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Great content but please don’t record while you are driving both for safety and for sound quality.
I am a beginner tri but this podcast is great. Good info in an everyday feel. Love it. Made me laugh out loud at work. Grind on!!!!
I bow to the people who can through a full episode. I tried several different ones and found myself begging him to get to the point each time. There are some great tips buried deep within the ramblings of an experienced triathlete, but be prepared to go down the rabbit hole of a lot of useless chatter to extract them.
I appreciate the laid back style of this podcast. Amidst the real life interruptions, there is insight, information and great content.
Entertaining, informative and easy to listen to- all the things I look for in a good podcast. Always waiting for the next one to show up!
Very cool approach. Love the combination of Zen and Tri
I have listened to a couple of Brett's podcasts and they are painfully slow. He obviously is ADD and every little thing really destracts him. He needs to stay on topic more and reduce the time frame of his podcasts to 1/3 of the time. I don't need to listen to 10 minutes of how long it takes him to get out of the pool and into his car or the color of cars driving by when I'm trying to get his relevant information. Good content if you have the patience to get through all of his other stuff.
I was super excited to check out this podcast - love the topics, when Brett is focused, he can he super engaging. But the fact that he often records on the go , including on runs, and with constant narration about what’s going on around him, is really distracting: reading off run splits, that he needs to take a drink, that he’s crossing a four-lane road. Some may love that as a real connection, I found it annoying and a waste of my time. Maybe I’ll check it out again in the future.
Omg soooooooo loooooong winded. 2-3 plus hr podcasts and generally good info but just get to the point! Like 30 Min of every podcast is him just tapping about nonsense.
Whenever Zen tri posts a new episode it jumps to the top of my queue. Very practical helpful information and presented in a funny way. Brett makes me laugh even just in his normal course of chatting!
Seriously in need of some coaching on how to keep pace and stay on point. There is some good information here to be found but it comes at the cost of listening to hours of the host's rambling down rabbit trails in the middle of the already only mildly interesting stories where you just want to get to the point. He may be a great coach and an amazing athlete, but a radio personality he is not. Also, for the love of Cervelo's learn to edit your sh**! The dead air and slurping sounds while you read over your notes is really lame and unprofessional. Who has the time to sit through this stuff?
Informative and entertaining. Couldn't ask for much more.
I enjoy this podcast very much. I am new to triathlon and this podcast has been informative.
Just found your podcast a few weeks ago and am loving it!! Great mix of information and entertainment. Your humor and attitude are infectious and help make my commute bearable. The interviews are very relaxed but informative. It’s like being a fly on the wall during a one on one conversation. Keep up the good work!
You guys continue to put out quality content show after show. It is so very much appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work.
If you are a triathlete...no...if you are an endurance athlete...no...if you are an athlete...ok, look, if you are PERSON, you will find this show entertaining and insightful. So, quit debating about it, and just subscribe for crying out loud.
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast.
Love the guests and insights that this podcast provides. Keep up the good work!
It took a bit of getting used to it but once you get it, it sticks with you. Good mix of advice, news, interviews, and his ramblings. Great to listen to on a long run/bike.
Nobody gets paid to do a Podcast - at least not really - some solicit money in nefarious ways... I digress. I just find the ego tough to take, so I won't listen. Not anymore. It was interesting for a few long rides, then it just got weird. No idea what the motivation of this is other than vanity.
Of the billion podcasts I've listened to over the past few years, this is the most enjoyable and relatable. Brett is a great guy and athlete, very approachable and real. The show is full of all sorts of stuff, so it's never boring. Keep'em coming!
Keep up the great work!
Great life perspective on training. Looks from the outside and evaluates his own desire to train. He seems to enjoy the journey and makes 2 hour plus podcasts so you can listen when you are training. Triathletes can be a nerdy group who take their training to intense levels but he always brings it back to why he is doing it. It is about community, competition and having fun when tackling things in life that are difficult. “Our enlightenment is timeless, yet our realization of it occurs in time.” The moment of awakening in this life is of central importance. Zen. Fueling advise needs some help.
Brett is a great guy to listen too. This podcast has tons of stuff on here, news, reviews, tips and a great family. Love picking up tips for endurance sports and even life in general. Shows are long and go great with my long runs.
I’ve been listening to ZenTri for over a year, so Brett and his family have really grown on me, and I enjoy the blend of tips and musings on life and, yes, stream-of-consciousness rambling. As a podcast junkie, I am fine with the looooong shows (for looooong runs and rides!), but give my friends with shorter attention spans the “digest” version when Brett drops the golden nuggets of tri-wisdom. I also like hearing about Brett’s experiments with different training methodologies as part of keeping up to speed with the overall triathlon training landscape. Thanks Brett!
This show is so much more than a podcast about Triathlon. It is a show that is Triathlon. It shows you how to balence life while being an endurance athlete, and so much more!
Love the show, the variety, the professionalism, and dedication to the sport and helping athletes improve
Great show! Brett's balance of training and family life is inspirational to the triathlete parents in the world.
A great podcast with informative and knowledgable guests:) only frustration is when he eats food during the podcast, chewing and swallowing loudly.. It can be a very big distraction:)
I love this podcast but I cant get it to play from Itunes. Anyone else have this problem?
Yea it might take some getting used to the eating or drinking during the podcast BUT I listen to this on my long indoor cycling days or long runs on the treadmill and just zone out with a steady breath and it feels like I'm running and listening to one of my buddies talking next to me. Great tips, info, race reviews, listener questions, and interviews. Love 'em & keep 'em coming! -Cheers
Between the eating and drinking, and lose of focus who can listen to this crap!


By Dputts
Great podcast. I like the triathlon news at the start. The interviews are great. Lots of really interesting people and Brett asks good questions. Listening to Brett's race reports are always entertaining and informative as well.
I really appreciate the well-rounded, down-to-earth feel of ZenTri. Brett brings a wealth of knowledge about external resources that triathletes can use to make improvements. He is open about struggles and setbacks, and how to overcome physical and mental obstacles. His podcast has a broad variety of casual interviews, ranging from family and friends to high profile athletes. He also takes listeners along on rides and runs as he continues to discuss the mental game and training. One of my favorite aspects of the show is hearing how Brett and his family are involved in triathlon together, and how they balance training, family, and work.
Coach Brett is great to listen to.
Coach Brett throws down info and experience that really make you take a step back and look at what you are doing. Big picture stuff yet contains nuggets of gold that stick with you. Thanks Man


I love your pod cast... I listen every Tuesday and I listened only to you during leg surgery... Very entertaining and inspiring .. Thanks for sharing...LOVE #536 on Zen helped me out ALLOT..
Triathlon, like life, is constantly changing. Understanding how Zen and Awareness of ones one current life affects everything else we do is important. Triathlon training and racing parallels all other aspects of our lives. This podcast is evidence of this. Great content with a great perspective.
This is an excellent podcast. Brett was an innovator and has been copied a lot. I listen to the podcast while running or riding, and it is motivational at times and very entertaining at times. My criticism is that Brett repeats some physiology/nutrition knowledge that he has typically heard somewhere else (Ben Greenfield maybe) and then severely rounds off the corners. I get particularly frustrated with his diet and nutrition advice. He is constantly jumping on and off various band wagons. Recently, he admitted to eating junk food and explained it was what his body needed at the time -a Mickey D burger and fries followed soon after by a load of cookies. At times, he has described himself as "sort of" vegan, paleo, or whatever. The podcast is well done and very entertaining, but go elsewhere for nutrition advice.
I LOVE Zen and the Art of Triathlon. Brett is so much fun to listen to and unbelievably knowledgable. I am in my 2nd year of triathlon and Brett has helped me in so many ways. Love it!
I enjoy the podcast bc Brett is always trying new things and making me think through how I'm approaching my training and nutrition.
I think for anyone to do a podcast, coach or whatever, they have to believe in themselves and have an ego to an extent, but I don't see the podcast coming across that way at all. I look each week for it to listen to.
I think this would be a hundred times better if the guy valued listener’s time. Eating and rambling on about things like, I just finished a swim, where's my banana and other stuff that makes it seem like I'm listening to a teenager’s twitter feed. I think Brett has some good content but he needs to make it a little more formal (not in a studio, just don’t eat and utter every thought that comes to mind). The length could be cut nearly in half and still retain all interesting content. Please consider this and I’ll try again.
I think the fact that Brett is not a professional interviewer makes this show all the more real!! His love of the sport and how to do it by maximizing his time efficiently is a really unique view of reality!! Good job brett ,love it!!! :)
Captivating, great info and great distraction from the monotony of some training sessions. Like I'm out with a friend, one with very, very useful information.
I have found this podcast to be fun and informative. Brett weaves funny anticdotes with good information. Most importantly, he doesn't take him self too seriously. I love it! Keep up the good work.
Coach Brett provides a great service with his podcast. It is refreashing to find someone who wants to share the good/bad with those of aspiring to be the best age-grouper they can. Brett keep up the great work and thank you!
I love this podcast and would like to see more podcasts more often...but I do listen to some of them twice...when listening feel like I am hanging out with Coach Brett which is cool and the tips he provides are very simple / not overly complicated...get many tips that I implement and they work for me as well. Coach Brett..keep them coming!!!
I have been listening for a few years now and am enjoying the "Training by feel" turn in the show. Brett shows that the yours goals can be reached while succesfully juggling work and life of the average guy.