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I liked that the story was engaging but not so complext that I couldnt focus on my work with it playing in the background.
The first podiobook I ever heard years ago and still think about it. Looking for more good books...pls give me some ideas or titles. Thanks :) Underwood and Flinch is a great novel and We're Alive!
I was drawn in right away and loved it. Loved the ending! Well-thought out and written with good narration.


I liked the book a lot for being free it kept you going.
I have lost interest in reading books and declared to others that I would read again but never found the time. So in the decision of at least listening to something during my long car ride I uploaded all the chapters to Forever Fifteen. I was instantly hooked! Ms. Steele did an excellent job and I enjoyed ever minute of her changing her voice a little to match what each character she thought would sound like :)
I have really enjoyed this book so much! I really loved the story and the writer is very talented and I just could not stop listening to it! Would love to read more from this author! Thank you!
I found this book very entertaining and well read. I would definitely recommend it.
This story really captured and held my attention. Can't wait to read the Ms. Steele's next book!
It's about a 600 year old vampire, don't complain that it uses language 12 year olds don't. Notice, she talks and narrates things that way, but not the other characters. They use period appropriate words and sayings. For a free audiobook, people sure do like to complain.


I couldn't get into the story because of the narrator and the story was kinda plain-Jane to me also the words used made the book seem like it was ment for braniacs who know and use long words daily in every conversation however I had only listened to the first 5minuets of three chapters


By FJ2001
The story is good 4 being free but the reader is dry.
This book is amazing! Usually free books are not that good. The plot is weak or too slow, but this book keeps you interested from beginning to end.
How about putting the chapters in order. Ruined the whole thing!
This podcast was well worth the time it took to listen to.. Only thing that I didn't like is it felt like some of the chapters weren't read to the end... That it was red for five minutes then ended that was very annoying... But an over all good listen... Narrator was pleasant, I enjoy listening mor to men then women because they are naturally mor soothing and relaxing which ia why I would listen to an audio book rather the. Picking my own up.
Absolutly outstanding! Was very addictive. The vocabulary was a bit extensive but was all togather amazing. Kudos!
Unecessarily crass in some passages. Not very interesting. I didn't see the point in her being a vampire other than it being trendy. Way to ride the wave? free though.


By Cbell24
The dialog is unbelievable as are the characters. The modern portions are the worst bc the unbelievability is worse than thehistorical portions. The narrator attempting character voices isvery annoying. I guess you get what you pay for.
that I will judge all other podiobooks against. FF is the first podiobook I've ever listened to and the best! The most original vampire story I've ever read or listened too! Looking forward to Lucy 2.
I love this story. Kept me wanting more. Couldn't stop listening until it was over. Sad that its over want more!!
This book is a very good audio book, and it makes it even better that its free! VC ANdrews and Stephen King are both my fav authors and Kimberly Steele conjoins the tow artist but also uses her own ideas. This book is a great time passer and very insperational (For those other writers).
This book had me excited to download the next chaper! Ahh, young love! Excellent story, though I did wish Lucy was a bit smarter. Worth listening! ! !
Ok, can I seriously be the only reviewer that is willing to comment on how disturbing it was to listen to rather descriptive sexual interactions involving someone who apears to be only 15? Often with older men? Sorry, but I don't care how old Lucy really was, the images of her romantic escapades in a barely adolescent body were just too much for me. I ended up fast-forwarding untill I figured they were finished. Overall, the story left me wondering whatever happened to several characters, but not really caring to know more. Some loose ends were left untied, but overall, this is anoter one that, while the author doesn't have the greatest narration voice, will at least keep you awake during a long road-trip.
I've listened to 100's of podcast stories and only a handful get a 5 star review. "Forever Fifteen" deserves it. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute I listened. The only disappointment I have is that I have not seen any more work from Kimberly Steele in iTunes. Kimberly if you are out there, know that I am a huge fan and encourage you to write and produce more fiction like this. The story telling is unsurpassed and can easily be put in the same class with some of the other podcasting greats like: Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, J. C. Hutchins, Tee Morris, Matthew Wayne Selznick, Mark Jeffrey, Phil Rossi, Mike Bennett and the rest of the podcasting gurus. If you're looking for even more podcast content to consume... I highly recommend you make a note of, and check out the work of, the authors listed above. They are all Amazing in my opinion and the cream of the podcasting crop. If you're into short story, fiction podcasts, check out: Escape Pod, Pseudopod, PodCastle, Variant Frequencies, Well Told Tales and The Drabblecast. They all deliver quality short stories weekly for free. These are among my favorites and just as good as the full length novel podcasts. So subscribe to "Forever Fifteen" now. I'm sure you'll be glad you did. And if this review helped you in any way maybe you can click Yes below so others may benefit from this review as well. Now go enjoy your fiction.
I loved it! Very exciting, and full of all emotions. Bello!
This audiobook is obviously a common popular theme - vampires, but everybody loves a good vapire story! FF puts a fresh, racey new twist on the vampire genre: What would it be like to look 15 forever, but really be an ancient adult in a modern world? Great writing and narration - true to the characters, perfect time and stroy line. Good listening for anyone who likes a good romance/vampire/horror story! Hopefully, there will be a FF part 2!
It's one in the morning, and here I am, still listening. I downloaded this, expecting something campy, but was shocked with how touching and engaging this story is. The authoress has a beautiful voice, and I'm torn between staying up all night or going to sleep before work! Make time, because this story is going to hook you!


By iLotus
I have to say, I found this story just drew me in. I just could not and did not want to stop listening. Just wonderful!
I thought this was a very good story. Lucy's story has a heart warming yet sad feel. Can't wait for more!!
I thought that this book Forever Fifteen was really good. This story gets it's title from the background of a young girl named Lucy who at the age of fifteen lost her baby and was turned into a vampire to save her life after she caught a deadly plague. So now Lucy lives every day of her life as a 15 year old foster child that kills one a month for food. This book mostly takes place in modern times except for almost every other chapter she would skip back to tell a story from her past. What also makes this book interesting is that Lucy goes through problems that everyone in our time goes through like boyfriends and parents. I recommend this book to young adults maybe around 15, because one thing good about this book is that it has a lot of detail that I would say is not suitable for young readers.


I just listened to it! I do agree not the work of Anne Rice, but I find that a good thing. It broke outside the box, I believe. I think, in a way, it's sort of like a Twilight instead of Rice. This is a great original work of writing!!!! I love it!!!
ok so i love the book. but there is so much more to tell. does anyone know if kimberly steele is going to write another book? like a sequel?
I really enjoyed this potcast and would recommend it. Vampire's such as Lucy are great!!!!
i LOVED this book you should love it too
Oh man I am a vampire addict and I loved every chapter it put a new spin on vampire's for me. I love and recommend the book to everyone even if you don't like vampires! the ending was good as well!
I listened to this story on a car trip. All I can say is that it's a good story. I really like the plot, and the characters had dimension. Also,the historical detail the author added was a nice touch.
I loved this audio book. The author had a terrific voice and the story line is great. Very enjoyable!

By -D-
I thoroughly enjoyed this! I hope she'll write more.
Her story is deep and rich in character and description. If you miss new vampire stories by Anne Rice, if you enjoy Charlaine Harris, this is for you! Download in a heartbeat, load on your iPod and enjoy!
I wouldn't say it is the best story ever written but it is so sweet and engagin, highly simply and very descriptive. I loved it
Kimberly Steele is a great writer. I don't really like audiobooks but once I heard this story it made me want to listen to more. Plus Kimberly has a soft and easy voice to listen too.
I loved the story. It was just as good as reading it. I looked forward to my train rides and getting to work to listen to it through my one ear piece. I was really upset when the story ended. I hope the writer makes a sequel. I would love to continue to hear what happened with John and Lucia. Great story
I really enjoyed this story! I listened to it for the characters and the storyline. Lucy is a great heroine and narrator. Good job Kimberly Steele!
This was a great podcast. I was so sad when the story ended. Very talented author.


By Zelijha
I read a lot, this is my first audio book, and I love it. I find myself anxious to read (listen) to the next chapter. I hope to find other books by this author. The story reminds me a lot of "The Interview with the Vampire" only this is the female version, lol. There are a couple unanswered questions, but then again this is a fictional story. I would recommend to others, although I would mention the sexual content may not be suitable for all readers/listeners. In summary, I Loved It!
I really enjoyed the book, the young prospective of the writer was a breath of fresh air and i receded to my teenage years, i'm sure she will do very well as writing and narrating a novel is an amazing achievement, i hope she can take a little something from each review! (I found the odd review too harsh), i will look out for her next book free or not....Well done!!
It is definitely not the work of Anne Rice. However, the author does manage to create an interesting story that it both original and fun. More importantly, the listener should keep in mind that the author of the story is rather young; so even when the story isn’t perfect, it is a fun and interesting concept that begging’s to highlight the talents of its young author.
I found the story captivating and interesting with a couple of spellbinding twists. There were a couple of spots that were overly descriptive. I hope Kimberly Steele continues to put out more books. I look forward to her next story.
Interesting story with interesting plot twists. It made a long airplane ride more interesting, and beat anything on the airline's movie schedule. Hope to see a sequel.