Reviews For Phedippidations

Yes! What a happy day to listen to Steve again! Can’t wait for more episodes!
So happy to see you back - even on the Dreadmill - it’s just a tool, as you say! Thanks for this episode and your philosophy & perspective on getting back to running - it is such as authentic and helpful message. Stay well!
Glad to hear you again Steve, after a bit of an absence. I was starting to get withdrawl symptoms from not hearing your podcast daily. I have a few thoughts, and I'm not going to even try to be as diplomatic as you usually are. Please DO NOT LISTEN to these anti-science, Trump-worshiping, knucleheads who try to say global warming doesn't exist, etc. Your political commenary is just fine, and is spot on , in my opinion. If these snowflakes don't like the facts you broadcast, well, that's their problem. Hope will be producing more shows soon.
For years I have enjoyed your podcast and stories but stopped listening when you turned from running to angry political commentary. Gone are the days of enjoying running or baseball stories, replaced with rants. I tried you again because this used to be the standard and I miss it but your negativity and political spin make listening impossible. Running is a release, I hope you will find your happiness soon.
I was with you from Day One. You were a New England Catholic guy living a normal life and you had something special. We had a lot in common. 80% was running related and it was truly the goofy little podcast that got me moving again. We didn’t tune in to be proselytized to, we joined you for our weekly long run to have an easy going check-In, like we would with any running buddy. You were was insightful, humble, and a good-natured the podcast was less about you then it was the shared experience. You may not see it, but you gave up everything that was appealing about the podcast, and probably about you. You have become an angry zealot. I will always love you but you have become hard to like. I wish you were happier - like you used to be. Peace Steve. Run long and taper.
What started out as a reasonably interesting podcast about running, has become an ill-informed weekly rant with a heavy political slant. There is little to no actual running content these days. Do yourself a favor and pass over this podcast.
I've been with Steve for many years and have enjoyed his humor and outlook on what it is like to be a runner. Unfortunately Steve is now more focused on fantasies concerning Global Warming or whatever it is called these days. I am really starting to wonder if Steve isn't beginning to lose it. Visit his website at "Steve Runner" and you will be treated to page after page of Global Warming lies and a passion to hate Trump yet a love for Hillary the liar and cheater. I get it Steve, the sky is falling, we are all going to die because of the myth that is global warming. Stay tuned in a couple of years and Steve will speak the gospel of Global Cooling. Please Steve, get off the boring jabs at Republicans and the continual "the sky is falling" Global Warming lies and please get back to what you do best, TALK ABOUT RUNNING!
Recently, the frequejncy of Phedippidations has dropped off and, on occasion, the content had drifted from the running we all enjoy. This good news is that the older episodes hold up and make for good listening. The podcast is very well researched, written and produced. Steve is at his best when the topic is on the heroes of the sport. Give the podcast a try.
...that I've never met in person but has leaked into my brain via ear buds. Run long and perspire!
This podcast encourages me to run more and better. Amazing tips.
Steve started out having a pretty good podcast, looked forward to my Saturday long runs partly due to the informative and entertaining nature of Phedippidations. I can no longer say this, Steve has fallen into the abyss of nihilism as well as narcissism, if one fails to accompany him in his darkness they are fantasizers and dreamers . It is no longer a running podcast and has become an opportunity to evangilize for his dark philosophy of life….don’t waste your time,or get a much older podcast of his. Steve there is a spaghetti monster, and it lives in your head!!!!!
We all change over time but I feel like my run with Steve came to a fork in the road. We parted ways about a year or so ago. I couldn't take anymore of Evolution, Nike bashing and false religions and Zen. I've just downloaded a couple episodes. I miss my friend Steve. I hope maybe he'll come back to the center of the running path with me. We'll see. I need my friend Steve. I'm training for my 14th Marathon after a couple years off. I need the help on those long runs Steve. Run long and taper my friends.
This used to be a great podcast about running. Now it's a strange podcast that is about whatever is on the host's mind (including that extremely weird episode titled "chesuncook lake with the dudes) and has little running related content. I listened to the beginning of the latest episode and heard the host mocking my favorite cable news network (you know, the one with 5-6 times the viewers of the others) and decided I'm done with it. Plenty of other good podcasts that actually have running/fitness related content to waste time on this liberal.
When it first started, this podcast was great. I couldn’t wait to listen to each new episode when it came out. Steve’s voice is soothing and it was just nice to listen to and an awesome way to start my day. I imagine thats still the same. However, the show has ventured off the beaten path and has switched focuses from running to harping on topics like religion, social justice, and vaccines. Its super frustrating because this show was so good and now its not my cup of tea anymore. While Steve’s views often parallel my own, hearing Steve put out episode after episode saying almost exactly the same things drove me to unsubscribe. If you listen, make sure you start at episode #1 and go forward rather than starting with the current episodes, or you’ll get turned of real quickly.
Discusses all aspects of distance running: training, racing, gear, nutrition, gadgets, great races, and great runners. Well informed, candid, clever, and professional, Steve reports on his experiences and those of his listeners in a very personal, sincere, and entertaining style. Although he does not produce episodes as frequently as he once did, the ones that come out are always worth a listen, especially by those who have heard past episodes and learned about Steve’s life and loves. Highly recommended for those who love running and/or are interested in learning more about it!
annoying, however, the topics are great.
I have been listening to Phedippidations since April 2009 and I feel that I know Steve even though we have never met. I don't run as much as I like due to injuries, but I enjoy the podcast anyway. Wish this technology had been available back when I used to run marathons. Mike
You were there when I was lost, not that I am found by any means, but it was a privilege to run with you. Life is a trip. I just received my microphone and am slowly taking the steps to making my own podcast. You for sure have earned a break. I hope to hear this podcast again.
I really wanted to like this podcast. Many of the glowing reviews would have one believe that this podcast is on par with far superior programming available around the web. That was the impression I got, and boy was I wrong. I popped this podcast in for a quick 7 mile run and found the subject matter so depressing and about as far from motivating as I can possibly imagine. I understand that the format is supposed to be free form with the speaker discussing the things that come up, but the constant straying away from anything related to running is annoying. This podcast made a 7 mile run feel like a marathon. I had to work just to get through it. Others had told me that maybe I stumbled upon a weaker episode. The problem is, I am not willing to risk another listen that will cause me to want to jump into the frozen lake I am circling just to end the misery ringing in my ears. Maybe I'll give it another chance while I'm at work or something (but definitely not while running). If I do, I will update this review. Until then, my opinion on the podcast stands.
I'm a new runner. Age 36, 3 months in to it. I have done a 5K & last weekend a 12K (also happens to be my long run distance as of right now) I am hooked on running now, training in FiveFingers, taking along Phedippidations for the long haul. Love the show! Started with Episode 1 (or should I say 13), currently on Episode 32. They will carry me through to the Half marathon this spring. Thanks Steve! I'll be either buying the app or subscribing monthly to support your hard work! Probably both!
Steve's stories and insights keep me focused during a quick 5k or and a longer 10k. I frequently think back and reflect on what I learned. Sometimes he just tells a story, but most of the time he challenges listeners to become better individuals.
Something happened along the way and Steve turned into something he was not at the start: someone too full of himself. It was good for some time… not anymore.
I love this podcast. Listening to it makes me feel more connected to the Run Net community. Keep up the good work!
Phedippidations is a simple yet excellent podcast about a guy much like me doing something I want to do; train for and run Marathons (in my case at least one... someday...) His thoughts and reflexions are quite entertaining for the long road and his sencerity is refreshing. Much of his dialog is recorded during his runs. So much better than listening to soneone sitting in a studio talking about running; Steve "Runner" actually takes you along with him for much of the program. It gives the show a feeling of genuine-ness and shared experience. If you're a mid-pack runner, or a new, beginning runner, you owe it to yourself to check out this show! Great job Steve; keep 'em coming!
I listen to Steve while I'm running, while I'm cooking, or while I'm drinking beer or wine. The show is well produced, well researched, and expertly delivered. I've learned about running and discovered new topics or ideas that beg my curiosity. Keep them coming, Mr. Runner. I'll keep subscribing.
What is most interesting is the honesty of the shows, how they track the ups and downs of Steve's life. It is not a show produced by a team, designed to appeal to everyone -- it's just Steve. That's different and refreshing if you identify with him (and not everyone does, as you might expect). If you don't expect to agree with another person 100% all the time, you can enjoy this. I think it's great even though it's not for everyone. It was sad when I finished listening to the archived episodes, now I have to wait for new episodes (but don't overlook Intervals, Steve's other podcast).
I have listened to steve runner throughout the years. Perhaps I am biased, but I still think it is one of the most interesting, well produced and creative podcasts ever made. The man is not afraid to agree to disagree, take on controversial or less popular subjects. He is constantly evolving and trying to prompt us to grow as well. He is a kind, gentle and passionate soul, who puts himself 'out there'. Don't judge him, but listen with an open and unhindered mindset, remember, we're all different, but we're not all friendly. Steve is...
The absolutely most intelectual and inspiring running podcast. there is. Steve Runner is the Godfather of running podcast. The others talk about his podcast constantly. MUsic, discussions, wine, stories about runners and races, the poco loco coverage, you name it, you won't EVER be bored. The absolutely best of the best.
I became hooked a couple of years ago and now listen to every edition. Steve calls his podcast goofy but he is being too modest. Yes, it's about running but it's not just about running. He talks about the Boston Marathon with passion but he also talks about the human side of the marathon in such a way that would entertain and inspire a nonrunner just as much as a runner. He talks about his family, his job, his faith and many other aspects of his life in such a way that reminds the most single minded runner that running is not life but merely a part of life. He has a broad knowledge of many things. I suspect that this is because he is, quite simply, interested in learning and then sharing the knowledge. Yes, he has made my running more meaningful to me and he has joined me on not a few long runs, but he has also educated me on wine, philosophy and other esoteric matters that I would never have quite got around to discovering for myself. I don't know how he finds the time to produce a podcast almost every week but I am grateful that he does. Thanks Steve - your generous efforts are appreciated!
Will I ever make it through all of the episodes of Phedippidations? Perhaps, if I start running a lot more miles (long runs) and take Steve along for the ride. That is my goal, to run far - so hopefully one day I will have listened to the entire library of episodes, some multiple times over, and gained all the knowledge that is available there. This podcast is the most informative, with far ranging topics and lovely humor with Steve and his sons. Hilarious! They are true performers. I cannot wait to tell Steve that I have listened to all of the hundreds of episodes. You will never run short of material to accompany you on your runs. ENJOY!
I've given this podcast several tries over the past year. I really don't understand why this is so highly rated. He blathers on with his perspective on this life, the next life, and everything that has only a loose connection to running. He needs to deliver running topics and not provide his metaphysical spin on the deeper meaning. I'm educated and can spot when someone is trying a little too hard to show others their educational chops. I'm glad people are finding this podcast motivating. For me, unfortunately, it just reveals his underlying insecurities packaged in multi-syllable words. this show has only the faintest connection to the reason why I attempted to listen in the first place.
Used to be a show I could listen to on long runs. Used to be weekly and then bi-weekly. Now it's looking like monthly. If that happens. Steve used to be available on twitter and facebook but now it seems he's given up on being social. My husband and I think he has become paranoid with deleting tweets and all. If you're going to just delete them, why have a twitter account at all? I used to recommend this to my running group and it's disappointing to say that I can no longer do that.
A thoroughly entertaining yet informative podcast for and about runners.. One of my favorites!
Well done, and most enjoyable! I'm interested to hear more about the type of treadmill you have, is it worth 2k?
I always enjoy listening to Steve Runner, even when I don't agree with him. His podcasts are well thought out and very sincere. Many days I have gone for a run just because I wanted to here his next episode. I am a month away from my first marathon and I am planning on saving a few episodes for my long trip thrue Fort Lauderdale. I really think Steve may deserve some credit for helping me stick with running for the last year and a half. Every time I listen to pheddipidations I know I am likely to learn something and often I find some inspiration from Steves enthusiasm. Thanks Steve.
I have a love-hate relationship with this podcast. Some topics are great, some are so-so, however all are well-researched. But what I really dislike is all the fluff between the major piece. My wife makes fun of me when I listen to this one, so it must be dorkier than most...That being said, he's kept me motivated to run. If you are a runner or aspiring to be one, give it a listen.
A very well engineered and executed podcast, that takes you to places and ideas you might not have chosen to investigate, but Steve makes it worth your time, every time. Keep up the great work!
Steve Runner entertains, educates and informs fellow runners on a personal level. I enjoy loading up my Nano and heading out on a run. Steve covers a wide range of subjects including the history of running to the latest record holders. From new medical findings/studies about our sport. Laughing with his son and playing with indiana jones, his beagle to sharing his love for a great glass of wine with his wife, Steve delivers a complete package in a running podcast. Two thumbs up!
Phedipidations is the leading podcast in production quality, entertainment, and creates a knowledge base for runners of all abilities. I look forward to running with Steve Runner each week and never miss an episode! If you know anyone thinking about starting to run for health or just to exercise please have them listen to Phedip and they will stay connected and motivated. Thanks for all you do Steve! John from the Poi
This is heads or tails the best running podcast I've come across.. Steve goes all out to make every podcast entertaining, humorous, and informative. And his puppy loves him.
This is the best running podcast out there. I've listened to a large number of them and this is the one I keep coming back to. Listening to Phedippidations (can't you pick something easier to spell) is like running with an old friend. Peppered with running facts and the occasional rant, each ep gets moved to the top of my playlist. Run long Steve.
If you want to be motivated,inspired,and encouraged,not only in running but morally this podcast is for you.
Steve does a great job writing and recording this podcast. He does lots of running/health research, reads and recommends great books, and teaches me much about running. I like the personal things he discusses on the podcast too. I don't really want a podcast ALL about running. It's much more fun to have a real person to listen to and run with. I like to hear about his ups and downs and what is bugging him right now. We don't always agree and sometimes I'm not as passionate about the things we do agree on, but I certainly respect what he has to say and encourage him to continue to do so. I also need to mention that his son, John Michael is great when he joins the show. The interchange between the two of them always makes me laugh.
However, more and more Steve goes on rants about other topics in the social condition and is often very negative. Examples are Nike, Apple and the final straw is wanting social services called on the parents of a 13 year old who recently conquered Everest, but it is always something. If it were all about running, I'd listen, but as it is now I need to disconnect. If he were to create a different personna for his personal views and leave Steve Runner to speak about running issues that would be good with me, but never know what I am going to get now when I put on the headphones.
I have been listening to this podcast over three years,before I started running.Steve's stories on running legends,tips and his up's and down's on the road will keep you entertained.
Phedippidations is THE podcast that I wait for each week. You know the one... the podcast that when you see it is downloading, you can't wait to hit play? I've been listening to Steve's adventures in running for years now, and his show never disappoints. I love all my Run Net Community friends who podcast, but Steve still sets the bar (no matter how humbly he degrades his "goofy little podcast"). Phedippidations is the gold standard of amateur podcasts -- entertaining, engaging, fun, and all produced by just a regular guy. All superlatives aside, Phedippidations will inspire you to run, whether you are shooting for the Boston Marathon, or just struggling to get off the Couch of Doom. He doesn't care if you can run 50 feet or 50 miles. Steve will motivate you because he shares our everyday struggles and he is there each week to inspire you to stay fit and lead a better life...
I decided to "kick the couch and do a 5k." Shortly thereafter, I found this podcast.. all I can say is I am hooked. I started listening to all the back episodes and when I go out for a run.. it feels like I am running with a friend.. I am almost caught up.. only 50 more episodes or so to go.. Run on Steve.. I guess I should say "Run Long and Taper"
Stephen J Walker is a good friend whom I have never actually met in person. He and I take long runs almost every week. We talk about the weather in Boston and in Africa. We discuss random topics and somedays we get angry. Sometimes together and sometimes we disagree. He makes me laugh and sometimes his stories make me sad. I have been a listener for about one and one half years and I look forward to Steve's silly jokes, his puppy, his son John Michael, and the creaky door when he begins and ends each episode. If you try it once, you will be hooked! My favorite episodes are those recorded while running marathons. The Philly marathon was one of my favorites. Happy running!