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Despite having studied and lived in China for almost a decade, Kent Kedl's podcasts are always fresh, insightful and informative.
Whether you are a first timer to China or a seasoned frequent flier to the land of Profits looking to reinvent yourself yet again, The China Business Blog Podcast is one of the Marquee informational resources you can utilize for your own endeavors. C. R. H. Esquire
Important information regarding the business climate in China, how it relates to US companies, and how to formulate strategies to "do" business in China. Kent combines his dry witt and 20+ years experience in China to produce a podcast that everyone interested in China should subscribe to.
The most authoritative media to come out of China covered in English. Kent Kedl brings a raspy humorous cynical inside perspective of doing business in China. Highly recommended A+++ for those interested in learning about exponential growth product cycle markets.