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To do at least a tiny amount of post processing. I’m often a fan of this podcast but your postproduction is so bad that I can’t listen anymore. In the most recent episode, your guest audio had so many large bass spikes that it blew out one of my speakers. I frequently have to turn the volume down so much in my headphones that the show is almost inaudible. Please just add some gating. Pay someone the $50 per episode or learn it yourself or you’re going to lose listeners
These are fabulous talks for the critical care professional or serious student.


Nice content. Audio quality is marginal at best on the other hand. This is especially problematic when a guest has a thick accent.
Poor audio quality mars experience w high quality content of episode of pathophysiology of AKI. Pls pay attention to this. Thanks
Sounds extremely useful but the audio is horrible. As the experts go to mention a key fact the audio picks up random noises or static that drowns out the information. Need better professional audio.
These topics seem mostly political and not very useful in daily management of critical care patients.. I recommend opening a Critical Care text and basing your podcasts on those topics.. Would be nice to have management pearls and discussions by people who actually manage patients instead of lecturing about it.. It is easy to tell the difference. Sorry not to echo all the praises being tossed out here but I don't agree with them .
Please let the host know that it is gross to hear the saliva in her mouth! perhaps a filter on her mic could eliminate this. I can't even listen to this podcast JUST because of the saliva sounds!!!
Discussion subjective especially for one with such limited experience
Just finished listening to pod cast on 2013 Pain, Agitation and Delerium guidelines. GREAT talk, a must listen.
Extremely informative! Love the new hosts!
Great interviews with leaders in our field. Cutting edge discussions.
Dr.Savel has done a fantastic job with these pod casts. I tell all of my students and resident about them. Congratulations and keep up the great work.
This is the best medical podcast for clinicians in iTunes...bar none. It is also an amazing reference for the latest articles and controversies in ICU medicine. This stuff is fascinating if you are clinician, it does not have sound effects or explosions...The interviews are with top notch people, the material flows and is quite compelling. I would have given it six stars...but like I said, there were no explosions. Thank-you Dr. Savel.
This is one of the best CCM resources available today. The format allows listeners to get a first hand take on cutting edge CCM research through conversations with leading authors. Listening to these podcasts is valuable to anyone caring for critically ill patients. By listening to these interviews, one can gain an excellent understanding of the issues surrounding the delivery of CCM, and the challenges facing physicians and their patients in intensive care units.


By CaSx
Wether listening on a train, bus, or sitting in a traffic jam - why waste time, when you can be listening to a critical care maverick interviewing other gurus in the field and sharpen your critical care thinking and practice. Dr Richard Savel does not disappoint - NY rush hour bring it on !!!
As a resident, Dr. Savel's podcasts have been a godsend for me.  It helped me so much during my ICU rotations.  I was on top of all the most important CC issues and practice guidelines ( I'm still subscribed !!).  The people he has on are the "who's who" in CC.  Should be mandatory for all those that want to know and practice CC.  
I have been listening to the SCCM podcasts for over 2 yrs. I especially enjoy listening to R. Savel. He is cutting edge critical care. It is nice to be able to listen to the leaders in the field talking about important clinical issues and management. It helps me to stay current. Keep them coming!
Dr. Savel is clearly an expert in critical care medicine. I am sure this podcast would be very helpful to anyone in the field.