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I enjoy hearing different points of view, but there is s relatively subtle skew towards one side. Bias goes further than how a story is reported. Bias is reflected in stories chosen. While some episodes feature authors who favor more individual rights and autonomy, there is a definite lean towards authors who favor more collective power and state authority. These days, however, one must take what one can get.
The interview are always interesting, and more importantly, revealing. Sometimes, it becomes clear that spending more time with a particular author will be time wasted.
Would like to finish listening to this episode but interviewer is a terrible questioner and is shouting questions. Sheryll Cashin needs to modulate her voice.
This is a very worthy episode. Both individuals involved know their topic.
It would be nice to have a HOST to STOP because sometimes the discussion isn’t part of the theme of the moment. I’m attracted to what is inferred when reading the description of the discussion.
I do love the guest curation and free range format of these interviews. But the hosts are too often overpowered by the guests, leading to awkward exchanges where the questions fail to propel the conversation forward but rather interrupt the flow and leave the listener praying for the host to STOP Interruping! I am listening now to Veronique de Rugy blather on with her poor elocution and lengthy wind ups. She constantly interrupts her more informed and much more eloquent guest. Aaaaaargh. Who is in charge of this program and can you address this?
Is there anything better than CSpan?
Sometimes the interviewers are fantastic, and sometimes they have their own agendas. I enjoy hearing from interesting people on books and issues I've not heard of in other media.
I got to listen to a program in mid 2014, and since then, have listened regularly. The video interviews on their website are wonderful but time consuming, but the podcast is what I can listen to easily as I drive, etc. These podcasts give me a taste of the book, ideas, etc…and while I may not be able to read most of these books, this podcast program gives me an insight into ideas that I would never have any other way of getting to… this is a must for anyone who is curious about new ideas. Clearly not all books are interesting to me, but I find this format of getting new ideas very very useful.
By far the most informative interview show anywhere, to have one expert interview another expert. Sometimes confrontational, sometimes biased but always fascinating.
Please resume updating the interview Descriptions with a brief introduction, at least the name of the related book! Thanks
Please provide a summary of the podcast in the title!!!
I concur, your program title s/b shortened or best, eliminated, it does not add but does take space that should b used to inform our selection.
Every interview must be opened to read subject since cspan takes up most of all the available space with its own program title (After Words). So the list of available interviews is useless. Update (1/25/12): I don't remember when I posted this "review," but it was some months ago. Yet I see similar complaints continue to dominate the reviews. Is anybody home? CORRECTION: my comments were TWO (2) years ago! Such an obvious fallacy in your app, yet you ignore it. How sad. I do like CSpan, but refuse to load entire pod casts to find their titles. See you in another couple of years if you're still around.
Please have more latest podcasts. Thanks.
Same as everyone else. The title and synopsis cannot be read so it is time consuming and frustrating to try to find what interests me. My cable provider removed the program so thanks for making it available on the iPhone. Just make it more user friendly.
We cannot see what the podcast about! Please revise.
Great selections, but have to listen to find out title when using iPhone. Redesign title so you know what it's about.
Can you please change the design such that we can read the titles of the podcasts? Currently for the afterwords podcast (my favorite) I can only see the first name the interveiwee, so I have to start the podcast to see who thd person is! This is frustrating and it keeps me from checking this app as often as I otherwise would.
I love this stuff!
I couldn't stand to listen to this interview. The host, Johnathan Alter, asks questions then refuses to let the question be answered. He speaks over his guest and down right bullys him at times. Alter was obnoxious and refused to let D'Souza finish a single point. Alther convieced me to buy the book. I'm interested and apparently it contains information that the left does not want heard.
I've listened to Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I just listened to the Afterwards with her and loved it (if I can use that term in her horrible life story)
I always wondered why more judges and attorneys didn't get involved with changing a dysfunctional system that they either preside over or operate within. Andrew is not one of these folks and it's refreshing to have such a distinguished man take the bold steps to stand up for what is right and condemn what is unjust....past or present. Every American should be required to listen to this and take a new view of the Government that they put so much trust in. Americans shouldn't fear their Government, rather the government should fear its citizens! Eric
Most of these interviews are pretty good. Nevertheless, this latest interview of author Khan would have benefited from a more objective, less sympathetic interviewer. I think the listener would have gotten more substance and corroboration of the author's thesis on which to base an opinion. But on balance, a great series of conversations that I look forward to each week.
Folks who are interested in deepning their knowledge of the US invasion and occupation/liberation of Iraq will find this interview very informative. Enjoy.
I think authors talking at length is fascinating. These programs are like documentaries about the authors and their work. If you're the type of person that enjoys thorough subject exploration you'll like "After Words."