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God is good i am so glad and I am also glad that go to this church


I listen every week.
What a huge blessing these sermons are. The are just a wonderful source of wisdom!
I'm a 17 year old in Nashville, Tennessee, and I have read several of Joshua Harris's books. I'm very excited to find sermons by him and his team. This is a blessing.
I just moved up from that church. It is the best church in the world, and this podcast helps me keep up to date on all the meetings. All the sermons are God glorifying, the pastors really do a great job in presenting the sermons. Keep it up Covedent Life!
Sadly, many churches in America presently contain joyless pastors preaching man-centered doctrines. By the grace of God, Covenant Life Church is not one of those churches that meet the above descriptions. Covenant Life is not only Gospel-centered, but also the pastoral team is overflowing with passion for the Savior and desire to deepen their knowledge of Him. One small problem I do have, however, and as mentioned above by someone else, there are no podcasts from both the Singles ministry as well as past NA conferences! But that small flaw is CLEARLY overlooked from these messages given at this local church! I was reluctant upon receiving a nano because of my belief of how iPod's are overrated (sorry Josh and iPod lovers! =\...), but what a gift of God these podcasts were! Through them God has provided a way to reveal more of himself for my good and for his glory; in addition, I've experienced more on the attitude and God's work towards courtships and preparation thereof (I've only listened to that one so far, but I was also there in October of 2005 when C.J. Mahaney preached about the doctrine of election which was humbling and awesome), and though expected to be preached from Josh, the points the Spirit enabled me to absorb were applicable! Even though I haven't started d/loading the Luke and Affluenza series yet, they should prove to be effective in my daily encounters with God. If you choose to subscribe to this Podcast, then not only will you expereince the exceptional and phenomenal leading serving from these men, but you'll be more aware of encountering God throughout the day, and your passion for the Savior will only grow deeper!
between college and summer jobs, I'm on the go alot, and it's so great to have access to CLC messages on my ipod. having podcasts makes it easier to update my ipod since i don't have to remember do download the mp3s every week. How bout doing the same thing for the ONE Meeting messages?
it is such a blessing to have available Gospel-centered, God-glorifying messages available for all to hear! Can we have a podcast of the CLC singles meeting messages aswell? :-)
These sermons have been a huge blessing in my life. They're very firmly rooted in the Bible and practical for every day application.


Freely you receive, freely you give. This is what all the pasters should DO !
In some weird way a couple years ago I ended up with a New Attitude MP3 Disc of every sermon from all the past years. The first one I decided to listen to was "The Main Thing" by C.J. Mahaney. While all of my friends decided over the summer to go on mission trips and I had to stay home. These sermons helped me learn so much. From "The Main Thing Pt. 1 and 2" to Joshua's "Blind Bartimaeus" and "Stop Dating The Church" these sermons have been a real blessing from God. I highly recommend this Podcast for anyone, particularly the College age group, to listen and be blessed. Oh, and by the way. I was so pumped to find out that The New Attitude Conference is coming to Louisville, Kentucky MY HOMETOWN! I can not wait.
Thank you for making these sermons available. They have blessed me.