during the day. Thank you
Nothing to say.
KEXP has such a variety of artists. I think anybody could find at least one podcast they like. Great stuff.
Great high quality off the beaten path music selection. It was here that I've heard many of my now favorite bands for the first time.
It would be very interested to listen band of the 90s like the ocean blue ,echo and the bunnymen,air ,Interpol or Morrissey if I missed that show . Thanks in advance for the chameleons Uk 4ever........
i love the podcasts thank you BUT u need MGMT!!!!!! pleeeeaaasee
I love this station. I listen to from Missouri. I wish they could have gotten these arms are snakes, or Russian Circles to play.
What a treat this podcast is! What a bounty of great tunes by talented music-makers! This treasure trove of indie rock offers an array of free performances that I would happily pay for, which just adds to the delight of discovering such an excellent cache of podcasts. You really can't go wrong with anything here.
I just wish they would add the She & Him performance to the podcast.
This podcast is great, just like the radio station. Makes me miss Seattle. Thank you KEXP for the great live performances you've given us access to! The Broken Social Scene one was definitely a favorite.
These live sets feature some of the greater bands that iTunes has to offer. I mean even if you don't like the music you can appreciate how great the idea is and the fact that its FREE! It is totally worth it just for the Black Angels, one of my all time favorite bands and the sound quality is much better then i expected. What a great find
DUDE!!! free live performances from the most fascinating, talented , most talked about bands in the WORLD!! what more could you ask for!?!? WHAT MORE?!!! i'm just happy i found this podcast... discovering all these great bands that i didn't even know existed. thank you KEXP...i wish i lived in seattle
This is by far the greatest podcast iTunes has to offer. I highly recommend performances from BIshop Allen, John Vanderslice, and Jai Alai Savant.
One of my favorites!
KEXP will turn you on to so many great bands, and the sound quality is outstanding. Not only are the bands amazing, the KEXP DJs are engaging and endearing.
Definitely suscribe to this one, because the guys at KEXP have great taste in music. Each podcast is something different, entertaining, and really fun to listen to. It's the only podcast where I actually listen to the commentary because it is insightful and actually intelligent. Check out my faves, Ted Leo+Pharmacists (awesome!!) and the Long Winters.
For those of you not fortunate enough to live in the great northwest here is a jewel of knowegible dj's that always suprise me with new music. I love kexp, check out there website
A great program, though if you're looking for pure music you might have to adjust the start times and stuff to cut out all the chit chat. Other than that (incredibly minor) annoyance the bands are on the whole great and the radio people actually enjoy talking to them. All in all a great podcast.
If you were infected this is the best way to die ......Pay attention do what they say you will not regret it...the best vacation planners around.
I love these podcasts since they're from shows I can't listen to on a timed schedule at work. KEXP is my favorite radio station and the live performances never disappoint when I want to find some great new music. Thanks KEXP for the free goodies!
KEXP is truly magical! All these great bands like Youth Group, Silversun Pickups, Tom Vek, Minus the Bear... It's golden! The only problem is that it takes a little while to download, but once you've got it on your iPod, you'll be rockin' like none other! Thanks a bunch KEXP!
If there is one podcast a music lover should get, it's this one. Might not appeal to the "top 40 only" fans, but those with ears looking for that great indie sound and hoping to hear something new are missing out massively if they aren't tuned in. Kudos to KEXP and the bands that play for these podcasts for making my day!
I have found so many good bands through this show. really well done.
Magic Numbers, the Go Team! and Boom Bap Project?!? Crazy Fresh ISH!!! Shout out to KARIM of BBP!!
Not only is KEXP the greatest source for eclectic music including Alternative, Independent, Jazz and Alt. Country. They now deliver new stuff through podcasting. The best part- No commercials. Member supported all the way! It doesn't get any better than this.
2 words: Love it!
What amazing podcasts. Are you tired of people saying... "There's no good new music anymore", or "Music is not as good as it used to be"? If the answer is YES, and you want some FREE, GREAT, and usually NEW music then check out the KEXP Live Performance Podcasts. KEXP's recording & production value is OUTSTANDING! Tasteful interviews are included, and almost always helps you get to know the band better. I've always loved bands that enjoy playing live... and that's the kind of bands KEXP likes to feature. Wondering which one's to start with? For the less known bands check out these first: 1) Silversun Pickups 2) Kingsley 3) The Purrs 4) The Divorce 5) Voyager One Most people have heard of them, but 'The Magic Numbers' podcast is great too.
Well, I'm mostly writing this to bump one of the "OMG WIERD LONDIN BANDS!!!1" reviews. As a Seattle native that, sadly, has moved out of the broadcast range of KEXP, this podcast lets me hear new stuff by the bands I like, and gives me a little bit of that KEXP lovin' when I'm on the go. Great stuff!
Kexp Music is great!!! They have awesome bands! Keep it up guys and gals! My favorite so far is The Magic Numbers, be sure to get that podcast!
yo the is the shnizzit for weird london bands subscribe now!