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so i have been listening to like 9 minutes of the most recent and so far so good, keep it up
Great show where they talk about everything. And make it not boring! It's one of the best podcast on iTunes! Tim and Paul make you laugh while Dave will make you go to sleep. Just fun all around.
I stumbled apon this podcast by accident and am sure glad I did. I always enjoy the banter between the host and it's genuinely entertaining.
Pains me every time to see these guys not having the amount of subscribers they deserve. These guys are absolutely genius and hilarious to listen to.
Sexiest thing since human centipede nuff said
What kind I say, raw and the only in-depth computer and gadget tech podcast on the podcast market a must hear.
Three guys who, (well I really only think there are only two, because Dave is probably Tims doppalganger, and he is some kind of super actor with a case of muiltiple personality sindrome), talk mainly games and computer garb. Paul the best Scotsman i have ever heard on a podcast, (i know he's irish, just pissen in his pocket as they say) If you Like Swearing, Banter, Tech, Video Cards, and Video Games look no further.
Many times I may not be interested in what they are talking about(console gaming, PC guy here), but find them very entertaining to listen to and have picked up on somethings I didn't know about tech. The sarcasim between them is very funny. Reminds me of being with a group of my friends razzing each other.
This is what podcasting is all about. These guys remind me of me and my close group of friends. We are all different but have enough in common to hang out together for a while and talk about various things. I really did this show because they talk about tech news, gaming, computers, etc. They have light topics like "I like this new gaming mouse" but can also get very technical and discuss the chipsets on new boards or which processor you should get. It isn't all computer business, though. There are plenty of laughs when the guys start gabbing each other. The show is well organized (for the most part), the quality (content and sound) is good and they generally keep things moving at a good pace. I wish it came out every week but I understand that they are busy. I think that people who podcast too often either a) get paid for it or b) don't have a real life. Keep up the good work guys. I must say I am a lurker - I have listened for a while but I am too lazy to get around to write a review until now. I bet most of your fans are the same way.
This podcast is for those who like tech, games, humor, and the F bomb. Tim, Paul, and Dave do a great job of having no holes barred discussions on geek related topics. Glad the podcast is back!
These guys are a bunch of tards but funny as heck. They crack me up. I would for sure reccomend it. Keep up the good work.
An excellent show filled with all kinds of geekly rants and ravings from movies to video games. I bow to the The Widget. Good computer information in here as well. Some people may get lost. Give it a few minutes and there will be more! Keep up the great show guys. Next show in 2012!
This is literally the best podcast out there and its AWESOME to have you guys back.
August 2009 is seeing a return of The Widget - a show that all current podcasts worth their salt can attribute their success to. The original independent, they come back rocking your face off with founder Tim Wilsie, long-time co-host CountZer0 and former Widget UK host, Paul "Diddler" O'Dwyer. Prepare yourselves for the awesome.
Best PodCast Ever...
Don't bother subscribing or downloading, the podcast is no longer produced.
Coming in with all the class of a drunken LAN party, The Widget makes for a chaotically funny podcast, with the news, reviews, and other stuff thrown in. If you’re offended easily then you may want to stray away, because this show wears the Explicit tag with pride (as it is well earned); it's CPG.
1. These guys know their stuff 2. Their funnier than any other podcast 3. Being part of the "TV generation", I've grown sick of the repetition and unoriginality of television and have been looking for something more informative, informal, and entertaining. The Widget Show fulfills all that and more. The baby jesus cries everytime somebody ignores the widget. Subsribe before these guys get on MTV and sell just kidding. It's the best Sunday hangover cure I've seen since gatorade!
This is a great show for people who like video games of all stripes, and who like to hang out with geeky, interesting guys (it's definitely a sausage party, too). This podcast is packed full of great info about PCs, consoles, and even Macs. Not discriminatory, these guys. They aren't part of the industry (so they're not involved in the industry PR b.s. and hype cycle) but they have more than enough intelligence, wit, and know-how to dissect and examine the news and information coming out of the PC and video game world. The thing that makes this podcast SO remarkable, though, is that the main cast members are all good friends and have somehow managed to capture the essential joy and madness of their daily interactions and pass them on to the listener: hearing them is like spending time with your best geek friends. A note about using the word "geek": Tim, Zane, and the rest are geeks because of their interest in video games and stuff, but they are definitely not nerds. They are funny, smart, witty, and obviously have a great time hanging out with each other even when they're not doing a podcast. But there ain't a super-dork thing about them. They are the kind of guys that, when they start geeking out on a topic, you get intrigued and fascinated by their enthusiasm and knowledge level rather than turned off by their obsessive interest and monomania. These guys are the real deal, and this podcast rocks! Punch it, Chewie!
I am aware that there is an explicit label, however I was unprepared for the degree that they take explicit to. I listened for a few episodes and although they are entertaining and seem to know their stuff, I couldn't take the raunchy comments that frequently occurred, seemingly for mostly unapparent reasons. (Listen to episode numbers in the low 40's) I'm sure lots of people will identify with this show; but I don't.
Episode 32. need I say more? I've been a listener since episode one and these guys are getting better and better with practice. Right now, their podcast IMHO is the best tech podcast on the table. Tim and Zane know their stuff, and have a nice organic style of delivery that makes you feel right at home. The more recent episodes, have gotten better and better. With Zane in Afghanistan, it changed the entire game that is the Widget. Enter Karza and Kurt, and Count... the whole dynamic is better ant better ever week. I can see why PC gamer grabbed them up and put them at the top of the tech pile!
I signed up for the Widget, Twit and Digg podcasts....Ive since deleted Twit ( i hate it, its boring) Digg has a cool website but thats about it, theyve turned into the widget b. The widget has never disapointed me seeing as how i had zero expectations for this........i love the widget, you should too.
The Widget Podcast is the most exciting and entertaining podcast out there. If you're into wise cracks all talking at the same time, then this is the podcast for you.
The Widget Show is by far one of the best tech podcast's out today. Very funny and informative in all areas, tech, games or whatever. Tim, Zane (and sometimes Ryan) all know what the hell they're talking about, and it shows week after week. So look no further for the best tech podcast, you have found it. Plus it's low in fat.
When I first listened to The Widget, I was a bit apprehensive, I had listened to other Tech podcasts and was dissappointed, so I wasn't holding The Widget in high regard at the start. Then I listened to the other episodes, and I changed my mind immediately. The Widget brings informative tech news with an explicit twist. This is not a podcast for the kids and that is clearly stated at the beginning of each episode. I recommend this podcast for anyone interested in Technology.
This is one of the few great podcasts out there. There funny and know there stuff. Give them a listen.