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I was new to Pad casting in April 30, 2005 when I listened to Dave. Many many years later, this is still my favorite place to be👌
Man do I miss this.podcast. I hope you are well Dave and you are chillin
Hand crafted exquisite music presented in a perfect format. Long time listener and supporter - just subscribe already. Dave is the best.
I've been a fan of Dave's Lounge for a few years now. I was looking for another podcast like the old Idyllic Music episodes, and found a great one. Definitely give it a shot.
Dave's Lounge podcast is fabulous! Love listening- Thanks Dave!!
This is one of the absolute best lounge and downtempo podcasts available. It's one of those podcasts that I can just turn on and it plays in the background and it provides an unobtrusive backdrop to whatever task I'm focused on. When Dave does come on and speak, his smooth and fluid voice doesn't break the spell, just adds to it. I'm so grateful to have this, and I'll donate as soon as I finish this review. Thanks again, Dave.
Dave, truly a great podcasts. i listen EVERYDAY. no more pandora, radio, nothing! please don't ever stop!
I think Dave has turned me on to more artists that I now listen to than any other source. His very brief philosophical musings at the beginning of each show always set the mood just right, and his taste in music is impeccable. If you do subscribe and enjoy the podcast, please consider making a donation (via his site), purchasing one of the mobile apps, or signing up for the permium podcast (very affordable and worth it)--we want Dave to keep bringing us great tunes long into the future, so help him do so if you're able.
Dave loves music, he also loves his audience. This podcast is a testament to his dedication for good music. I have been listening to Daves Lounge for 3 years and it is the best collection of lounge music I have found in a podcast. I listen when I cook, exercise, and travel its really awesome to have such a good mix with me where ever I am.
Wow! Dave's Lounge Rocks! Also something about his voice - soothing!! I love this podcast and have no purchased the app! A huge fan and spreading the word! Thanks Dave!
I love this podcast. Dave is presenting high quality independent downtempo music. He knows about the artist and builds the right mood to get into this very emotional music. I appreciate his comments a lot however I'm happy that this podcast focuses on the music presenting seven and more songs per episode. Thanks to Dave and his podcast I fell in love with the wonderful voice of Natalie Walker. Thanks for all your efforts Dave!
I just found this podcast a few days ago & i have already downloaded 15 back episodes. My main music genre is down tempo vocal trance, however i find this is a great change of pace. It's also great for romantic moments such as a candle light dinner at home or a walk on the beach at night. This podcast is truly on of the best out there & i go through most of them out there in many genre's. Thanks dave! For sharing your music :)
I have been listening to music for 50 years now, through multiple generations. I found this podcast about 5 years ago when I first started listening to podcasts. I have gone through many, this is the only one that remains on my iTunes list since that time and I still look forward to the next release. It has opened up many new listening pleasures. Thanks Dave for this treat to my aging ears.
Wow....I love Dave's selection...thanx L for telling me this. So cool!
This is one podcast that I look forward to. Dave finds great music and organizes it in a masterful way.
Dave’s Lounge Podcast claims that it is “podcasting the best in chillout, trip hop, and downtempto electronic music” and if the show’s Itunes ratings are any indicator, it is delivering on that statement. Each show starts off with an inspirational quote about music and then dives into a very mellow mix of low-bpm electronica and dubstep tunes that would be great after a stressful day of work, but perhaps a little too chilled-out for a boring day at the office. The show’s host, known simply as Dave, isn’t much for ramblings, but his smooth voice introduces each track and offers the occasional “light talk” about a specific album, artist. The host even sometimes ventures so far as to talk about his own interests such as Blues Dance. The songs themselves are longer than the typical listener may be used to, but are very accurately described as “Lounge Music”. They vary from slow and repetitive and minimalist to containing full lyrics and having more of an upbeat hip-hop flavor. All the artists are lesser-known and independent. Each 45-minute episode features eight unique tracks and follows a very freeform program with the exception of the occasional feature episode. Past specials include a 5th anniversary episode, artist features, and an extended best of the year episode.
I'm afraid you lost me there at time index 2:13. I can appreciate feeling blue; I've got my own baggage, I don't need yours. When at last the intro ended; I was swept away from the soliloquy to a dreamy sound scape. I listen to you show to relax; not take on the depressed musings of the host. Steven Hill never behaves in such a way. I suppose, I would have preferred a professional tone in the open; as usual the case is. Not one of your best. -Thank you
I've been listening to Daves Lounge since August of '09 and I can't say enough good things about this podcast. 1st, Dave seems like a really down to earth guy and I thoroughly enjoy his commentary. 2nd, his selection of music is wonderful, and 3rd, each podcast sets a distinct mood for it's duration. I'm sad to see it produced every other week, instead of the older weekly format. However, I can understand wanting to present only the best show.
I would like to thank You Dave! You've made a best downtempo show!
I was in need of some new downbeat/trip-hop artists and figured a podcast would be the best way to go. I jumped on iTunes and searched around till I found Dave's Lounge. Five stars and four years running? It's gotta be good. I've looked into every arists I've heard through Dave's Lounge and play it constantly. I like havin the little backstory to each song, makes it that much more interesting. I've been in the zone studying for finals and gettin new ideas for my own material. Dave: DJ Kappa gives you two thumbs up. Do work.
Dave does a great job of plucking beats from all around the electronic world. This is probably one of the best podcast / radio stations I've ever heard. Dave, keep it up! Nod.
This is not a mix show but a radio show. Host Dave Warner plays selected tracks then gives info on how to attain said tracks. He even gives info how to contact the artists directly. My only complaint is that the podcast is not long enough. But even then at about 30 minutes, it's just enough to start your day and get you through traffic before work.
Nice selections. Dave has a smooth late night dj style that doesnt distract from the essential reason for the show. The Music. I have found some great tracks and with Dave's listings for more info before or after song play it makes it a snap to find out more. The website is a big help and coupled with the Shazam app, makes for a great combo for finding new stuff. While some selections get a little new age most have a true lounge/downtempo feel I really like.


its amazing for me that after 2 yrs passed, I search dave's lounge and you still exist!! cheers!
love the downbeat it helps me relax at work real mellow ,great job dave!
Consistently ! ONE OF THE BEST podcasts on line to date. New and great music that helps me to seek out and download new music I would not otherwise know about.
Dave's Lounge lives up to its description, showcasing the best chillout, downtempo, and trip-hop music found on the internet. Dave will often theme the episodes by slightly altering his presentation, or the music featured. This allows every episode to remain new and fresh, even when revisiting old episodes. The music is soothing, but not uniform or boring and I will often allow it to lull me to sleep on my morning train commute. This podcast is also a great way to learn about new and independent artists creating amazing music. I have found myself purchasing a CD on more than one occasion after being exposed to a new artist on Dave's Lounge. This podcast comes highly recommended if you are into laid back and chilled out music, or if you are into discovering new artists and an emerging musical genre. For starters, check out the episode titled, "The Dream Sequence," or "East Meets West." You won’t be disappointed.


Dave's Lounge puts out some excellent music that is relaxing to the body.
I found Dave at the very beginning of podcasting and he hits the mark week after week. Yet he somehow also stays real, and has never decided to fake it up for us. I just love that. Thanks Dave for doing the research to find these artists so I can just listen and groove. You and they together are awesome. Love, Rox
Dave's is the best podcast we listen to. Thanks Dave for being a becon of light in a rather murky sea of less than wonderful entertainment.
Nice chill music perfect for working and introspection. The narratives between music segments are great to listen to. This music cast is a true joy!
Dave's Lounge is the place you go to hang out for some of the best chillout, downtempo, trip-hop music. I love listening to it whenever I need to concentrate on work. As Dave says, sometimes your favorite place can be a song. R U Listening?
This is simply the best podcast I've heard so far.... I'm trying to download all the episodes cause its an excellent mix to listen to while u are working or just chilling out with your friends. I would def recommend it to everyone... I guarantee you'll love it!
long time listener - keep coming back

I look forward to every one of Dave's Podcasts. Can't tell you how many new acts I've found through this great Podcast. Highly recommended!
I got into Chillout and Downtempo by listening to The Chillcast, but after stumbling across Dave's Lounge, I find it even better than the Chillcast (3 stars). Dave doesn't have those annoying Podshow and Earthlink commercials, has better stories, and has a better selection of Chillout. If you like downtempo music tastfully intro'ed with a high degree of sound quality, you have to check this show out. I even play the same shows up to 5 or 6 six times - they are that GOOD. What are you waiting for? Try this one out and you won't be sorry.
Just wanted to say as a new listener that I love your podcast. I'm really interested in trip hop, ambient and lounge music and your show fits the bill perfectly. I have yet to hear an episode that I have not liked. Keep up the great work!
Dave does an outstanding job with the music he selects. He also knows when to come into the podcast and when to stay out. Not that we don't like his voice, he's cool. It's nice getting exposed to the music he finds. Thanks Dave!
Every day, I listen to the music I've found through Dave's Lounge. This music inspires me in my own art - and I am thankful that Dave does such an amazing job of connecting me to music I would've otherwise never heard.
I <3 Dave's Lounge. I've downloaded every episode, and I keep telling my friends to sign up. Dave has an awesome, relaxing voice, and he never picks lame songs.
The music played by Dave has become the sound track to my everyday!
My iPod is filling up because I just can't bear to throw any of the shows away! Dave's Lounge is my favorite Podcast by far, especially since it can be so hard to find downtempo music. Keep up the good work!
If you are at all interested in trip-hop, ambient, downtempo, or chill, subscribe to Dave's Lounge. I am always looking for new or innovative electronic music and Dave's Lounge has been a great source for me. My iTunes library has grown tremendously since I subscribed. Check out the Dave's Lounge iMixes.. they are quite tasty.


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This podcast is the best of the "chill" world. Dave's great music selection coupled with his amazing presentation and composition makes this the podcast to beat. Suscribe to this now, you don't want to miss out!
I love this show!!! I listen to numerous podcasts each week and this is one is in a class by itself. The others are mere amateurs next to Dave. Keep up the good work. What you're doing is appreciated!
Dave's Lounge podcast is hands down the best lounge/downtempo/trip hop music show on the net. I am an avid podcast listener and I can guarrantee you that nothing comes close to the quality, professionalism and creativeness of this show. Dave's Lounge is more than a show...it is a growing revolution within the radio music field that I hope continues to grow. All hail to Dave and the seductive female computer simulated co-host of the show. Hey, does she have a name?
Dave i got to say the music you are playing and what you are doing for these bands you are playing is a amazing thing......keep up the good work i have already found a few new favorite bands since listening to your podcasts......I LOve It.
On an almost weekly basis, I am just taken by at least one of the artists ont Dave's Lounge playlist. Since finding D's L, I haven't cared to listen to radio for months now. Dave, I hope you feature Sky Cries Mary one of these days...I hear they are playing together again!