Reviews For Happiness Ask Dr. Ellen Kenner Any Question radio show

Doctor Kennner reposts her radio show in podcast form and it is fantastic. She takes questions from people and very gently discusses with them to try to help them identify and let go of harmful ideas, to celebrate the good ones, to think clearly and objectively, and to live better lives. It's worth a listen.
I love these informational podcasts presented in such a friendly manner. It's all about trying to look at your thinking and make the best choices for yourself. Dr. Kenner gives advice that makes sense and cuts to the heart of predicaments that are often really complicated. These podcasts are well worth the listening time :)
I wrote to you expecting to have proof of my side to an argument. Even better, you enlightened me to a different view on the situation. I look at everything differently now and I'm so happy! It makes sense. Thank you, Dr. Kenner!
It's always great news to learn about psychology from an objectivist perspective.
No-Nonsense Advice ... Abhores mysticism... solid on objective principles.
I hope this isn't one of those fly by night podcasts. Dr. Kenner's advice was straightforward and to the point. Loved the podcast, hate the commercials...