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Taverncast is one of the funniest things ive ever listened to. They may not have many episodes. But when they do release one its an EVENT for me and a few of my friends. I keep finding myself coming back and listening to the older episodes. Please taverncast come back!! we miss you
5 Stars all the way. Been listening since the good ole days when you were a WoW podcast that had little to do with WoW. Nevertheless I've listened to every episode multiple times. Love and appreciate ever moment you guys put into the cast making it what it is. You are the reason I walk around work, the gym, the grocery store with a stupid grin on my face. Can't wait to see what the future holds for taverncast, nor could I be more happy that you guys are back. Good luck to you all and much love.
This is the ONLY podcast in existence that can make an episode at sporadic intervals, as in whenever the gang feels like making one, and have people drooling with anticipation the entire time.
So glad you are back!
Is it the old magic? So far so good! I'm just happy to hear you guys on the cast again ]:)
Are you guys going to put some more stuff out soon. I was just getting back into listening then you stopped putting shows out. :( and for the record I like you better when you are just talking about random stuff. It is what makes IMO taverncast, taverncast. Anyway hope you come back on, keep up the great work and stay awesome. -Wraith500000-
I've been a long time listener of the Taverncast podcast(s), and I must say they are some of the funniest, most entertaining podcasts I've ever heard. My only complaint is that there aren't more shows to listen to. Taverncast, take me away!
Always TC puts out an excellent show. Bryce makes certain everything produced is of top quality, entertaining and with tons of intelligent(and sometimes great low brow) humor. Never to disappoint, TC is a great show.
Okay this podcast is probably my favorite from all the ones i listen too. You can listen to the same show twice and still laugh as hard haha =D I know they might be taking a break from the smaller podcasts they do like The Screen, TC 1337, and on Tap but I really do hope they do one occasionally because I really like them all equally as much. Keep Rocking TC! Your the best!


Fun, adventurous exciting show with laughter and beer.
Simply fun to listen to!! Infernal Bill is one of my fav char on the cast, keep up the great work everyone!!!!
This show never disappoints. A top shelf production from a charismatic, funny and entertaining mix of people makes for a fantastic listening environment that keeps you wanting more. Keep up the outstanding work and wide topic ranges. All of the Taverncast shows are must haves for subscribers!


By nish101
Hey Taverncast, it's great to have you back. I can't wait for the next episode and I love the on tap episodes as well. Keep up the incredible work :)
Taverncast is still my favorite podcast to listen to! They have always had great production value, and the cast is always entertaining! It's so good to have them back on a regular schedule. GIVE ME MORE TAVERNCAST! I MUST HAVE! :)
Taverncast is consistently my favorite podcast, and I've listened to quite a few. On top of that, it is definitely the best produced podcast I've listened to...a lot of time and love goes into making each episode top notch.
the show mixes abit of humor abit of knowledge about drinks/movies/geek stuff/whatever is on the hosts mind alot of random yelling (LOVE YA BILL) and just like a good drink recipe turns into a good time. Only complaint is while the podcast is becoming more regular its hard to know when it will be out. If you havnt listened to taverncast before definatly give it a shot, ranks as one of my favorite podcasts.
Get more episodes up quick!
Listening to TC is like hanging out at the bar with a group of great friends and talking about all manner of geeky goodness. The cast is smart, funny and welcoming - and often seriously funny! Kind of like a morning show meets a night out on the town, this is one of the best podcasts out there, hands down. I can't wait for new shows to come out...Five Stars Taverncasters!
Contrary to popular belief the new taverncast is just as good if not better than the old ones! I love Bil and his ranting it makes my day over and over again! Dont be discouraged to continue makeing episodes because of all thease haters!
How do these guys do it? After an almost two years off the air, they have manged to slip back into my ipod, and right back into my heart. Expect the same amount of fun, beer, and hilarious skits. To those complaining that this podcast lack warcraft.....this podcast has deviated from that theme for almost 10 shows....3 years. And no where in the podcast description does it say anything about WoW. To any potential listeners.....dont listen to those guys. Pour yourself your favorite drink, and enjoy this show. Gurantee you will.
Reading the most recent reviews since the relaunch, I can't help but wonder where the confusion arose. Everyone involved with the show have been explicit about disclosing that TC isn't a Warcraft-themed podcast any longer, and it hasn't been for over two years. The production value is as high as ever and as a listener since 2005, I can say that I enjoy the cast's freedom to do more than just WoW-related topics. The show is great and the multiple-topic angle is awesome. PS- Please stop screaming, Bill.
Great Production and Execution, But................... this return to podcasting left me wondering if I was listening to a highly polished audio resume for their job portfolio. Never did I feel like I was listening to WoW podcast, which what we all want, so if the next release is like these two I will be sadly unsubscribing.
I was interested when I heard that Taverncast was relaunching. I am stunned though that the guys have little to no WoW coverage. The majority of people who listened in the past listened for the great WoW coverage and humor. People will grow tired of Bill's constant interruptions in his efforts to be "funny". No WoW and Michelle = no reason to listen.


By Mikicus
I'm torn. Just listened to the 8/7/10 podcast. Parts of it were quite hilarious: the quips about soccer and the Twilight segment. But there wasn't much of anything about Warcraft, and it seemed like it was one guy yelling pretty much the whole time, which is funny in small amounts but gets old when he's doing it for a solid hour. It has potential, but so far, I'm not too impressed.
I loved this podcast for many years, but the current version is not pleasant to listen to. I cannot take any more of Bill's shouting, shrieking, singing and blathering on about... Whatever the heck it is that he goes on about. Are there two or three other participants besides Bill? I can't tell, because none of them can get a word in edgewise around his antics. If anybody other than Bill gets to talk, then he cuts them off before they can potentially say something funny and steal his spotlight. Two stars. One for each of the episodes of the "reborn" series that I've been suffered through. The aims of Taverncast seem well intended. The editing is as sharp as ever. The audio quality is as good as it can be with Bill burying the needle every 20 seconds. The outtakes are... Honestly? I couldn't make it through the outtakes. It was just more of Bill screaming. If there were more outtakes and less of that nonsense in the show proper, I'd be happier. Sorry, Taverncast. I loved you once. It's not me. It's you.
So many of your fans were players and fans of World of Warcraft. Now you guys seem to be wow haters and insulting to the WoW community. You've chosen to not have a podcast about WoW and now you are just 4 people in a basement talking (original and exciting!). In about 4 months from now, you are going to be looking at your download and subscriber numbers and you're going to come to the conclusion that all of the production you put into the podcast isn't worth the poor numbers you are seeing. I hope I'm wrong, as I really loved the older shows. Maybe your new approach of talking about earth **** will bring the subscribers in by the droves :-/ . I dunno. If the show continues to toss around the hate to your previous base of subscribers, I'll be deep sixing your podcast where it belongs - drowning in the sea of earth ****. If this was your intention, do you really think you'll succeed? Do you think there is a big market out there for people who want to talk about earth **** and hate on WoW players? Which one of you came up with that idea? You are doing a good job of separating your "New" podcast from your old base. Time will tell how well you connect with a new base of subscribers.
I really want to say ive listened through 4 times of every episode and im in love. Also YES you put out another episode and im downloading it RIGHT NOW. :P
Guys, Thank you for opening the bar again. For quite some time I thought the bar was closed due to too many sanitory violations. I look forward to stopping by and having a drink, while enjoying the conversation. Keep it going and let the customers what you need for support.
I've been listening to you guys for years, and I'm extremely excited that you are returning! I keep checking my feed to see if you have released the new episode yet. Should be today from what I have been reading on your forums!
You have to come back! Without this show I will never love women, beer or donuts again, you wouldn't want to do that to a man now would you? Where are you President Putan with your steely pecs and rock hard abs!!?
Me love you long time. Please come back And please give us an update on the future of the show
Out of all the Podcasts I listen to this one is still my favorite, having listened to every episode several times and still not bored of them. I really hope you guys come back, been listning since episode one. Go Cromley! xD
I have listened to this podcast ever since I started playing WoW. I love the show and think you guys are hilarious, and while I was disappointed when you guys burned out I still downloaded every episode you made. Now that you all are playing again however I know I and many others would really enjoy it if you brought Taverncast back to semiregular production. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
I've been listening to Taverncast since show number five and I must say it is truly epic. Their early shows were histarical and informative at the same time! Though they don't put out episodes very frequently, I click my 'refresh' button on my Podcast page and hope theirs a new episode. Keep in mind its not G rated :p
You guys rock, i have only started listening recently (like, november of '08) but i have evry episode and can't get enough. I cannot wait for when you guys come back. PLZ make it soon!!!
I LOVE TAVERNCAST! I've listened since show #1, and loved all of them. I don't mind at all that you don't talk about WoW anymore. (In fact, my friend who doesn't play WoW loves you guys [and Kirn] also)
You guys have made my day over and over again, and it doesnt bother me anymore that youve left the WoWsphere, because your new shows are as much, if not more hilarious then your past ones. Rock on guys, your awesome!
Awsome podcast Starting out with World of Warcraft as i do play myself and eventually going off into a whole nuber of funny and intresting topics. A great podcast, great beer, and great conversation... even when off topic ;p keep it going you guys and bring back karge even if you have to lure him back with pork grinds.
Was better when they had a definitive theme and subject to follow (ie: The Warcraft days). But highly entertaining and well produced. Makes great efforts to be thought-provoking and organized, but with no real solid ground on it's side anymore. Definitely recommended for pure entertainment value, though.
Funnier than any movie, television show, song, etc. Loved it since early 2008! You guys deserve a radio show. Have been telling every one of my friends about it. Keep up the two-week promise, guys! Eloy, do some more experiments, I need a role model other than Bill so I don't get thrown out of bars.
These guys are funny. Lots of good stuff in here.
Great podcast! Every single episode will make you laugh. The cast is great (Even if InfernalBill is a bit of a dink) and hae truly geat chemistry. A must for anyone who loves beer and loves to laugh.


i love the cast but im wondering something? with the new 70-80 will there be new level up?
I really wish you crazy kids had a more regular show. I'm sure the production on it takes a little bit of time because it is far-and-away the best produced podcast I listen to. In fact, I'd go as far as saying, this podcast is the best podcast featuring ex and current WoW players that combines drinking beer and random thoughts I've ever listened to. Oh, by the way, Hawkeye, you have been judged. Thumbs up. The more the merrier I say.
The cast hast great chemistry and the quality it top notch. The next show can be about anything but it is always interesting.
I loved them as a Warcraft centric podcast, but they have evolved and become a great podcast that just does what we all love to do. sit around with friends at a bar having a beer and having fun about what ever comes to mind.
Great podcast, hilarious hosts!