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Bethel is a model of what the New Testament Church looked like in the Book of Acts, and most certainly what it should look like today. With every member of the five-fold ministry represented in its staff, Bethel is truly equipping the saints for the work of the ministry! The mandate to represent Jesus well is the heartbeat of their church, and nobody does that better than Bethel Church. Their goal to bring heaven to earth and teach disciples how to live like Jesus and rule and reign to bring the Gospel to everyone is a model every Christian church in America should examine and follow. Everyday believers healing the sick and raising the dead, doing the works of Jesus has always been the Lord’s desire. It’s time Believers stopped wallowing in the world’s system and start living from the culture and power of heaven. Bill Johnson’s teachings have change my life and how I see the Father. They have also taught me what my responsibility is: to steward what has been given me and be a model of Jesus for the people around me. He and his beautiful team have helped transform thousands if not millions of people’s way of thinking and I am forever grateful!
Thank you. I’m encouraged do good works. I knew this truth along time ago..but I had gotten “busy” and have become forgetful 💕
Been listening since 2007! And it’s almost never waned. This is the highest quality most life altering for the good of God podcast there is in the world. I would not be as healed and whole without it. Almost every episode is so anointed that you can physically feel the tangible presence increase around you. Don’t hesitate to add this to your podcast regimen. Try to listen to them all if you can. Blessings!
Thank you for sharing God’s Word and helping me learn what it means. Each teacher is amazing and leads me closer to Jesus. Blessings to you all!!!
The beautiful fruit of Bethel Church is changing the world.
Love this podcast! Bethel Church has, for years now, been a blessing and an inspiration to me. I hope to go there one day! They have given me the tools (through their streaming platforms) to be an ambassador of Christ, an ambassador from Heaven to to my family and to my church home. Thank you so much for pouring out what The Father has poured into you!!! May every blessing and promise of God come true for you!
LOVE this podcast and this church!
There are few Christian speakers or teachers that can compare with the level of spiritual insight and revelation of God present in Bill Johnson’s teaching.
This is by far the best sermon podcast that I have found to date! The main preacher who talks is amazing, I love how he gives the history of the scripture to give you a good idea of what was going on during the time of whatever book he is talking about and then he’ll tie it into modern day with some of his personal examples. I listen to this podcast EVERY single time I get in my car and have caught myself finding excuses to drive places just so I can listen to this podcast! Please upload some more sermons!! I’m almost done with all of them 🙂
Bill Johnson is the grandfather preacher I wish we had in New York City. His wisdom, humility and true love of God and the Bible is a gift with every listen.
I cannot wait to listen to the new sermon every week, I have finally found what I have been looking for! I can actually apply what you preach to my Christian walk and that is what I’ve been looking for. I find clarity when I’m confused. Thank you!
Thank you for the dedication in chasing after the truth and heart of Father God, thank you for the devotion you’ve placed into testifying of both the highs and lows you’ve walked through, and the wisdom you’ve collected along the way💛
So thankful for this message by Kris, expressing the heart of God, the truth of the Word of God, the heart of Bethel leadership, and the deceptive teachings that are merging into our stream. He clearly defends the truth of a literal place called hell and the judgement that awaits those who are not in Christ. Many are embracing Christian Universalism: denying the reality of hell being a place of torment and teaching that all are already saved whether they know it or not. Thank you Kris! Love you so much!
It’s great to find like minded believers who are “fool emough” to believe God at His Word! Thanks for your faithfulness, boldness and for venturing out in the somewhat unknown reality of the Kingdom of Heaven in us and here on earth! You rock!
So uplifting, encouraging , & helping me press in to move mountains!
Won’t download
The best podcasts i have ever heard. Life changing and Gods word always delivers us ....


By rachieo
What?!?! Is this a podcast from an active cult? This is bizarre to say the least. This isn’t the same Christianity I’ve ever known.
I love the real and rawness of their messages. You can tell they love the Lord and his word and I just leave so challenged at the end of a sermon. I am challenged in a good way and encouraged.
These messages help me in more ways than I can count.
My last to podcasts played at record speed. I’ve heard both of these pastors in person and don’t remember them speaking so quickly. Having a hard time listening.
My daughter lives in CA and turned me onto Bill Johnson, who has multiple inspirational messages. This is my first Eric Johnson podcast which also seems to be inspirational. However, in order to honor truth, Steph Curry is NOT the first one (even instrumental) in changing the game by shooting long three pointers. You Californians must not have ever watched the NBA finals before the Warriors played in them. He may have worked hard to perfect his game but he only perfected what MANY others have done before him. Watch Miami, Cleveland, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston..... Watch Reggie Miller with Indiana. Sorry, Curry has not ‘changed’ the game. He’s simply really good at what he does. His achievements aren't even close to as important as Rosa Parks’. Now that we’ve corrected that falsehood, thanks for your message. Hopefully, those of us who do not live in CA can continue to be inspired spiritually. Sports, especially the NFL and NBA, have become too political and secular to be spiritually inspiring!
Bethel is a powerhouse of truth! It’s a gift to be able to connect with the dynamic work of Christ globally. So many messages from Bethel have ignited a passion in me to fully live for Christ. Biblical insights and practical wisdom continue to help equip me for kingdom-centered living.
Always look forward to this download!
At the time I’m writing this, the overall review rating (by others) is a 4.5 out of 5 stars… This simply blows my mind! I listen to a select few, highly Revered, Spirit filled, Bible teaching ministries throughout the week and this is one of them. I would emphatically have to say that anyone who would ever rate these teachings lower than five stars must simply be out to attack and deface (True) Christianity as a whole. My hypothesis is based on personal experience: every one of Bethel’s teachings I’ve listen to over the past few years (since I started listening to them) have been full of life-giving truth. Furthermore, they’re absolutely among the best, most powerful, Holy Spirit inspired teachings I’ve ever heard. I’ve found this podcast to be an excellent source of guidance, confirmation, solid spiritual growth and understanding; delivered in a way that’s easy and fun to listen to. In conclusion, I have given a Five Star rating simply because there’s nothing higher to rate it with. - Briggs
I love this message. Quit throwing stones.
I have listened to every sermon for the past 11 years, and I have yet hear a bad one.
Worth listening to many times over
Love the teachings, stories, and empowerment that comes from this tribe. Bless you guys.
I’ve been following Bethel Church since 2009 and to witness the growth from then to now is so inspiring. This is a truth-based ministry, biblical in practice and driven by the Presence of God, not the traditions of men. I love the humor, the heart-filled wisdom, the transparency of each presenter and the working together of the 5 fold office. I feel as if I’m a part of the church and I live on the other side of the country.
You won’t need your Bible. Expect story after story of unverifiable experience and zero exposition of Scripture. Man centered, Jesus demoting and man exalting verbal mush.
If it’s true what psychologists say: that you are the average of your ten closest friends/family members, then it has GOT to be true that you are also the average of what you listen to! Fill you mind with average Netflix fare and you will be... average. Tune in for incredible podcasts by anointed Bethel pastors (and gifted educators) and you will find yourself stepping into an expanding, healing, life-changing mindset that will ultimately spill over into your every day living -resulting in freedom and wholeness is Christ! I listen and re-listen to these teachings supplementally to the Word of God, to keep my spirit stirred up and my heart excited for all the Lord is doing, has done, and will do. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who has anything in their life they would like to change or feel differently about! True change always begins within us.
Started listening to this ministry last year and I have been rocked by Bill Johnson and the Bethel ministry team. You will enjoy these teachings.


By Yups541
Thank you for introducing me to freedom!
So life-giving. :)
I get more shocked by how insightful these messages are in 40 min., then I do at most of my local churches. Especially Kris Vallotan. That guy is incredibly wise, and not only that I feel like I'm really starting to understand what it means to be a Christian. Bethel really is a cut above, and it's a shame that there aren't more messages here.
Find a solid bible preaching church.
I was just introduced to this year and I look so forward to the worship and messages. It has been spirit changing for me. As a worship leader I am learning so much from the wisdom. Loving you all from Austin, tx. Jamie :0)
Best Christian podcast out there. There so much annointing and revelation in there sermons. They dont preach at you, they equip you to change the world!! It has been so impactful in my life there messages. My favorite place to visit is Bethel Church because the Holy Spirit is manifested there ans there is so much love and honor to all people.
My first bethel podcast has was a repot of a trip where there were hundreds of healing. I thought this must be for ratings but it wasn't this man lives by the spirit and is intellectual beyond my dreams. Thanks for providing the most convicting sermons I hear. You drive me to pursue God more in my day to day.
I definitely feel the spirit when I listen to this.
Bethel has helped me grow so much as a Christian. I am walking in the Holy Spirit and in faith and expectation of God, like I never have before. I am grateful for the Bethel, their leadership, and Bethel Music. They are such an inspiration and guide to me. I appreciate them so much. They change my life for the better every week. I have a Bethel TV subscription too, and that is also a huge blessing.
Love you guys and your outpour ♥️
The heresy taught from this church is not only wrong, false teaching and misleading, Its dangerous. Don't listen to this podcast. They mix in a little biblical truth with blasphemous personal revelation. You have been warned Proverbs 30: 5-6 Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.
I don't think they know what a bible is at this church. They discourage reading the word of God and pour gold dust on people during service saying it's God's anointing. Steer clear of these people.
Very good sermon content, but do you think we could somehow get the "SO GOOD" guy in the crowd to shut up? It's distracting.
I love the Word and this is one of the ONLY gatherings that I listen to outside of my own. Bill Johnson and the Bethel team always have an empowering word in season. The messages are spirit-breathed and up-lifting. Life-giving. Jesus-centered. Bible-based. Truth.
Bethel's culture is changing culture everywhere. Truly amazing church.