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If you are looking for a magic pill to fix your money worries this isn’t it. These are long game principles that can change for your life if you are willing to do the work and make the tough choices. I have listened to Dave for over ten years now since finding him in college and I am very grateful for the habits I have developed from him. My family and I would be in a much different place right now if I hadn’t.
So much more than just financial advice, looking at the whole picture during this time of panic. Keep that voice of reason in the ear of everyone who needs it more now than ever before!
Really sad Dave is not using his voice to support medical safety more. He has a pulpit to bring us together, encourage us to stay home and realize that our collective safety might be a bigger priority than individual rights at this moment of crisis.


By s4mmy64
He’s sharing his views on his show, I can’t complain. The U.K. has classified the coronavirus as a flu, so I agree with his points. But these death numbers are if we don’t practice social distancing, if we stop social distancing then IT WILL hit that 100-200 thousand deaths. Millions will not die, don’t exaggerate. Stay safe, and wash your hands. Oh and stay TEN feet away from EVERYONE PLEASE.
My gosh, what happened Dave? Isolation is necessary for a very long time, why can’t you send that message out. I thought you were a statistic. Guy?
Thank you so much for your calm steady voice in this crazy storm. I also thank you for Dr. D., Positivity is so refreshing from the constant fear on the evening news. Panic is not helping.
I choose to get financial advice from someone who gives financial information, not his opinion on politics and healthcare. Stay safe all, I’m out


By IDSgt56
The recent parade of sycophants, masquerading as personalities, has pretty much done it for me. After many years of listening, I can’t even get through a full episode anymore.
The way Dave talks about COVID-19 is unacceptable and sickening.
Can't stand the non-stop denialism and right wing talking points re: covid. Please just stick to finance and debt relief topics. Also can't stand all the personalities, cookie cutter yes-men. Ugh
Dave is the highlight of my day! It took some time to “buy into” his baby steps, but since I have my life has changed. Thank you Dave for your wisdom and knowledge.
Several recent reviews have been low due to people not liking Dave’s politics or his glass half full view. No, he’s not a doctor, and he’s not a politician, and he’s not a pastor. He and his team are people who know how money works, who are giving you advice on how to get through this and other tough times. I’m loving it. Very calming and grounding for me.
This show is awesome. There is an immense level of wisdom and hope embedded in each episode, particularly in the “Message of Hope” series happening during this COVID-19 pandemic. People need to hear the good news and I believe there is a beautiful balance of education and fruit here.
I had enjoyed this podcast for a while and told others to listen to Dave’s financial advise. But unfortunately, his other political views are just too self-serving. Very disappointed that Dave Ramsey would use Trump’s “Chinese virus” rhetoric to deflect Americans’ responsibility to social distance at this time.
The reaction to the virus seems far more about where he sits on the political spectrum than any understanding of science or statistics, so I’ll come back, perhaps, when the current unpleasantness is over.


Dave Ramsey baby steps will help you get out of debt. I enjoy listening to show and watching it on Youtube when possible. Great financial advice for getting out of debt. They’re others you can follow if you don’t like DR advice or show.
I may revise this review in the future, but the arguments surrounding the health aspects of the Coronavirus crisis are very bad. Dave continues to argue that the virus is no worse than the flu and that we should reopen the economy, which is wrong headed at best. No economists surveyed agree with this view, and it’s clear Dave has not talked to public health experts about what would happen if we did reopen too soon. Best estimates have 1-2 million Americans dying, which would also crash the very economy Dave is worrying about. To say otherwise is to remain in denial about the scale of the problem before us, and it isn’t panic or fear to confront the problem for what it is and be honest about it. I agree with Dave that we should be civil and not mean to others. But that’s a red herring when it comes to the actions governments are taking to prevent millions of cases and deaths. Let’s focus on how to get people through this financially and avoid downplaying the public health side of things.


I have liked this show in the past and it helped us a lot with our financial goals. I feel like his political opinions have always been a little annoying but recently have been worse to the point that it seems to be ruining the show and my perspective of him. I was curious to hear what he had to say about the looming covid-19 issues. Every episode has had disappointing complaining and advise that apparently he got from the most unreliable person possible, Donald trump. Hearing him repeat the “cure is worse that the problem” was a low moment for this show. Dave is as disconnected as trump on this topic. Hopefully the show can come to its senses and get back to motivating people to get out of debt and steering correctly though this worldwide crisis
Have been a long time fan and follower and debt free thanks for your program.. but just can’t handle the dialogue around this pandemic. The ignorance is exactly what got us here and will not get us out. Instilling hope is not about denial. Once these cases start hitting close to home to you and your staff, I hope you feel significantly different because I do. You sound way too much like the most ignorant man in our country and I feel gross listening anymore.
People are mad because he said the cure is worse than the problem. THE TRUTH HURTS PEOPLE. i love dave. and the team. thanks for changing lives.
Ok, I just can’t listen anymore. There are some things that make me cringe. Using the phrase “the cure is worse than the disease” is harmful and misleading. There is no “cure” right now for COVID-19. We have no vaccine yet or any way to heal people who are hospitalized or dying. He is referring to staying home to flatten to curve, which doesn’t cure people, it just prevents the disease from spreading and overwhelming the health care system even more. It is not a cure, but it IS necessary. The US leads the world in COVID-19 cases right now. How embarrassing for us. His new Ramsey personality...meh. For some reason so many of their voices sound the same to me. Maybe because they’re repeating the same scripts. Kind of ironic that Dave rants about people being “sheep” but surrounds himself with people who chuckle along awkwardly with him and are just “yes men” for everything he says. It would be refreshing to hear an informed or thought-provoking yet respectful discussion one of these days from people with different viewpoints. Instead we just get more of the same. What has happened to this show??
The Ramsey “personalities” are absolutely horrible and I auto-delete every episode where I see them. Dave is great, though, aside from his frequent rants. I get it, he has to push his ideologies no matter what, but it gets old. Regardless of what he says, DO NOT FOLLOW HIS INVESTING ADVICE!!!

By Nicph
I am a long time listener. I’ve notice that Dave has become pne of the pushy salesperson when it come to his services/products. Sincerity on his advices is lost.!
After listening faithfully for over two years, I just can’t even get through an episode right now. Dave is just out of touch with regards to Covid-19. He may have some valid points with regards to “hysteria” but people need real-time advice regarding how to deal with this very scary situation in hand. He’s not the person to go to get that sort of information. His current message is to “calm down.” Once the virus is no longer a threat, and the economy is stable again, I’ll probably go back up listening as his plan works well in normal circumstances. But this is far from normal circumstances, and he self-admits to being someone to follow what he knows “works”.
He’s okay with people dying from a virus if it means his company and investment’s bottom line doesn’t hurt as much. He also has a fundamental misunderstanding many economic concepts, including “trickle down” economics.
Fairly long time listener. Like the financial advice and I can usually tolerate the conservativism and ignore the left winger-dinger comments. But now with the “the cure is worse than the problem” crap about the economy, you are dead wrong. Flattening the curve with the outbreak could save a million lives. The reason why some of the relief money is going directly to tax payers is because corporate bailouts only help those at the top!
Have always been a fan of living without debt and listening to Dave was like meeting w a financial fitness coach a couple times/episodes a week. Always cringed a bit between the obvious hypocrisy of his political and religious ideologies but to each their own. His podcast over the past three weeks has been insanely irresponsible. From at first, denying there was a health crisis, to then telling people it was all fake, to now telling people to get back to work. He sounds like a frantic moron. We are going to get through this but it is imperative to flatten the curve and then reassess. Thanks for the years of advice of not using loans or credit cards... but stop with your sociopath political agenda that’s going to cause more harm. Completely disappointed in a guy I used to have a lot of respect for.
I’ll still listen to the show. But you were more humble and gracious 18 years ago when I found you. You are the “sauce” to making me want to listen. Especially when you’re kind and empathetic. New hosts are ok but I switch when you’re impatient, super arrogant about how rich you are now. You used to focus more on where you came from with financial challenges. Perhaps as you earn more wealth, you’re closer to that story. And the new doc you hired seems nice, but I listen to your show for financial advice. Again, I haven’t stopped listening, but I listen less. Your heart is good and sincere, but in expanding your business focus, you’re getting away from your financial focus and your main sauce of being the host of the show.
This podcast seems to have less and less finance discussions. Some episodes Dave seems to just be grumpy at everyone who calls in. Still a good podcast, but hard to listen to consistently nowadays with all the non-finance drama.


By qaunerr
Dave Ramsey’s ideas are solid! In this time when people are panicking, because of Dave’s advice we are secure with a nice emergency fund should we need it. This show is a light in the dark. Don’t be darkness with all your hateful comments.
I love that Dave tells it like it is. I love that the plan is simple and effective. All of the complaining that people are doing about his handling of this pandemic is ludicrous. He’s human like all of us and personally, I enjoy a voice of reason! Same as he ever was. Same as he EVER was! Great job Dave! Keep it up!
He’s changed our families lives and many families that we know. If you don’t like his politics then don’t listen. Thank you Dave for making my family millionaires that way we can pass it on to our children’s children.
Ramsey has great advice for getting out of debt- very solid basics. I mean basic basics. After that everything else is wrong, especially his lack of ability to change his mind. I stop listening a while ago just because of his express disregard for anyone disagreeing with him. That’s called surrounding yourself with yes men. It’s disingenuous. Checked back to see his thoughts on the economic collapse and corona virus to see him bad mouthing social distancing and closing down of businesses. I live his motivation- I guess that’s why he’s so closely related to religion- however those kinds of people that rely on sales/motivation to constantly sell or “motivate” people to use them- that means they don’t have long term substance. Those who have long term substance don’t have to pump and sell constantly. Just scams.
I gave this a listen because of all the hype I’ve heard. I would’ve given different advice to every one of the callers that called in. He paints with a broad brush. Just know that there are better sources out there and the advice given (roth over traditional IRA for example) is an oversimplification and could cost people thousands.
I can’t understand how this guy still has a platform
A voice of calm and common sense is very needed. No one is suggesting that the current Communist Chinese virus isn’t a major problem, clearly it is. Dave is simply pointing out that with an average of 1.35 million people dying around the globe in car accidents every year, and half a million dying every year from the flu, the pandemonium surrounding COVID-19 is closer to a media driven, fear based panic than a data based and reasoned response. The question we must ask is “can we afford to crash the global economy to delay an inevitable spread?” Unless you’re willing to boycott cars, trains, airplanes, and everything else in the modern world, you cannot honestly say that you’re willing to crash the system to save a life. The truth is, people die, and that’s tragic. It is the way of life. I could die tomorrow, and so could you. The question is, are you ready to go? Thanks Dave.
Take heed. This is not like the nuttiness of y2k doomsdayers at all. If we get through this, Dave will say it was all lunacy and that we were all acting like nuts. Keep shaking hands with the public, Dave. From Chris Kresser’s email list: Jason Kottke wrote an excellent article explaining why, in a pandemic like COVID-19, appropriate actions to “flatten the curve” often seem like overkill both at the time they are taken, and in retrospect. He quotes physician Dr. James Hamblin: “The thing is if shutdowns and social distancing work perfectly and are extremely effective, it will seem in retrospect like they were totally unnecessary overreactions.” and epidemiologist Mari Armstrong-Hough: “You won’t ever know if what you did personally helped. That’s the nature of public health. When the best way to save lives is to prevent a disease rather than treat it, success often looks like an overreaction.”
The most profound things are often very simple. There is no magic to this stuff which is why it works. I’ve been following Dave for several years and I am thankful that I found him young and was able to use his guidance to avoid some traps I could’ve easily fell into along the way. Dave is true to himself which may offend some and that’s ok. Millions of us love him because he is genuine and does not hold back his thoughts. He provides hope to his listeners and a strong sense that you can tackle whatever you’re facing - a concept offensive to some of those waiting for a handout. I have been and will continue to be a loyal listener, customer, and fan. Thanks Dave!
I think it’s funny and ironic how people can’t deal with someone else’s opinions. Dave’s show is well... HIS Show! If you don’t like it, unsubscribe or stop listening. It’s not going to hurt him one way or another. I personally like Dave’s rants. You can still be compassionate without being a gullible idiot. I think after explaining common sense to people for 30 years it starts to wear on you when people that write stupid reviews or comments on social media just don’t get it (and likely never will). Get over it people!
Dave you are amazing I listen to you every day and hope to one day be a millionaire just like you oh and p.s I’m only eleven years old and have about $400 in savings but I haven’t started my emergency fund yet.
Thanks for acknowledging God as you share your wisdom
Dave, I sincerely hope your ignorant advice regarding COVID-19 doesn’t KILL anyone. Stick to budgets and numbers, NOT pandemics. Terrible advice from a sanctimonious dolt.
So, I was wondering, if you are a teenager, what should you spend weekly? I, personally only spent about five dollars a week, and I know that is below average, but by how much? Sincerely, Hans Martin
I am sad to say this but I’m not willing to listen to him anymore. I will still follow through with what he has taught me over the last 2 years. I believe in Dave but his Rant about the pre- response to the horrible tornadoes in Nashville really done it for me. I did try to listen to several shows after this to hear an apology but all I heard was that it was bad timing and he didn’t learn anything from the experience. I believe he has lost touch with the common people. I must say thanks for what you have taught about financial dealings.
Hey snowflake, yeah you reading this. Set your politics aside and enjoy this awesome podcast. If your head feels like it’s going to explode because of something you disagree with, you need mental help. Take a deep breath. If your feelings are so delicate, you have been wussified.
This week was a good example of when Dave lets his hubris get in the way of rationale thinking. Listen to Clark Howard and Stacking Benjamin’s for balance.
I’ve been a faithful listener for many years and have followed and been successful using Dave’s baby steps. Very solid advice. Dave’s Rant this week on the COVID-19 situation way too much. Is there some completely crazy retail panic out there? Absolutely. But Dave blowing off the seriousness of the situation leaves a bad taste. Being in the healthcare community and having factual knowledge, his conclusions are just wrong. As he says it’s his show if you don’t like it, the change the station. Well, unfortunately it’s time to unsubscribe.