Have Games, Will Travel

Reviews For Have Games, Will Travel

Paul does a great podcast. Its very informative, I've been going through his back log of podcast and how he discribes the games and how they play really lets you know if you'll like it or not. He's got me interested in quite a few games. Keep up the good work.
Of all the gaming podcasts that I listen to, HGWT is the podcast that has caused me to spend the most money! Paul Tevis has incredibly well done reviews and interviews that bring the games he is playing to the listener. This podcast focuses on RPGs and boardgames and Paul does an excellent job of covering both.
Paul's presentation is straightforward and very easy to follow. As others have mentioned, great production values (except when he's traveling which is to be expected). His informative reviews have lead me to making several purchases with which I am very satisfied.
HGWT is a must listen, great production, and sound quality. If you are thinking of buying a gaming book without listening to Paul’s review of it, you’re crazy.