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Such a great eclectic selection of music to help you get through whatever it is you’re doing! Love it!
This is what I have been wanting! A playlist of curated eclectic music I can store on my phone so I don’t gotta use data. Thank you KEXP! Will be donating
I don’t have time to search for new music and I don’t want to do it through traditional pop radio. This is the best podcast to expose you to diverse genres and artists throughout the world. It feels like it keeps getting better. Some individual eps are “bad” or more accurately not my taste, but overall I am extremely thankful this exists.
I consistently enjoy the various djs shows here, it’s a great way to listen to music when not on WiFi with downloads. DJ Gabriel Teodros recent show Cancel Rent & Chill is excellent!
Love the show. Just started listening to it a couple of weeks ago and every time I need some fresh sounds I chills back to this podcast.
Where can I find episodes prior to 2018?
this podcast is the best for music. the djs at kexp are so diverse and well schooled in their own way. each week you get an array of amazing music with a lot of bands i never would have discovered on my own. thank you for making this and doing all the hard work to find and make such quality work. i am constantly relistening to diff episodes
Thank you! Soooo good!!!
My favorite music podcastS And one of my favorite stations in the country.
Vol 696 was totally excellent. Forced to “chill out” following a surgery and this really helped! Keep your light on ❤️
Themed shows curated from new voices and styles. I started listening to KEXP to freshen up my music diet and I always find gems that I’m glad to know about and share. Thank you!
It’s pretty good music . Just a few song request Stressed out Lean on Here Bruno mars songs And the imagine dragon songs Please thank you 🤩🤩
Always glad to hear what this radio station is pumping out. Thank you!
Be prepared to be introduced to your new favorite band, musician, or song thanks to this podcast. A truly eclectic offering of independent music––skewing towards rock/electronic but with a healthy dose of hip hop and when DJ Chilly takes over the best latin alternative you've ever heard. I walk to it; I commute to it; I put it on in the background at work. THE BEST.
I enjoy this podcast every time I listen. Thank you for the care and effort you put into the pod!
I love this podcast! Please include full tracklists so listeners can look up their favorite new bands without scanning back through the podcast.
I lived in the Seattle area for four years back in the day. As I familiarized myself with my new surroundings, it was apparent that many Seattlites loved a little radio station by the name of KEXP 90.3 FM. Sadly, years later I was forced to move from the Seattle area due to a new job outside of the broadcasting range of the little listener powered radio station. Thankfully, I quickly found the KEXP Music That Matters Podcast, which features some of the best tracks played on KEXP each week. Some of my all time favorite episodes that I listen to often include: Vol. 218, Vol. 230, Vol. 305 and Vol. 380... There's many more amazing episodes. If you love continuously being introduced to new and exciting music, this is the Podcast for you.
Great music compilations
I've been downloading these podcasts for years now. However, as of last week, I haven't been able to get a successful download, through both my phone and the proper website. Not sure where the glitch is, but hopefully, it's figured out soon! I really do love these podcasts, and how they keep finding the unheard. Only gripe is that the full track list to each podcast used to be shown, and these days, you're lucky if there's only the first three. I would love it if the full list made it's way back!
They great play bands I've not heard anywhere else, from places I wouldn’t think to look. .
Honestly, I've never written a review, but I felt it'd be an injustice to stay silent. This is the only podcast doing this sort of lengthy playlist of music. There's certain genres I'm not necessarily crazy about in yet I refuse to stop listening because at this point I truly trust their choices. So much good music found through this podcast. Love it, keep up the awesome work.
Don Slack and Cheryl Waters put it together right!
This podcast is a great way to hear about new bands from a wide range of styles and genres.
I would give this podcast 5/5 stars, but all the episodes I've downloaded so far have had issues. Sometimes you'll be listening along and everything's going great, then suddenly it'll jump to 3 or 4 minutes earlier in the podcast. Or you'll reach a point about halfway through, and the podcast suddenly goes back to the beginning... Not like it rewinds all the way to 00:00, but all the sudden you're hearing the intro again and then it replays from there. If not for those things, this is an easy 5/5 slam dunk, great diversity and DJ's that give you good, succinct segues without injecting bias, who know when to clam up and enjoy the music. GREAT STUFF KEXP, KEEP IT UP!
Great ish sometimes you got to fastforward, its opened my music listening and has filled my phone to the brim. Minus .5 star for locking up my downloads.
❤ Cheryl Waters!! The best music!


Kexp 90.3 uncle John in the morning:)!
Consistently the best in new music, especially NW artists. Look around- tell me what's better
Thanks KEXP!
KEXP is a podcast straight out of Seattle that prides itself on their program, "Music That Matters." They have a number of DJs that broadcast over KEXP. I listened Dj Miss Ashley's mix. It was a great collaboration of artists that I have never heard of before. The genres ranged from hip-hop to funk to rock music. The first song, "The Story of Echo Lake," by Michael Leonhart offered an underground trip hop sound. The fourth song, "Ricky's Revenge," by Satellite 4 was downright funky, featuring long, funkified organ solos. It featured artists from "Seattle to Australia." This is a great station for people to listen to if they want to get into the underground sound. I like how Dj Miss Ashley tells you the titles of each song after every four songs or so. Often, stations that play underground music won't announce the title of their songs. It is so important for stations like these to inform listeners what they are listening to because it is a lot harder to find lesser known artists on your own. I also like how there is no commercial play. I think the collaboration of so many different genres in this podcast is amazing. If you are open minded and not opposed to experimentation in music, then this is the podcast for you.


By Bas bb
So great I lol ur guy
Kexp is awsome. I am usually into jam bands and livetronica. With Kexp, my love of new music has flourished. I love the song selections and brief commentary. Seattle rocks!
I love listening to these podcasts in the morning. It makes my day and run more fun! It makes me feel like I'm back in Seattle.
KEXP is the most amazing station aound. You guys get me through my week with a smile on my face, a buzz in my ears, and a tapping on my toes! The Morning Show is my favorite, and John Richards is stellar! I have truly enjoyed all of his podcasts, and because of him and KEXP, I have discovered super talented musicians and amazingly awesome new music. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I consider this podcast to be the most important musical podcast in the states. Kexp is unrivaled in their ability to identify quality new artists and this podcast is an important part of that ability. If you want the best of new music, start here.


By swild
Love the extra bumbershoot coverage. Keep up the fresh music!
I absolutely love all the podcasts from KEXP, but I'd love to see some chapter markings so you could get to specific songs.
This is the very BEST rock radio station EVER, and -- since I no longer have a radio -- I'm sooo happy to have it on my iPod! This is just the right amount of well-chosen, cutting-edge music for my week, and just the right amount to keep me feeling in-touch with music that matters.
i wouldnt be able to live without this podcast. it has the latest and greatest of all indie bands every friday. get it!!!!!


WOW. Does it get any better than KEXP? New, free, variety (what's a word for variety expanded to its farthest reach), smart, real, honest, did I mention FREE! One thing: More Don Slack. That guy knows his stuff. Funny thing, I know a doctor with that name too.
See from my name I'm from Seattle. I grew up with 50's, 60's, and 70's music and thought it the real music had died and been replaced by silly young girls singing formulaic nonsense, until I happened upon KEXP. Now, except for Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 on KSER Everett I listen to nothing but KEXP. The music has replaced most classic rock for me. It is the most interesting rock music out there today.
If you are looking to expand your music horizon you will thoroughly enjoy KEXP
I live in Seattle and I live and die by KEXP! This is the greatest radio station ever. This is not debateable! You will prosper by this podcast. If you don't subscribe you're missing out on some of the best free tunes available. FREE! How can you pass that up?
hands down, the best radio station in the US. john richards is my fav.
I'm feelin' the diversity. The Bassnectar track (#6 on episode 50) is bomb of course! Props Kevin, keep it flowin up North.
good variety of music. I love this podcast, I heard spoon on one of the recent podcasts.
Finally! A great one hour show that is entertaining, and has great new music. Seattle really is the coolest place on earth.