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Unfortunately since the show platform has changed to having a co-host the show has become difficult to listen to. The co-host often distracts from the callers questions and interjects nonsense into the conversation.
This show is worth listening to!
Dave’s simple approach can help lots of people, and has helped me. His show used to be motivating and entertaining. However, he now seems to have a harder and harder time containing his ego. His refusal to acknowledge that people can succeed with a plan other than his makes him seem very small. Plus, the rebrand with co-hosts is awful. They are mostly parrots who are fearful they will regurgitate the baby steps incorrectly. They rarely add anything of substance. It would be refreshing if he let someone disagree with him in order spark a healthy discussion/debate on various topics.
Used to really enjoy the podcast. It’s now unlistenable. The co-hosts are just brutal. Lap dogs that can’t regurgitate Dave’s thought fast enough and don’t have an original thought in their heads. Too bad- used to be a must listen for me.
Dave is starting to sound like what he refers to as the clueless relative living in the basement. The Ramsey talent diffuses and deflects the angry Dave. That was a sound production move to have them as co-hosts.
Love this podcast!! My husband and I (ages 27 and 32) are now 100% debt free and we just paid our home off! Thanks to Dave Ramsey we are changing our family legacy!
Listening from Portland, Oregon. Ramsey and his team set us up for success if we can deal with the discipline.
Chris interrupts or just echos Dave. Or says the wrong thing!!! Can’t listen to Chris.
While I agree with your synopsis on Dave Ramsey’s cohosts (and would add here that most of Dave’s pre-COVID audience seems to prefer his old solo format to his post-COVID format with constant cohosts), I would correct your very erroneous statement that “FYI you don’t call phds “Doctor” (ostensibly referring to Dr. John Delony) since “he’s not an MD.” You are wrong about this, and anyone who does have a doctoral degree (myself included) would correct you. This is why it’s called a ‘doctorate degree.’ I say this to help you avoid: 1) Being wrong, and 2) Intentionally and ignorantly disrespecting people who have spent years and years to obtain the highest level of education possible in any given area of graduate study by not using their proper title!
I’ve been listening to your financial advice for years and no idea you were a raging racist. Your tribute to Rush and lovingly fawning over such a hateful person is the nail in the coffin for me #restinpissdave
I really bought in to his method at first, though I was really already in good financial shape. I recommended him to a family member that was on hard times and a few others. I’m really regretting that now. I can’t believe some of the stuff he says now.... also his advice has helped many but not all of it is sound advice. It’s like my loving Christian uncle has gone to the dark side. Praying for him and his family.
I never write reviews but after seeing all the negative reviews I had to. My husband and I married young and were struggling finically when we started listening to Dave Ramsey and following his baby steps. We are now 30 living on one income in the Seattle area so I can stay home with our son, we are out of debt, have a fully funded emergency fund, investing regularly and have a 5 year plan to pay off our home. I thank Dave for this. All the people hating on Dave Ramsey and saying he is out of touch etc etc have not tried his plan for them selves. This plan requires sacrifice! People don’t want to sacrifice they want the government to bail them out! And they can’t handle anyone with a different opinion! Dave’s rants are my favorite! He gives great financial and life advice! I’m not a huge fan of the new format with the other personalities. They have their own podcasts so we could go listen to them there if we wanted.
I’ve yet to listen to DAVE Ramsey but I’ll definitely subscribe now that I see the cancel culture has gone after him!! 🙌


By bkd65
Scrooge McDuck. So out of touch. Missing the joy experience. Another old guy practicing performative masculinity. blech.
Dave has a heart for people and when people follow his advice they will live more fruitful, happy and healthy lives. Really people... get thicker skin and listen to his words and intention. It’s all to help people get out of debt and live with a lot less stress. It’s to leave a legacy for their children!! Many debt free people support and thank you Dave!
Quick story: I’ve been given more Christmas gifts over the years than I should have ever been blessed with, but I will never take it for granted. Many of those gifts, I can’t tell you what they were or what year I received them. But I do remember one year in my early 20s, my older sister gifted me Total Money Makeover. It sat on my bookshelf and collected dust for a couple of years. Little did I realize that Christmas Day I received the greatest gift I’ve ever received. And that’s no disrespect to all the others I received, but this one has gone on to teach me how to be financially responsible, how to not fall into the FICA scheme, how to invest, and how to change not only my family’s future, but to be a beacon of light for all those around me who value my advice. I took a chance and surrendered myself to Dave’s written plan in 2016. In 2017, I paid off my student loans and my auto loan. I had two sets of student loans taken out in 2009 and 2014 that totaled nearly $30,000. An auto loan in 2011 was another nearly $25,000 mistake. All told, I now have 10 closed accounts. Five were student loans, one an auto loan, and the other four were store credit cards. There was a lot of stupid in there. I owned my mistakes and I paid them off. I didn’t want one penny from the government and I still don’t. All I want is for them to stay out of my life! Now I’m living debt free and have been for going on four years! I’m saving up to pay for a home with cash because I refuse to ever pay another dime of interest to a bank and allow them to profit off of my blood, sweat, and tears. Everything they stand for is nearly every reason why almost 80 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. But you have the power to take control of your life. In order to do that, you need to take control of your money. Control your emotions and you can control your money. Learn how to budget and follow the seven baby steps. I wouldn’t endorse these things if they didn’t work. They work! I’m living proof, and you can be too! Dream It! Believe It! Work For It! Live It!
He’s been on a path for the last year or so and it’s only gotten worse. He’s so greatly disconnected to the average person and their finances these days he’s not even speaking from a relatable point of view anymore
This podcast has really helped me start a new financial path for my life ,and this year I’m on a path to pay off all of my student loan debt and start an emergency fund. So far, I fully paid off my car, and it feels great. Thanks Dave and all the other personalities for helping me change my perspective on money!
He hates gays and loves Rush Limbaugh.


By RicSC58
Reading the negative reviews below it is not about his politics or Covid responses. It is about the rapid deterioration of his show which he is not calling it the Dave Ramsey Show anymore. I can see why he does not want his name attached to this horrible format. Listened to the show for years and years. Stopped when he for some odd reason brought on guest host. They are terrible and distracet from Dave. Can not believe he does not hear this. A few radio host that can carry a three hour daily show and dave is one. The co-host speak in cliches and bring nothing to the conversation. Tired of hearing I am going to speak the truth to you and there is darkness out there. Please Dave before your show drifts into oblivion go back solo.
his disdain for poor people is excruciatingly obvious.
Dave Ramsey is not culturally relevant and does not represent diversity, inclusion, and equality for all. He does not seem to understand that everyone isn’t afforded the same opportunity and this intentional denial makes him a disgrace to the America that he claims to love.
I was appalled to hear that “lefties” were spoken about in a very derogatory and one-sided way. This particular lefty happens to be a millionaire and then some at age 57....on her own....and the only government “hand out” I expect is what I paid into for Social Security but I don’t depend on it because the government is dysfunctional and not just the left side. Please…. !!! Your listeners are not that ignorant. Also, on the same show, Rush Limbaugh was praised???? Seriously? He happens to be one of the most misogynistic and bigoted individual I have ever heard in my whole life. A hatred spewer. Sad that you have now alienated about half of your listeners. You have done a lot good in your life.... sad you have chosen to divide good, hard working Americans and perpetuate the polarization that exists in this good country.
I used to like this podcast but I no longer feel welcome.
He’s a Christian but his political views are creeping up. He praises people like Rush Limbaugh. As he gets older he’s getting very set in his way and very hypocritical
Dave firing an employee, for someone else’s opinion that he didn’t like, is pure evil. It shows a deep lack of character. His continued support of a serial adulterer, while firing a single woman for getting pregnant is not only evil, it’s repugnant. Jesus tells us: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.” Dave is peddling rotten fruit.
Chris Hogan is very annoying to listen to on this show alongside of Dave. He seems like he’s trying to anticipate what he thinks Dave will say and it’s almost always stated prematurely. For example, yesterday he stated with absolute confidence “you have a marriage problem!” to a guy that was trying to explain why he and his wife kept separate credit cards. And although that might be the case, it was definitely not the moment to announce that as a conclusion. Again, it wasn’t that the message was necessarily incorrect but that it was hurriedly rushed to as a definite conclusion. I really appreciate how down-to-earth Christy is, and I like it when she Dave and Christy are together. She doesn’t simply echo Dave, like the other personalities do. They’ve got a complimentary energy as a duo. She seems like an outsider, in a good way. She’s empathetic to listeners and asks clarifying questions before giving advice. A few of the others seem to try to copy Dave in a way that simply makes them annoying to hear. You feel like saying, “just let him talk. He is sitting right there and can say it better and deliver the message appropriately!”
You can easily invest in index funds and not pay fees on the mutual funds he promotes. Also can earn rewards points on credit cards and benefit from them if paid off monthly. ALSO can keep a low interest mortgage. His program may work for people that are seriously in debt but why pay for a program when you’re in debt to begin with and you can get all the financial advise you need free online. From what I’m reading recently on how he manages his company I believe even his management style is stuck in the 80s. Toxic cultures do not make for long term loyalty. PS There are a lot of other podcasts that discuss how millionaires made their wealth.
Reading these comments are crazyyyyyy 😂. A lot of angry people. Keep up the great work Dave 💪🏽
Dave, Not everyone is trying to get wealthy. Some people are just trying to pay their rent and feed their family. Instead of doing your rants..:maybe listen. You are so worried about being right that your mean....and this has nothing to do with the left.
awesome podcast
Okay I know that this is a rating place and should be used just for that but i am so angry at the people hating on Dave I just have to stand up for what Dave believes and what I believe too. So people out there who think they really know Dave probably don’t period. Because ya know what THEY ARE NOT GOD or a close relative or a good friend so people out there SHUT UP!!!!! You know I say that the only judgment that really matters is the one done by the ultimate judge, God. That is al I have to say.
He doesn’t give accurate advise. And the advise he does give comes from a place of judgement, not a place of caring. Time and time again he’s stated he wouldn’t date anyone with dept. time and time again he pressures people to marry before they’re ready. Just not a fan. Love Dave and Chris. John and Ken are okay, but don’t seem to have a good grasp when financial questions come their way. I don’t mind the cohost setup, been listening a long time, but I’d prefer the show be about financial issues. It’s going in a very different direction.
Listen to Dave, he practices what he preaches. If you are patient and follow this common sense advice you will prosper just like I have.
Watch how someone walks with the broken of this world and you will see their true personality.


Like the co-hosts...don’t like Dave always talking over them.
Dave’s advice is to always “stick to the baby steps” and follow the proven plan. I’m not sure why he’s not following his own advice in regards to his show. Co-hosts and “rebranding” the show won’t equate to the gains he’s anticipating. He’s alienating the people that helped build his empire. Just saying.
While I like what Dave Ramsey stands for in general....I haven’t figured out the rationale to paying off a 3-4% interest mortgage with, say 100k principle, rather than to invest that 100k and make a lot more than 3% In other investment opportunities. If the best you can do with your money is to save 3% which is also tax deductible than you need to find a better financial advisor than Dave Ramsey.
Love the Dave Ramsey Show!!😊😆
I love listening to this podcast! Best way to keep your mind in the game and strong towards financial freedom! A must listen to anyone wherever they are financially, spiritually and relationally- they cover a lot not only about money but in all aspects of improving your life. Give it an episode or so and you’ll thank me later!


By ov13385
Awful terrible advice
What is the point of a co-host when they only know how to regurgitate the Baby Steps? And eventually Dave just waits for them to finish so he can have the last word? Any consultant could correct these problems for you.
Been listing to Dave for years. His advise is solid.
This guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He makes millions off the poor and people in debt. There are way better financial advisors out there who know what it’s like to be poor- something Dave cannot even fathom. His lack of empathy is a huge red flag. I know because I worked for his company and aside from the hypocrisy he and his company are extremely misogynistic and I left because of all the sexual harassment the women encountered. Just another old white guy that gets away with anything. Behind closed doors he mocks the poor and people of color.
I bought the book “Total Money Make Over” and was a member of Financial Peace. I was all into Dave Ramsey until I found out how he runs his organization. How he controls the lives of his employees, even interviewing their spouses before hiring them. About pulling out his gun at staff meetings. Or ranting against masks during Covid, only to have 100 staff members come down with the disease. About firing a pregnant unmarried employee, but at the same time keeping a high-level staff member who had affairs. Dave Ramsey you’re a hypocrite!
Dave is a great financial resource
Ramsey claimed the people don’t need stimulus checks because if they need $1400 then they’re “screwed anyway.” F*ck you Ramsey
Ramsey has a good plan but can’t seem to stick to financial advice and goes off on religious or political tangents. I’m not a christian or a republican but still listened because I needed financial help. I’ve paid off all my debt thanks to some of his teachings but can’t stick behind him anymore. He alienates people and insults younger people and non-christians. He also dedicated huge segments to pushing his families latest books or pyramid schemes. I’m unsubscribing and looking for a less biased financial podcast.
Not a smart business strategy to alienate half the country. Too political and preachy. I used to listen for the straight forward financial advice, but it’s just sort of repetitive after a while. Dave is actually the least insufferable of the bunch, the co-hosts seem phony and insincere and don’t bring much to the table.