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Hi! I love your podcast and I really want to hear you guys every day and not weekly! But I love you guys and already can’t wait for next week! -the Potter lover
Muggle cast is so funny, I love sitting down and listening to 3 or 4 episodes in a row, and the best part... they upload every Tuesday highly recommended
I absolutely love this show’s ability to analyze and geek out at the same time about Harry Potter. The hosts are all great: Andrew keeps everybody on topic while Eric brings a unique voice to the table. Laura brings a much needed perspective. And Micah, in his soothing voice, always seems to say what I am at home thinking.
How have I not written a review before? I love this podcast. I’m a patron, and recommend this podcast to all HP fans. I joined around episode 430, and am listening to all the old episodes now! I just finished 300! It’s great to go back and listen to how things have changed (like the audio quality), and how they are consistent (wonderful hosts)!
I found this show a few years ago, but since last summer, I’ve finally been able to find a job which is perfect for listening to a podcast. It’s been fun being a Patreon member and it’s pretty cool that you guys are going on your 500th episode! Congrats!!
I’ve been listening off and on since 2007, but consistently since August 2018. It’s amazing the depth you have been able to go talking about the Wizarding world we all love. It’s especially comforting that you’ve been able to keep the weekly conversations up, even when we are currently lacking actual new content. Thanks for the participation with Quizzitch!
I have been a fan of Harry Potter books and movies for a while and finding this podcast was a gift.This is one of my favorite Harry Potter podcast out there! I have recommended this to all of my Harry Potter fan friends and they love this podcast too. I will always recommended this podcast! If you’re reading the reviews right now before seeing it, ignore that hateful comments, this is a great and wonderful podcast that all Harry Potter fans should listen to.
So I wish a hopeful year as well!! I love this cast and I love Harry Potter it is like #1!! Personally Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger are my favs, I have watched all the movies and read all the books, except the cursed child which I’ll totally read!! Love HARRY POTTER!
I’m sorry, mugglecast just cannot be compared to Alohomora when it’s at its best. I only have room for one pod of HP nerds in my life
How many Professors really had spouses that we know about? Besides Neville post Battle of Hogwarts. Is there really going to be a HP show on TV?
I really love the Harry Potter commentary but my problem comes in when the politics and pandering start. The hosts LOVE to add in little (and big) comments that are completely ridiculous and sooooooooo left leaning! They add “feminism” (or what they perceive feminism to look like~ spoiler, they’re wrong) and “social justice” to everything, and they’re stance and constant harping on JK Rowling’s tweets are so juvenile, nuance is COMPLETELY lost on them! Overall my biggest problem with this podcast is all the leftist privilege involved in their kowtowing and pandering to the mob! I understand that almost all of the media are on the left, and oftentimes like to flaunt their political views by pandering and making comments that make them seem like they are on the “moral” side. The privilege I’m talking about is this belief that because they’re on the “moral” side that everyone will agree with them and no one will, lets say, stop listening or leave a bad review, and even if they do then they have the moral high ground from which they can laugh at and tease the person who left the review. This, in contrast to everyone outside the left wing, who can’t say they’re beliefs without fear of being brought down and canceled, is why I think the lefties on this podcast are privileged in a way they will never think about because they are on the “good” side. I know they’ll never change but it would be nice if they’d stop viewing us as monsters who don’t care about people’s well-being. The other thing I don’t think you understand is that, just because you put JK Rowling down as a bigoted, transphobic, racist doesn’t mean you’re not immune to ridicule from the mob too. You DO have a podcast all about her books! You don’t see that just because you invite a trans femme on every few weeks to call her more names doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming after YOU next. I really hope you read this, because I can’t stand your incessant preaching. Furthermore, the fact that you have a podcast all about her (JK Rowling) books and her content and yet try to tell people using you’re platform (which you have gained by talking about her content) that they shouldn’t give this woman-creative their money, because she has “problematic views,” is so nonsensical! You call yourselves feminists yet you take down an amazing woman entrepreneur like JK Rowling, it’s the definition of grifting. And trying to get people to figure out ways not to give JK Rowling money, which she has earned by making something that you guys yourselves dote upon frequently, and upon which you make money by having a monetized podcast about, makes you leeches! You leech onto her work and make money off of it, yet you see no issue in telling others not to give the person who created it out of her own blood, sweat, and tears any money or credit. Sick. I will not be listening anymore and I sincerely hope you think about what you’re doing. (By the way, I’m only thirteen and if I can see the discrepancies in what you’re doing, then I think four adults could see it too) to quote another view you guys have turned the show into a “political one-sided crapfest” I’m so over it 🙄 so goodbye MuggleCast, it’s been fun- well actually no, it hasn’t. It could’ve been more fun but, what can you do...? ~ Signed ~ Woker than you’ll ever be ✌🏼
LOVE you guys you make me smile every time I hear y’all talk and you guys really helped me through 2020 and other stuff to.
I looked forward to listening each week!
I m new to this podcast but I love this podcast it makes me go back and see if some parts that you say are true it makes me question if I am that good of a Harry Potter fan but mast of all it makes me laugh
I thought I wrote a review but I didn’t I did right one on potter cast tho so ya. It’s 2021 yay 😀 I hope Biden can do some good to American 🇺🇸. Anyway I love this pod you guys are amaz. Love Harry Potter so plus love to laugh with you guys and I think my dog dose when I’m going to bed and I put this on he comes to meh so yasssss!
When I think of podcasts, I immediately think of MuggleCast! I’ve been listening to them before podcasts were so common. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is the #1 podcast you should be listening to! I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
I recently read a review with someone saying that they hated that this Harry Potter podcast hosts but merch. I am most certainly against transphobic people and I realize that jk Rowling’s tweets were harmful and tragic. But I think Daniel Radcliffe had a great point, don’t let this affect your relationship with the books. Not likening someone because they under in hp merch is ridiculous and we really need to stop making a big deal outa stuff like that I love this podcast it is funny and gives us something to enjoy every week but the swearing is heavy in some episodes
Great panel of hosts. Easy listening. Creative/compelling content. All around exceptional podcast. Keep it going. 👍
I’ve been a listener of Mugglecast for a loooong time and can’t recommend the show highly enough. It’s been really fun to grow in the series along with the hosts, from listening as a teenager into my 30’s (where did all the time go)?!
I haven’t heard much of their stuff but I do think that this podcast is pretty good. Not my favorite but I like how there are multiple people therefore multiple opinions. I do think that you need to be up to date with you Harry Potter and fantastic beast knowledge otherwise you will be confused.
I’ve been listening to mugglecast since 2016. I started when I needed something to take the stress off of nursing school and it did just that! Now I listen to it whenever I’m driving to work. You would think they would run out of things to talk about since Potter is over but they never fail at bringing new, fun, and quirky discussions. Thank you mugglecast!
I love MuggleCast it’s my favorite podcast I like all the stuff you talk about. I listened to one of your podcasts a wile back and a loved it! I just rediscovered it when we were in a long car ride and I remembered it I knew I had listened to it before. Now I listen whenever I’m doing laundry or when I’m bored. I totally would recommend this to everyone that I know. I’ve probably already said this but it’s so good. And if I could pick a Harry Potter character that I would be it would be Herminoe Granger probably because she’s my favorite and I’m most like her because I love to read I could read the first Harry Potter book in one day. Your my favorite from Norah age 9!
I am seeing the reviews and I am confused the people that gave you 3 star or below are dumb they give the dumbest excuses but anyways the podcast is amazing and keep up the amazing work


By LMF43
I’m new to the Harry Potter podcast world.. and I decided to start with Mugglecast. Needless to say, I have not been able to pick up on another because I cannot stop listening! I didn’t start from the beginning, I’ve been hopping around, though I have decided to restart the Harry Potter book series so I believe I just might! The show is very entertaining and informative on all things Potter. I love the different personalities each hosts encompasses, it’s easy to see why they’ve been around since 2005! Thanks guys for keeping Mugglecast alive and running. I’m 28 by the way and swear the older I get, the more my obsession grows with the series. Cheers!
Mugglecast is my all time favorite podcast. They are so smart and funny and I really enjoy being part of their community.
This is a fun podcast , if like you HP, it won’t disappoint.
I am disappointed in several hosts’ decisions to continue supporting JK Rowling financially by buying new merchandise as discussed in recent episodes. Of all the hosts only Laura seems to be taking harm reduction seriously and for that I really thank her for her humane and thoughtful response to this ongoing situation. As for the rest of you, I was hoping to see more principled leadership as hosts of a prominent HP podcast. We should not encourage people to continue giving JK Rowling their money in any way shape or form including buying HP video games. She will only stop saying this stuff when it dings her earnings. If you continue to report on new HP products and JKR books, and/or tacitly endorse their purchase I will stop listening. You are leaders in this community. It’s time you owned that responsibility. Stand up for transgender people. JK Rowling has enough money. I was also annoyed and disappointed by the ridiculous gate-keeping in the episode on 10/27/2020. The fact that one of the hosts was insisting that people who don’t read the books aren’t “real fans” is divisive and hurtful. I’m unsubscribing from this podcast and encouraging everyone else to subscribe to other podcasts that deal with the topics of fandom in more responsible ways.
I love you guys, but this past episode was hard to listen to. The privilege exuded from a few of you when discussing whether or not people who have watched the movies have access to the books was gross. Please make sure you’re regarding people outside of your own experience.
I can’t say enough good things about Muggle Cast! This podcast has been an amazing escape to a fictional world I grew up loving and longing to go to. I may not have gone to Hogwarts but tuning into Muggle cast each week is the next best thing! Theses people aren’t just a podcast they are they Harry Potter friends I never had IRL. I absolutely loved chapter by chapter, and look forward to every topic they tackle each week! My only critique is perhaps you need a young female Gen Z to add some new prospective??? Are you taking applications? Don’t let the Muggles get you down... listen to Muggle cast!
This has been my favorite Harry Potter podcast for the last 15 years, and I still enjoy it every week!
My goodness, what a podcast! I’ve never seen such diversity in something I’ve heard (and I don’t like podcasts, quarantine got to me)! I love how you talk about things that not many people think about. I also love the Quizzitch questions! BTW, thought you should know, I read the HP books the first time in... 4th grade? Yeah, now I’m in 7th and have read them 7 times! You guys are the best! Also question, can you do an episode on The Cursed Child? There are a lot of parts that I’m confused on.
What can I say? I’ve listened to these fools since the first episode release 15 years ago. WOW! These guys know what they’re doing. Andrew is a podcasting guru and is just so relatable. I know he’s a long stay and I have to give him major kudos for his commitment to the craft. Laura of course is the sound voice of reason and our favorite feminist to support! We cannot sing her praises enough. I admire her ability to voice opinions that others often won’t, she’s a true crusader of hope and equity. And of course Micah, his goat, and Eric with his love, Ginny. All these guys are awesome, they’ve been my friends since I was in 7th grade and now I’m nearly in my thirties! I’ll stick around till the very end, always (:
I use to enjoy listening to this podcast all the time, but I got tired of their repeated “Political” comments. I find it odd that people who claim to be so inclusive are so Exclusive to anyone who does not share their views. Especially Laura, and to think she is a teacher of children. If they would only stick to the subject matter which is why I began to listen to the podcast in the first place, I would return. But I don’t think they will.
I absolutely love all things potter including this podcast but I think it’s ridiculous how they’re reacting over JK Rowling’s opinion on certain matters. Even going as far as ‘suggesting’ listeners purchase hp gear second handed so JKR doesn’t receive royalties. Since when does an opinion warrant that? And how does that play into an hp podcast? Everyone has different opinions about things. No reason to attack someone over it. Stick with hp and stay away from political opinions that doesn’t matter in the hp universe.
Mugglecast is so lively and fun, you never get bored listening to these bright young minds yack about harry potter until the sun comes up. The show is tastefully and professionally done as well if u want to hear nothing but harry potter subscribe to this podcast
This podcast is great! I have been in such a dark place recently and am so glad to have stumbled upon this podcast. Good job!
I want to preface this by saying: I have been listening to your show for over a decade now. I am a obnoxiousy obsessed Harry Potter fanatic. My feelings for the story... go deep, as it does fot so many other Potter fans, around the globe. With that being said, I expect better from you all. And I have a right to expect better. The only person in your cast who sounds like she actually cares about trans lives, and the harm that JK is doing a trans people ... is Laura. Andrew, Eric aND Micah... I am speechless. Telling people ... oh, don’t let others “on twitter” tell you what you can and can’t like, there’s a pandemic, so we get to be excited about this video game etc. etc. Are you serious? The privilege. Also all very easy to say when you don’t have to live in fear for your lives, every single day, as trans people do. You for have more power than I think you realize. You have a huge fandom of listeners, and quite the reach. You could be using that all to help trans people and the fandom as a whole, deal with what a monster JK has turned into, and what that means for us as fans, but no choose to be petty and talk about how you are allowed to be excited about a video game. OK.
I’ve listened to many Harry Potter podcasts and this is, by far, my favorite one. Andrew, Eric, and Micah (and now Laura!) are pretty creative in their discussions about Harry Potter and the wizarding world. The episodes are still entertaining.... I have yet to be bored by a single episode. The shows are funny and insightful, but the hosts are also sensitive and real when discussing any controversies surrounding the Harry Potter wizarding world. I really enjoy the episodes and look forward to Tuesdays.
I came upon this podcast about a month ago after picking up podcasting as a hobby, and as a self-proclaimed Potterhead I was hooked onto this show from the get-go. I especially enjoy the analogies and hypotheticals that each of the hosts present throughout the show, such as recently with Neville and Harry’s journeys being relatable to biblical teachings or if Harry hadn’t caught the remembrall and not pursued his talents as a seeker. The culture the show has built as well is equally discussed in terms of past show memories, or what the hosts thought initially that have changed over time regarding Potter. Great show and keep the insightful HP conversations going, happy 15 years and counting!
The woman on this show is just brilliant. Love her insights on the characters and literature overall from all the hosts. A delightful show!
Laura was my favorite host the first time I listened to the ENTIRE podcast, then it was Andrew/Micah, but now it’s Eric fever. This was my first podcast and is definitely still my favorite. Also, Andrew’s pronunciation of “conjure” is ridiculous and hilarious, but I wouldn’t mind if it changed.
1 thing, I say Rowling ;-; the way you say it sounds like rolling. I think Rowling is correct ;-; anyway, goodbye
I’ve been listening on and off for about a decade, but have been pretty loyal to the show lately during these times of uncertainty. Whether you are traveling, bored, or needing a quick escape, MuggleCast is the perfect outlet. These hosts are top notch and offer the perfect blend of expertise, lighthearted jokes, and creativity. Keep it up! Andy - Denver, CO
I LOve your podcast but I hated how you criticized JK Rowling for her OPINION. Jeez guys freedom of speech. That why I'm giving you one star for 2 episode because you deserve it
These podcasters do an amazing job of exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Whether you are new to these titles or searching for a new way to immerse yourself back into your favorite fandom, this podcast is absolutely what you are looking for. These folks know what they are doing (almost as if they have been at it for 15 years), bringing fresh and interesting content each week even though the original HP series is complete. If you love HP, try just one episode and you’ll find yourself wanting to go back through their archive to hear all 500 episodes.
I absolutely love this podcast! Every week it is like listening in on a conversation among friends about Harry Potter! Any fan of HP should give it a listen!