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This podcast keeps me hungry to pay off my debt. It’s incredible what one can accomplish with the right attitude and mindset. Thank you Dave for sharing such valuable wisdom!
I was listening to this podcast every day until they started to speed up the voices. I have learned so much and was constantly motivated by listening to this every day. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to it anymore because of the increased speed of the show. 🙁 I wish they would go back to the way it was!


Great helpful information!
Love the show. I listen every day. My only request is make the commercials and music the same volume as the rest of the show. When wearing ear buds I have to keep adjusting the volume.
Heard about this idea and liked it even tho it’s not the most economical, it’s more for people who aren’t truly dedicated to financial freedom and need the baby explanation. Tried to join their FB group and it’s even a bigger joke. Avoid.
Dave is so entertaining, honest and gives really amazing feedback for those seeking his advice. I have been listening for 2 years and still can’t get enough. Great job!!!
Dave, host of the Dave Ramsey podcast, highlights all aspects of investing, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
He should run for president and then we would be better off financially. He sure would fix this continuing problem
Common sense advice. Anyone can do it.
I’m living like no one else - thx to Dave!
I absolutely love this Podcast and Every Dollar App. I wish I had found this much, much earlier in my life. I recommend it as often as I can without being a nuisance. I thought I was good with the budget until the app. I love it and I’m having more fun shopping with only $20 a month being allocated for clothes than I ever had. Get the app!
Too much religion, judging and hypocrisy. The finances are solid but everything else is a turn off. Goodbye
I have been listening for a while sometimes I get tired of the format of the show. I wish it was formatted with one topic per show rather than random questions. I mean I guess it’s kind of hard to do that when they are relying on live phone calls, however, digging through episodes trying to find questions pertaining to me is difficult. Sometimes the episodes list off the questions that were asked in the show which is nice so I can skip right to them. That is just a suggestion to something I would probably enjoy listening to more. But anyway this podcast is a great motivator. I will stop listening for a few weeks then listen to a couple episodes once I need some more motivation to follow the budget. I have read The Total Money Makeover, and recommend it and this podcast to all of my friends and family members to help get them out of debt!
Started tuning in over 10 years ago & will never stop. So inspiring to hear others pay off their debt. It kept me from ever going into debt. Thanks Dave for all you (& your team) do!!!
Thank you, Dave and crew, for making your show accessible for all. Every segment is enjoyable and allows for continuous learning.
Although I am debt free. I still enjoy the radio show and the many things I learn from Dave’s vast years of experience. I have learned a lot about finance and life planning from Dave. Not to mention integrity and honor. Thank you, Dave!!!
I love listening to Dave. He has knowledge on anything from real estate to life insurance and paying off student debt. Listeners call in with problems and Dave gives his advice on what steps to take. This podcast really inspired me to read the total money makeover book!
I enjoy listening to Dave, he’s inspiring and really gives great advice. I’m going to purchase the book because, I too HATE DEBT and want to encourage my friends and family to think the same. My only issue with Mr. Ramsey is that he should let his callers talk, and not cut them off as much. I understand there’s only so much time and some can be long winded. But, there were a few callers that were cut off while speaking and I wanted to say Dave LET THEM FINISH!! This is the only reason he gets 4 stars instead of 5. Dave along with the other host you have at Ramsey Solutions, keep up the good work and I’ll continue to listen.
Just Listening To The Podcast Daily, I Paid Off 40k In Almost All Student Loan Debt And Have Savings For An Emergency Before Turning 27. Tune Into This Podcast!!!!


By DML2014
Dave’s total money makeover book helped me get rid of credit card debt, car loan, and student loans. I became debt free, and created a emergency fund! I don’t even have a credit card. If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! Thanks Dave!
Dave is very real on everything financial.
Very helpful podcast. Lots of great advice and info. Commercial breaks are way too loud for us listening on ear buds at work. Getting out of debt and building wealth may cost me my hearing.
Encouraged every time I listen that I can get out of debt! Also, who ever picks the bumper music... can we be friends? 👌
Dave is obviously very knowledgeable about finances and is extremely helpful, but does anyone else find him to be condescending? I understand being straight forward and telling people how it is, but sometimes it’s infuriating how rude he is to people calling and asking for help. Not everyone has years of experience like him and are looking up to him help, and he talks down to them


I am 22, and I could not thank Dave more for making my money over as well as his own! I’m so glad I got the answers I need when I’m 22 rather than 40 and in debt with twice as much money... I’m working my debt down all I have is my car to pay off!!
I like the podcast and most of the topics but there’s soooo much intro and segment transition music that I have to skip a lot. But now that I know how to skip, it’s all good!


With the financial knowledge, spiritual values he could Make America Even Better. Dave Ramsey for President....
Just not all the religious noise
Dave and his team are a winning formula. Although abrupt, I needed to hear it all. The plan is doable and fast with self control. Dave looks at the whole picture. Thank you!!!!
His view on money to get out of debt, save up, and build wealth inspire me everyday. That way I can live and give like no one else. Millionaire theme hour is my favorite segment.
Love how honest Dave is! He doesn’t sugar coat anything and he is so honest and so wise!
I too am just a hillbilly and I love Dave’s philosophy and humor. I am working my way out of debt and on my way to millionaire status. Thank you for making me be intentional
Definitely, Definitely listen to this man.
I love and appreciate you Dave Ramsey. Thank you for all that you do, your baby steps and philosophies have changed my life.
Love his very simple and logical approach to money. Makes obtaining goals easy. Just apply the principles. Listening will help you stay focused and keep your eye on the prize: financial freedom.
Common sense about finances with small amounts of biblical influence. I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and his show. He takes calls 85% of The time, so he’s always helping people.
You have been doing stupid things with Money, and Dave has done them before too. He will walk you through how to fix being broke and get on the path to prosperity.
I listen to Dave during my hour-long commute after work every day. It motivates me to hear of others in the same situation as me and how they worked toward success. Dave’s tips are realistic and doable, and this keeps me on track!
This show woke me up to the stress I was putting on my marriage my being disengaged from our finances. On top of that it gave me the information, motivation, and tools I needed to become an active participant in managing our personal finances. I am so grateful that I found this and I cannot overstate how helpful I have found this program.
I look forward to each days episodes. Such a pleasure and learning experience to listen to this man!
I think the thing that I enjoy the most about this show is that the advice and care offered to the callers is consistent, and strives to hear the truth if where people are. I recommend it.
I was a 44 year old normal New Englander making good money, but owed $38K and realized I was in trouble financially and couldn’t see my way out of debt. I did an internet search on how to pay off debt and saw Dave’s face. I remembered that I had bought the Total Money Makeover on my last trip to the book store. I got the book out and started to read while it while also listening to the podcasts. I humbly say, “Thank you Dave.” I appreciate your service and encourage every person struggling with personal finance to give your lessons a try. My perception of finance/life has been forever changed for the better of my legacy. I finally understand how to manage money. Thank you again for all that you and your entire team are doing!
Really? Praying on a financial podcast. I couldn’t delete fast enough. What a joke.
I want to hear Dave and other people are filling in for him with more frequency :-( I want Dave back!!
The financial advice on this podcast is solid, and I can attest that I have personally benefited from it. Not just the "get out of debt stuff" either - Dave knows about a lot more than that. However, the amount of advertising, both for the Ramsey products and for outside companies, is absurd. The amount of actual content in a 40 minute show is actually quite small, particularly when you take out the Dave rants (a part of the show I could also do without).