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Thanks for bringing insight to the fandom for all these years! Love hearing the latest HP news and discussions of fan theories. :)
This podcast is so good. Content is good, quality is good, and singing is wonderful!
I love your podcast even though I am only 12 and have only been watching for a year. I have started listening to podcasts when I get ready in the morning and on the bus ride to school and I always listen to you guys. Thank you for continuing your show. 😁😎🙂😋
This is my all time favorite podcast, I’m a relatively new listener, I started listening in 2019 and I love it. after the first episode I listened to I fell in love. Plus you guys have got through some though times by making me laugh. I would definitely listen to this podcast everywhere. Keep doing what you doing! Lily Luna Potter ( my nickname)
HUGE FAN OF HARRY POTTER! I love listening to all things Harry Potter - I don’t love listening to all the political comments. Harry Potter is an escape from the world it’s more fun to leave the politics behind.
This is a thorough and enjoyable cast with knowledgeable hosts. I am really enjoying the analysis but the mispronunciation of certain names is starting to get a little grating - especially names that are pronounced the same in movies and audiobooks and confirmed online. The big one is Scrimgeour - pronounced “scrim-jer”. The hosts keep saying it “scrim-gee-ar? Or something odd like that. It’s a small thing but when said over and over, it starts to detract. Perhaps check the guides when unsure.
This podcast used to be good. Now the podcasters take every chance they get to show their super left leanings and put down the right every chance they get. Disappointed I used to be a Patreon. I unsubscribed since they preach we should be tolerant, yet put down views that don’t line up with their own. (They did this to JKR after her tweet talking about transsexuals) In the most recent episode they talk about how Draco saying stuff against Harry’s mother is the same as trump and talk about how big of an injustice it is that he wasnt impeached.


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Hi I’m Sophi
You last review was from a 10year old and I’m almost 50years old. This podcast is great for the young and the old😉, the first time reader and the forever fan. Thank you for keeping up this work.
I have loved Harry Potter since grade school. I am now in college and just recently discovered this podcast. Whenever I can I listen to episodes so I can catch up. I’m still very behind but I’m working on it! Thank you for such an in-depth look at the books and movies!
I love your podcast. I’m only 10 years old but, I love Harry Potter. I’m listening to you talk about the blood around the hog on the sign.
No longer the Ministry’s Undesirable #1! Look I will be 28 next month and I have read the books at least 20 times. I have the hard backs held together with clear packing tape. I even got the 20th anniversary Slytherin House edition first book, as well as the illustrated books 1-3 box set, and the Fantastic Beasts & Quidditch Through the Ages books (I still haven’t got the Beedle the Bard one). I have the new LEGO Harry Potter sets. I love HP with all my heart I will always be a fan no matter what. HP books were like my friends growing up. I loved escaping from the real world into a magical universe with such amazing characters! My favorite was Severus Snape above all. I love a bad guy that isn’t really a bad guy but a good one who has to hide it from everyone. I love complex characters what can I say. My favorite part was in the 4th book when he threatens to slip Veritaserum in Harry’s morning pumpkin juice. ~GaaraPainNarutoJiraiyaKonanMadaraNineTailedFox fan
I have been listening to this podcast since I was in 6th grade and I’m currently 25! They never fail to make me laugh and it always feels like I’m listening to my friends just hanging out and talking about Harry Potter. I will never stop listening.. even though they make fun of Hufflepuffs (looking at you Eric!) Thanks for all you guys do! *insert screaming goat here*
Been listening to the show since the beginning and they are by far the best Harry Potter podcast out there!!!!! ~Drew of the Gamer News Radio Podcast
If your a Harry Potter fan you will FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! These people are hilarious, geeky, and super smart. Listening to them delve deeper into this incredible book series is the highlight of my week!!
it’s so great having a weekly update about everything that’s going on in the wizarding works so i don’t have to search hp news all the time! each of the hosts bring something new. during their conversation, someone almost always says exactly what i’m thinking. no idea why ppl are complaining about politics when a large part of the series is about politics? but anyway, love the show!
I love Harry Potter and read the entire series in 2nd grade, and this is the best (And only) podcast I listen to. I relatively new to the podcast but listen to it when doing most things! You guys are great and don’t stop!
They put wonderful new ideas about the books in the heads of people who think they know the books so well. It’s fun, friendly, and exciting. I got to see them at LeakyCon, and it was one of my highlights. Thanks for the work and love you put into this podcast!
This podcast is great! They have soooo much back log you can go and listen to! They dive into each chapter of the books, also talk about the movies, have guest on their show, and talk about things today going on in the Wizarding World! Like the new rides and gold subscription! Plus Andrew’s singing voice is amazing! I’d definitely recommend them!
I listen to quite a few potter podcasts and this one is in my top 3! I look forward to listening every week. I like the combo of chapter-by-chapter and the news and fun interludes like the gift episodes. I am loving the crossovers with my other top two Podcasts Sacred Text and Potterless! I have even gone back and listened to the movie episodes and the ones with guests. Great content!
Although I’m a very new listener and only ten, this is definitely the best podcast I have ever listened to. Please never stop. P.S.: do not listen to them, your singing is great!😂
They love HP so much, they sometimes break out in song. What more could I want in the world?
Love Micah and Andrew. Was once a loyal listener, however I have been tuning in less and less lately. Eric and Laura are borderline unlistenable. They are always pushing their political beliefs and agenda on the podcast. I don’t come to this show to here about social justice causes. If these two are on less or focus more on the books I will definitely listen more.
I am a new listener but I absolutely love the show and look forward to each episode
I just started from episode 50 and I’m about 5 episodes in. I know it’s a long time ago but I find it entertaining how they discuss possibilities for book 7,knowing of course how it ends. I find the hosts engaging where most pod hosts are annoying to some extent. I definitely like this over other Harry Potter pods out there. The only thing that irritates the hell out of me is the singing. For the love of God if you cannot sing, don’t sing! I think in episode 51 or 52, the terrible singing goes on and on and I had to stop and move on to the next episode. Nobody needs to hear that!
Could you tell me how to listen to your first episodes?
I love Mugglecast so much! It’s my favorite podcast. It not only gives you up to date Harry Potter news, it also does a weekly deep dive into the text.
I love listening to these potterheads talk about all things Wizarding World. Most of my friends are not big Harry Potter fans so it’s nice to sit down and listen to an episode and feel like I was able to have a conversation with some equally obsessed fans. ❤️⚡️
I used to be a big fan of their podcast when I first started listening to podcasts, but after listening to other podcasts you can tell that MuggleCast struggles to make use of their time. I find myself having to play it at twice speed and even skip around because of how off track they get sometimes. These weird one sentence summary alone takes up a couple minutes and doesn’t add any value.
I'm a new listener - just started listening last year or so, and now I'm a regular. Each episode is interesting, and thanks to the hosts' endless enthusiasm for HP and willingness to dive deep in discussions of the books and movies, it neveer gets old. I've listened to some other Potter podcasts and this is the best one, by far.
I’ve listened to Mugglecast for YEARS. I’ve read the HP books countless times, watched the movies, took an HP class in college, have HP get the idea. I love Harry Potter and I love these guys. They’ve been at it for so long and I really appreciate how they haven’t let HP die. 😂 so glad Laura is back!
I have never read this series but from all the other reviews it sounds really good I’m not going to subscribe yet and I’m new to podcasts so don’t judge me if u do I come for u
I’ve been listening since 2017 and love hearing all the tidbits of info about all things Harry Potter as well as opinions, hearing from fans- I love the guest listeners who get to be a part of a show. The hosts do and have always done and excellent job of organizing the show and putting it in a segment format that is professional, while fun and provides laughs and tears. Keep it going! ♥️
I’ve been listening off and on since 2010 and this is by far my favorite HP podcast. I am in awe at how they are able to make every episode so interesting regardless of if there is any new actual HP material coming out. Love it!
The best Potter Podcast out there. Period.
Very entertaining
I have been returning to this podcast for many years, whenever I go back to the Harry Potter books and films. Andrew, Laura, Micah, Eric and all of the other contributors are insightful and enthusiastic fans of the Wizarding World, and I can’t thank them enough for their consistent awesomeness over the years! This podcast really enriches one of my favorite fandoms!
I got into Harry Potter through my oldest daughter (who is 24). I fell in love with the story and have been a fan ever since. I found you all while looking for things to listen too on long commutes. You are all fantastic and I love listening to the HP discussions. Keep it up!
I have been listening to this since the very beginning and love it! You guys do a great job!
BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL 3!! I used to like this podcast but the new host Laura isn’t that good.
(Excuse my grammar and spelling) I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!!!!!!! When your bored it’s the perfect thing to listen to while you wait or just listen bc! It’s perfect for all the Potterheads out there! It’s interesting, it’s exciting, it’s da best!!!!!!! When I met one of my best friends a year ago she recommended this to me but at the time I did not use Podcast at the time, but recently I started looking around on Podcast and I remembered to check out MuggleCast and I started listening and fell in love with it. I completely recommend this to all the Potterheads out there!
I love listening to this podcast while working on my math homework or waiting outside in the hallway for my Mandarin classroom to start. The hosts always manage to crack a smile out of me and have created a nice way for me to relax during the school year. I love how the podcast also makes the Harry Potter series relevant to today’s world. Overall, I’m looking forward to more episodes!
A great podcast for all things Harry Potter! I love the addition of Laura, it’s great to have a female voice in the mix and she is very knowledgeable about real-world topics and issues. This podcast has great in-depth conversations and analysis for not just the original Harry Potter books but everything involving the Wizarding World today!
I’ve listened to many Harry Potter podcasts and this is, by far, my favorite one. Andrew, Eric, and Micah (and now Laura!) are pretty creative in their discussions about Harry Potter and the wizarding world. The episodes are still entertaining.... I have yet to be bored by a single episode. Now with fantastic beasts there is even more to talk about! And even though I’m not a fan of the newest movie, I still enjoyed listening. The shows are funny and insightful, but the hosts are also sensitive and real when discussing any controversies surrounding the Harry Potter wizarding world. I absolutely love them! Update: I still love mugglecast!
Wonderful hosts, in depth discussion, they can always dive deeper into a topic! Brightens my week. I also think it’s great that they bring on listeners/patrons from time to time. (I personally don’t think they involve politics to an unnecessary extent as I’ve seen in other reviews. It’s relevant. Sorry if you don’t like it. )
It was so easy to listen because you don’t need any context for other episodes to understand what they are saying. I would recommend this podcast to anyone 10+. These people are amazing! I would not recommend any other HP podcast than this one!! Although, you seriously need to cut the politics. Laura, you can do better then that! I am just amazed at how detailed they are but not too detailed to make it boring. This podcast warms my heart. I love you guys!! Keep up the good work Muggles!!❤️
I love this podcast but stopped listening because it had too many bad words and I was only 10 at the time, but other than that I think that it’s a great podcast. I’m 11 now. 🤬😉
Laura just can’t help herself... And then the guys feel like they need to go down these political rabbit holes with her. Cut Laura, cut the politics, and bring back that awesome Australian chick slug club member from a few episodes ago. She would make a great female host!