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I’ve been listening to Mugglecast for about ten years. The fandom has changed, my admiration for JKR has slightly diminished, and my wallet doesn’t appreciate the money grabs. But these guys are a constant joy. Great analysis, great conversation, great episodes. If you’re. HP fan and you wish you had James/Sirius’s two-way mirrors, this is the closest you’ll ever come to keeping best friends in your pocket.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 8+ years, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I love being apart of the Harry Potter fandom. Whenever I turn on Mugglecast, I feel like I’m returning home!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 8 years and I’m so proud that it’s still fantastic and going strong. There was a dark time when the episodes were few and it even ended, but it came back roaring with the FB movies and I truly love it.
I started listening a few years ago and went back as far as I could to start. The hosts were funny and entertaining. This past year, I can’t listen without them talking about politics. I understand there are similarities but I go to HP to escape what is going on in reality. The last few times I go to listen to an episode, I dread it. I really liked the hosts but I can’t handle it anymore so I’m unsubscribing. Maybe I’ll try again when someone they like is in office so they can just talk about HP.
This was once a good show about Harry Potter but somehow they've turned this show into a political one sided crapfest. See you later MuggleCast.
I look forward to listening to mugglecast each week! They do a great job of keeping Harry Potter fans excited and in the loop with current news and really interesting discussions :)


OG Greatness! Wish more pods were like this one. You know who I mean.
I've been listening to this podcast for several months now and it is great. The guys and their guests will talk about anything in the Potter Universe and it is always great to hear others' opinions and theories on what has happened and what may happen next in the larger Potter Universe!
Few things can last over 10 years and still be interesting, fun, topical and relevant, but Mugglecast is still nailing it. They are the Grey's Anatomy of Podcasts (And whether you like Grey's or not, they have been running 14 seasons and still have a huge fan base). Mugglecast continues to be a great news source for all things Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. And the discussions they continue to have about characters, plots, theories, etc. are not boring or repetitive, they think of new topics and angles each week. If you live Harry Potter, I guarantee you will love this podcast!
Been listening for about a year now and love it! I wish I had discovered this podcast when it first came out. Great HP and Fantastic Beasts news, theories, and general discussion on the wizarding world!
I listened for years then the show almost disappeared, hanging on by a thread. Then the excitement ramped up and the show came back as strong as ever. Maybe stronger as the hosts have matured from late adolescents to passionate and informed young adults. Great show.
I love listening to this every week at work!
Love listening to mugglecast, always feels like hanging out in the house common room catching up on news and jokes. Thank you for keeping it going!


By hmhurst
Thanks for all these years of great HP info!
I've been listening to mugglecast for several years, and it's a great way to get HP news, listen to discussions, and feel like you're part of the HP fandom. These guys are awesome! Definitely worth checking out.
Why have y'all taken all the fan fiction audio down ?? It was a huge disappointment to go to that podcast and find it removed ! Please put it back !
Newer episodes inspired me to go see Fantastic Beasts, older episodes made me remember how exciting it was to read the new books, see the new movies, and being part of the Hardy Potter fandom. Love that the host keep the discussion swear free and it's wittingly clever! It's going to take a while to get trough 300+ episodes.
Just started listening to these fella's and I like their discussions but the last 2 podcast I've listened to they make statements about the books that bug the crap out of me. I'm a huge potter fan so yes I am knit picky when it comes to folks talking about the books. I think this podcast is ok, but if folks are paying you (I don't) to make this at least take the time to reread the books every couple of months.
Absolutely love! anyone could give this podcast less than five stars. Maybe if you aren't a fan of the Wizarding world? This podcast is fantastic and one of two that I listen to. In the past it was a frequent listen but lately with the release of Fantastic Beasts, I've been listening to as much as I can get my hands on. MuggleCast(and that other HP podcast) are the first feeds I check when I open the podcast app on my phone. I like this podcast so much that I decided to go all in and started pledging actual money on their Patreon. It's well worth it.
This was the first podcast I ever listened to and as a Harry Potter fan it has always been my favorite.
Just thank you for existing
I love this podcast so much! Their sense of humor is right up my alley, and I love listening to the latest Harry Potter and fantastic beasts gossip and news. MuggleCast is definitely an amazing podcast!
If you love harry potter, keep up to date with this podcast.
I keep trying to listen... kept my subscription for a long time in the hope that it gets better, but it doesn't. Most of the cast is very passive and when anything comes up it's almost always a negative reaction. There seems to be very little organization and planning and would probably be better off if they kept it to two, max three, people at a time so they can get on the same page and the podcast would flow much better. The biggest turnoff is definitely the negativity when any news comes out... new quiz on Pottermore their response I don't like it, I want something else. They cast a character in Fantastic Beasts, their response, I don't know who that is I wish they would have cast this person. JK Rowling mentions something that wasn't mentioned in the book, their response, Why is she messing with the story I don't want her to mess with what I believe what happened. I'm sure they were probably great in the peak of Potter Fandom, but when it comes to filling a podcast without a bunch of Potter information is a little painful to listen to.
I love love love love this podcast. In a world of podcasts some can be a bit redundant, but this one will never disappoint. For all things Potter it's the best latest updates, nostalgia, and understanding the latest in what's going on in Potterdom. I love it so much I contribute to their Patreon because they go above and beyond with their podcasts.
I love this so much.
I found myself on a long car ride and needed something refreshing to listen too. Because Cursed Child just came out and I finished it before a lot of my friends I wanted to listen to others ideas of what happened. This was entertaining. Subscribe.
If you're a Harry Potter fan and love podcasts, MuggleCast has been the gold standard for representing the Wizarding World audibly. Hosts - Andrew, Micah and Eric are all such a pleasure to listen to and have perfected their rapport with each other, effortlessly conversing about this beloved fandom. Well, it was seamless. Unfortunately, after coming back from their hiatus, the new blood is poisoning the show. The latest addition and new regular host Selena is one of the worst things to ever happen to this show as she interjects her opinion ALL THE TIME. She literally can't stop offering her thoughts and piping in, putting a stop to what used to be a seamlessly flowing show. It's so jarring and honestly makes something that at one time was incredibly enjoyable into a show I feel like I have to put off listening to until i run out of other shows and it's all I have left in my playlist. This podcast would otherwise be a FIVE STAR show, but because of Selena it is now, at times, grating and at times annoying
Harry Potter is a very important thing in my life these guys made it so much better and they keep me updated and give me the facts and a laugh
I wanted to stop in and tell you all that this is a great podcast. It's great for your Harry Potter fix.
Thanks guys your the best.
I have listened to this podcast for about a year now and loved it but the recent podcast regarding the new JK pieces about North America really made me unsubscribe. I have been a HP fan since my childhood but as an adult I can be critical of the author without losing my love of a series. The appropriation of Native American culture/religion etc. is inexcusable to me regardless if I love HP. The fact that the hosts couldn’t/wouldn’t criticized JK showed me this idealism of JK as all knowing and without fault is a bit ridiculous. The refusal to criticize is something I can accept for a 11 year old fan but not adults. Very disappointing.
Lumos is light. Lumos Maxima is for enchanted darkness i.e. peruvian darkness powder. It didn't work in the trailer because it's darkness from dark magic. (They put out an explination.) Love the show. I've listened for years and I'm just happy to know something you guys didn't know yet. It does make me think though, I mean Harry has basic training and a lot of one on one study with superior magic-users, but we've just seen their high school.There has to be all sorts of advanced magic and theories we haven't seen yet.
It's creepy and scary
The content provided is great, the way it's presented is awful. I've never listened to a podcast that cries, whines and complains more. So what the movies don't have all the content of the book. So what the cursed child takes place after the original books. There are books I've read numerous times that I wish would be a movie. After this last podcast about the cursed child, which you don't seem to be happy about, I've decided to stop listening. The straw was when the hosts complained about the name of one of Harry's sons. Are you serious, you must be awful to see the movies with if you rant about a name. I'm going to find a happier podcast that appreciates JKR and her amazing books.
I love this podcast! I've been listening to the show for years and I was so happy when it started back up again with monthly episodes. It's such a fun way to keep up with all the latest Harry Potter news. My only complaint is I wish episodes were every 2 weeks instead! Thanks for making a great show guys!
You must listen to this now!!!!!
I’ve been listening since 2006 and it’s by far the best HP podcast. Keep up the great work!
They delve in to everything Harry!!
ive been listening to this podcast since i was like 7 and i have honestly grown up with it. by far the best hp podcast ever
I'm so pleased that I still have a MuggleCast episode to look forward to every month. Listening to an episode on the way to work puts me in a great mood. The hosts of MuggleCast have great senses of humor and are still very passionate about Potter. Thanks for continuing to make me smile and remember just how much I love JKR's magical world.
I used to listen to MuggleCast in high school all the time! I stopped listening to it once I got into college, but I just came across it again and I forgot how much I loved it! For some reason I thought it would have been cancelled by now, but it’s not and Im so happy! I love MuggleCast!
I haven't listened to this podcast for a few years and I just started again recently. I still find it hilarious as I did all those years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the Harry Potter universe.
Just found this podcast and I love it. It's genius and funny. Keeps me caught up on my Rowling news :) definitely only for Rowling fans though.
This podcast is wonderful, I've listened since the very beginning, and am slowly dieing with only an episode a month to live off of! I've started to listen to older episodes during my commute and they're just as funny/enjoyable the second time around. Love you guys! <33 Kristen A.
Look, I wasn’t there right at the beginning. I came to the party a few years late but even now, as a fairly normal 25 year old, I can tell you this podcast is excellent. The hosts are like old friends and I think of them very fondly. The back episodes are great but be warned there will be a lot of movie news and speculation and book theories from before DH was released. But there are so many great nuggets of insight contained within. Or you can just listen to the current episodes and still get news and discussion from the viewpoint of balanced hosts who don’t flip out over everything HP related. Just listen - I think you’ll find yourself charmed, subscribed and listening to the archives. P.S. If you also like the works of George RR Martin, listen to Game of Owns, hosted by Micah and Eric among others. And if you want super deep analysis and discussion, along with more regular episodes and a chance to actively interact with the hosts and fans, check out Alohomora.