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I used to listen to Dave Ramsey years ago when I was a financially struggling single parent as I found his advice helpful and often applicable to my own circumstances. I liked his folksy, matter-of-fact style, and while he might have been stern, his advice was always delivered with kindness. However, having just listened to last Friday's show wherein he berated a poor woman, laughed at her, and called her stupid, I have decided Mr. Ramsey is well past his prime and should probably hang it up. I'm just not into listening to people being publicly humiliated, espcially when they are seeking help. I also think if it had been a man calling, the caller would not have been treated so rudely and disdainfully.
It used to be that when you clicked on an episode, it had a summary about that episode and the people who called in. Now, it’s all advertising. This makes it impossible to know what an episode is about before listening — I don’t listen anymore. PLEASE bring back the summaries!
Dave Ramsey is an entertaining mix between Judge Judy and Dr. Phil.
Listening to this podcast has changed my life for the better. I learned the 7 baby steps and began putting them into practice 9 years ago and today I am well on track to meet my long term financial goals. All thanks to Dave. There’s something to learn from every show.
Dave changed my life! Had 7 credit cards...20k in the hole and after following his baby steps I’m debt free. Thanks Dave you are the man!! Love the podcast!!
Love Dave. Love Rachel Cruze. Love Chris Hogan. I’ve been listening to Dave for 11 yrs. My wife and I apply his principles and teachings to our lives. That said, I don’t know why Dave has Ken Coleman. Dave steps in and cuts off Ken to answer callers’ questions. Ken does not assert himself as a business man. He may have the marketing ability but he does not know the stress of payroll, insurance, licensing or liability. There’s no passion from Ken. Where’s the fire in the belly?
God has bless Dave with Wisdom of His word! Especially on how to be good stewards of the money God has in trusted us with! Renewed my mind. It takes discipline. It sure does!!!!
Thank you for all of your amazing advice!
I listen to Dave’s show just about every day. He’s is very inspirational and provides great information regarding personal finances. I will admit, I could live without the guest visits from Chris Hogan. I literally have to fast forward through him talking. Other than that, great show!!
On 1/20/19 I finally decided to cut up all my credit cards. I hope one day soon I can do my debt free scream !!!
I’m a small business owner in a service industry and one of the things I’m passionate about is showing everyone respect and serving others in love. Dave likes to call it “tough love”, but even if what your saying is true, can’t we all agree that the way in which we present truth be one that serves and lifts people up instead of making them feel stupid? If I treated my clients the way Dave does, I would be out of business really fast. Say the hard things, but Dave’s lack of respect and compassion in his conversations is sickening and not at all Christ-like. I stopped listening to Dave years ago because I couldn’t stomach it anymore and I just tried to listen today and couldn’t get through 10 minutes. If you need good sound financial advice and need to talk to someone who will show you respect despite your ignorance, go listen to Clark Howard. Clark is far more informative and shame on Dave that a Jew (Clark) looks more like Jesus than he does.
I started listening to Dave about a year ago and found that his advice matched the way my wife and I handled getting out of debt. I just finished a 6-month period when I was out of work. Having an emergency fund and sticking to a budget made that crisis more of an inconvenience. Thanks to Dave’s teachings, we are now 100% debt free, including our home.
I listen on my way home from work just to keep myself in shape, hes awesome! On the way to living debt free. GOODBYE $120,000 DEBT!
You can choose to be offended when Dave mentions marriage, god, or thoughts on politics ... or you can choose to get control of your life and your money. So easy to filter out the occasional political reference. Love Dave Ramsey, love his advice, the baby steps work and ENJOY!
I was hoping for new episodes in Jan 2019, but as I listen, they seem to be reruns from last year.
We are pretty financially sound and savvy, but someone mentioned this podcast and I hoped I could learn something from it. I probably could, but couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes of his condescending delivery, calling people stupid, telling them “they’re doing dumb crap.” For someone so smart, I hope he can figure out a way to deliver a bit more kindly. You can teach and provide facts without being so rude and negative.
You may disagree with Dave Ramsey about some point in what he teaches, but millions of people, including Dave himself, can testify that the principles he teaches work, every time they are applied. He communicates in an entertaining style that keeps me listening even though I think I could do the show, because I have listened so frequently. My wife and I paid off our house a year ago because we followed the principles. I am very thankful I started listening and learning and applying the things he teaches!
I used to love DR but he’s lost his touch. Too basic of info and once you’ve heard 30 podcasts you’ve heard them all
Always has great financial advice
A good friend told me about this podcast. I’ve been listening every since!
This show and program are amazing I just found this show and information and I’m just getting started but it’s amazing and very inspirational
I listen to this show everyday and fall in love with it more and more. Dave’s advice is amazing. He’s so knowledgeable about almost every topic, career, state, etc. He stays current with what’s happening in the world and he is able to give real time advice. I love it!!
Thanks Dave for doing this. This is helpful stuff for the life.
I love this talk show!
Love your show Dave! Keep sharing your wisdom and opinions!
Thank you Dave for this wonderful program! I LOVE your podcast!!!! Please continue to do this! It has been so inspiring. You are right - it doesn’t work if you aren’t serious about it! Next year is my year 2019 - I am gearing myself up - I will do this thanks to you!! God Bless You - Happy Holidays!!! Kathy M. from CT
I've listened to the show for 6 years now, and still never get tired of it! People's stories are so interesting, and I love Dave's down to earth money advice. Following his plan works! We have been able to pay off school debt and pay off our house! It's not easy, but SO worth it! I still listen so we can stay on track with other future goals!
This podcast keeps me hungry to pay off my debt. It’s incredible what one can accomplish with the right attitude and mindset. Thank you Dave for sharing such valuable wisdom!
I was listening to this podcast every day until they started to speed up the voices. I have learned so much and was constantly motivated by listening to this every day. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to it anymore because of the increased speed of the show. 🙁 I wish they would go back to the way it was!


Great helpful information!
Love the show. I listen every day. My only request is make the commercials and music the same volume as the rest of the show. When wearing ear buds I have to keep adjusting the volume.
Heard about this idea and liked it even tho it’s not the most economical, it’s more for people who aren’t truly dedicated to financial freedom and need the baby explanation. Tried to join their FB group and it’s even a bigger joke. Avoid.
Dave is so entertaining, honest and gives really amazing feedback for those seeking his advice. I have been listening for 2 years and still can’t get enough. Great job!!!
Dave, host of the Dave Ramsey podcast, highlights all aspects of investing, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
He should run for president and then we would be better off financially. He sure would fix this continuing problem
Common sense advice. Anyone can do it.
I’m living like no one else - thx to Dave!
I absolutely love this Podcast and Every Dollar App. I wish I had found this much, much earlier in my life. I recommend it as often as I can without being a nuisance. I thought I was good with the budget until the app. I love it and I’m having more fun shopping with only $20 a month being allocated for clothes than I ever had. Get the app!
Too much religion, judging and hypocrisy. The finances are solid but everything else is a turn off. Goodbye
I have been listening for a while sometimes I get tired of the format of the show. I wish it was formatted with one topic per show rather than random questions. I mean I guess it’s kind of hard to do that when they are relying on live phone calls, however, digging through episodes trying to find questions pertaining to me is difficult. Sometimes the episodes list off the questions that were asked in the show which is nice so I can skip right to them. That is just a suggestion to something I would probably enjoy listening to more. But anyway this podcast is a great motivator. I will stop listening for a few weeks then listen to a couple episodes once I need some more motivation to follow the budget. I have read The Total Money Makeover, and recommend it and this podcast to all of my friends and family members to help get them out of debt!
Started tuning in over 10 years ago & will never stop. So inspiring to hear others pay off their debt. It kept me from ever going into debt. Thanks Dave for all you (& your team) do!!!
Thank you, Dave and crew, for making your show accessible for all. Every segment is enjoyable and allows for continuous learning.
Although I am debt free. I still enjoy the radio show and the many things I learn from Dave’s vast years of experience. I have learned a lot about finance and life planning from Dave. Not to mention integrity and honor. Thank you, Dave!!!
I love listening to Dave. He has knowledge on anything from real estate to life insurance and paying off student debt. Listeners call in with problems and Dave gives his advice on what steps to take. This podcast really inspired me to read the total money makeover book!
I enjoy listening to Dave, he’s inspiring and really gives great advice. I’m going to purchase the book because, I too HATE DEBT and want to encourage my friends and family to think the same. My only issue with Mr. Ramsey is that he should let his callers talk, and not cut them off as much. I understand there’s only so much time and some can be long winded. But, there were a few callers that were cut off while speaking and I wanted to say Dave LET THEM FINISH!! This is the only reason he gets 4 stars instead of 5. Dave along with the other host you have at Ramsey Solutions, keep up the good work and I’ll continue to listen.
Just Listening To The Podcast Daily, I Paid Off 40k In Almost All Student Loan Debt And Have Savings For An Emergency Before Turning 27. Tune Into This Podcast!!!!