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Reviews For The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave’s firm but caring advice is very motivating. We will pay off our mortgage in 5-7 years! Highly recommend, do subscribe.
Listening to Dave every day driving to and from work is keeping me laser focused on much needed debt reduction, baby steps! A world of thanks Dave!


Joel inspires me everyday every time and the podcasts keeps me doing the right things and also helps me to be a better person.
Love this podcast!!!
If you are not looking forward to check your bank account balance or open your mail because of bills PLEASE subscribe to this podcast and Read the Money Makeover book. Please follow the instruction and I promise that It will change your life like it did for me and my family!! Thank you Dave Ramsey
Dave, thank you for what you do everyday! You are changing people, families, and Americans like no one else in the public light is. This veteran thanks you for YOUR service!
Take the time to listen to Dave’s years of advice and experiences. Why: because it works! I was fortunate to have parents that taught me about Dave Ramsey and his financial advice however if you’ve never even herd his name, he can still help you! I appreciate how he tells the truth and calls out situations as what they are!
You may disagree with Dave Ramsey about some point in what he teaches, but millions of people, including Dave himself, can testify that the principles he teaches work, every time they are applied. He communicates in an entertaining style that keeps me listening even though I think I could do the show, because I have listened so frequently. My wife and I paid off our house several months ago because we followed the principles. I am very thankful I started listening and learning and applying the things he teaches!
I’m only 11 and the Dave mister taught me a lot about personal finance
Thank you Dave. You have opened my eyes to a life I could have never imagined.
Straight up honesty. We all know we overspend and we buy more things we don't need. Do just shoots it to you straight. Just like your grandfather would. "Rich people don't use air miles for vacations." I still remember that from his radio show long before he his Tv show, and this podcast.
Dave’s advice is simple and straightforward and he has proven time and time that it works. He is candid and tells you the hard truth. He does not waiver. I listen to the podcast on my daily commute and each day I learn something new. Hearing other’s stories and challenges helps me stay motivated to push through the tough decisions. Keep it up Dave and team! Love the show!!!
Enjoy listening to you, Dave!
Dave will always give rock solid, smart, and awesome advice that people of all ages need to hear! Thank you Dave for being genuine, honest, and caring to all people! You have helped me so much, teaching me things I never would have learned without your great advice!
Very simple and straight forward method for getting out of debt and building wealth. My trajectory has completely changed and in the end will prob save/make me hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Solid show about debt and financial advice. I listen to the podcast obviously and having the episode numbers helped me organize them in order, especially when life got in the way. I have to double check now that I’m not adding an episode I already did by actually looking into the episode. Otherwise I would rate a 5 or 4.
Thank you so much Dave! You have really turned my life around.
I listen to all 3 hours of the podcast daily traveling to & from work. Listening helps me to be better than I deserve!
THE podcast for anyone needing to get their money right. Even if you don’t have any financial problems, it’s a great show where you can learn financial information to help you build wealth better!
I have nothing but great things to say about The Dave Ramsey Show. We have learned what we feel is the best way to gain financial independence. We have improved our financial lives dramatically with this and always share the sage & biblical advice of this program to help others create and follow the best plan for every person/family to adopt and use. The laser guided focus of each “Baby Step” makes it so easy to follow. Listening to the show allows us to understand further on advice and tips with other people’s situations. Always something to learn with almost each episode.
Great at giving people a nice kick in the pants!!!! Lol-great financial advice and very wise! Cash is king in my life because of his teaching and I really appreciate it!
My wife and I have been following Dave's plan, we're about half way thru paying off our debt and totally on fire. Love this show, love Dave's heart for the Gospel and helping people handle money with biblical principles. Dave teaches the fastest path to wealth. Wealth does not come easy, it takes years. But wealth rarely happens when you owe other people money. Dave inspired us to cut up all 5 of our credit cards, pay them off, pay off student loans, car loans, personal loans, and get debt free. I listen every day and get more inspired every day!!!
I always share Dave’s guidance with everyone! A must learn and teach information! Thank you sir. You changed my life. Check me out on A Beautiful Mind I’m your host Peter Marvin we talk Mr. Ramsey because I believe in him and his teachings. Thank you please share
Dave’s podcast and method is inspiring and really makes you believe you can win with money. In such a consumer driven society where so many grew up not learning anything about money, Dave is a breath of fresh (but blunt) air. And honestly I find it hilarious when he rants about topics or calls people stupid. He tells it like it is! Love love love this show and listen to it daily!
Dave is almost a public service. The format of the show is able to give financial insights to people from all walks of life and ages. Give him a listen. He makes sense on our cents Thank u Dave for the HONEST money talk.
I really enjoy listening to his daily podcast and is very friendly demeanor to his straight shooting tell it as it is approach! The information is sound and the system does work. I wish I knew what a podcast was years ago as it would have provided some much needed guidance on how to handle money post debt.
Dave Ramsey and his team changed our lives for the better. THANK YOU!! Debt is dumb CASH is king. THANK YOU RAMSEY SOLUTIONS!!!!
Thanks for the great show
Dave Ramsey’s advice has helped me turn my life around morally and monetarily. Better than I deserve.
Believe the hype. Dave Ramsey is legit. If you want to completely Chan’s your financial future, please please please read the Total Money Makeover and listen to this podcast. He completely changed my life when it came to money and freed me up to do the things I really want to do. Thank you so much Dave.
Having a graduate degree in accounting from a top tier school and spending 25 years in banking as a career, did not keep me from making some really bad financial decisions over the course of my life. However, Dave Ramsey’s simple plan for getting out of debt and helping to build wealth, has helped me turn my life around and has even saved my marriage. Now my wife and I communicate openly about money, and share a common dream together. Dave’s plan helped us to shed over $50,000 in debt, and we now have a net worth of just over a million dollars, and will be close to 2 million when I retire in 9 years. Dave’s plan is simple, but it’s not easy, and not a “get rich quick” plan. It takes hard work and sacrifice, but can be done by anyone. I really appreciate Dave’s radio show and having this podcast available to listen anytime. These calls from people are real life. I appreciate hearing the wise advice that Dave dispenses and it motivates me to continue to follow a proven wealth building plan.
Great financial advice - straight and to the point. Dave Ramsey is truly one of the best
Hi, my name is Anna I am 11 years old. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I listen to it on the radio and on podcasts. I like to listen to this because when I am older I DO NOT want to have ANY debt. I what to be able to to have a good home, a life that I can do fun things in, and most of all be able to provide for my future family. I have learned A LOT from Dave and I hope all of you that are and are not in debt listen to him and do the things he says. Thank you for reading!
He Changed our life! That’s it clear and simple!
Our finances, marriage and spiritual walk are all better after taking FPU and listening to the podcast!
The way I approach money and have begun chipping away at my debt and bad spending habits has completely changed my life. I’ll admit I don’t agree with or do everything he says, but you can’t argue with his principles or philosophy. Thanks so much for all you do!
In 2013, I was $42,000 in debt after a divorce. I remembered watching a documentary called "Maxed Out" about finance and people. I bought "The Total Money Makeover" on impulse as I was about to go to overseas to Korea. From it I realized I had to change my behavior to overcome my debt. Listening continues to give me motivation.
Sound advice and financial wisdom from one of the most trusted financial minds.
Good info but Dave’s people skills can improve with callers. It’s hard to listen when callers have not made the best financial decisions. Dave’s tone can become sassy and communicates a quick label of idiocy on situations and by extension the people who made those decisions that resulted in debt. Being “real” with people is fine but it’s hard to listen to 45 min + of this. Improve the tone and apply some compassion, Dave.
The best financial info out there.
I’m a new listener of the Dave Ramsey show & let me tell you, I AM HOOKED! I just ordered one of his books to start my journey and I’m so excited. My husband who is currently deployed told me about Dave and said “we’re gonna retire millionaires!” He’s going through the financial peace university and I can’t wait to go through it with him once he comes back. As I just said, I recently started listening to his show so we’re just now getting a jump start to our financial peace. I can’t wait to what the future holds!!!
Dave Ramsey has solid advice on managing finances. Although I don’t necessarily agree with 100% of his teachings, he has made a huge impact on my financial life. I am 23, debt free, and saving for a home. This podcast is definitely worth listening to!
Our journey started here. Before we got on the FPU train, we listened to Dave on the podcast. Shortly there after we started the baby steps and have already made a huge dent in our debt. When it gets hard, the daily debt screams keep us motivated while Dave keeps us educated.
I enjoy all the great information presented in the show!
I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey, listen daily. The advice he give can’t placed a dollar on it. I love being prepared for the life ahead. Knoxville, TN
Just want to be debt free so bad, thanks for the prep talks
You’ve helped me grow into what I have needed to become. Blessed my life and marriage and family and church and community. Keep up the great work. I tear up every single debt free scream. Thank you sir.
The steps work. I also follow his personalities.