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Great financial advice for people.
some of the financial advice is solid, but that’s only 10% of the show, the rest is about buying into his cult, preaching, hating on anyone who doesn’t agree with his ideologies, infomercial quality content. The boomer format just ruins it.
Whether you think you don’t need it or you do. Dave provides great advice on money and life. Working hard on baby step 2, and can’t wait to keep progressing!


By kcjaqz
This show is truly amazing. It is helping me with the money issues in my life right now. Life changer.
Dave empowers families and individuals to make their financial dreams come true and put their dollars to work for them!
I’d probably be in so much debt right now if it hadn’t been for this show.
Best of the Best
Dave Ramsey, The Entreleadership, and The Ken Coleman shows are all my favorite go to’s. I have been listening for about 5 years. Thank you for everything y’all do!
Life changing.
I am 16 and I love listening to this show and it’s life changing for so many people that have financial problems
Buy in suckers
Great show! Nothing but motivation!
Dave can have a crying young lady stresses out of her mind laughing by the end of the phone call. Dave is God Sent and does gods works that we don’t deserve. Helping people daily. Great job. Amazing content. Even better person.
This show will change your life if you do it!
Aside from the content, there’s something about Dave’s voice and the music that puts me in a great mood and encourages me to work harder.
I have learned so much listening to Dave Ramsey!!! I want to help people the way he helped us!! Thank you Dave!!
As stated by many people, Dave is rude but it’s actually entertaining to me lol. However, he seems to be a little outdated with some of his ideologies. He has a “one size fit all” mentality, which puts limitations on the potential of the podcast.
Tons of great information. I look forward to hearing what new situations Dave tackles everyday.
Good content, full of wisdom. Highly recommend!
I like the liberal comment, makes perfectly good Sense.
Incredible podcast that will lead to wealth building the catch is you have to do the work. There is so much information to take in and learn I will listen twice so I don’t miss it. You can learn the true value of money by listening to this awesome podcast.
I am addicted to Dave. I love listening to him helping people and heating the people that have overcome their debt. This process works. I am excited to be on the other side of this. Thank you Dave. You have given me hope again.
I love listening to his show on a daily basis. I personally love how blunt he is with others calling in for help. Thank you for all your help, Dave!


By NV33
Great stuff
I will never listen to your show or anything again after you called being liberal a “brain disease”. Shame on you. Especially with what is happening in this political climate- just awful. There’s plenty of other financial experts out there with smarter views.
I love Dave Ramsey. He is really helping me to get my finances together. However, I deeply wish he would take politics out of some of his answers. I wish he would just stick to financial aspect rather than sprinkling in political view points in his responses.
For the financial advice and planning... I also love when he correlates it to the Bible and to the conservative standards. However, I wish he’d be a little more humble and kind. Almost every episode he has to brag about how much money he’s made on a current investment or in general. Also, I understand people are calling in and asking ‘stupid’ questions. But the had to get to a low enough place most of the time to be vulnerable and for him to get so frustrated and short with them or even call them stupid... isn’t very cool. Thanks for the $ advice tho!
There is a lot of wisdom in these shows that get sprinkled into the financial advice, good stuff. Not a big fan of any of the “Ramsey Personalities” though. I always skip those shows or segments. None of them bring anything original to the conversation it’s just parroting the same talking points.
Life lessons on saving money and getting out of debt. Great show for anyone looking to change the way they live and save money.
If you’re getting out of debt you have to listen to this show. So motivational!
Good overall advice. Just wish he wouldn’t get so political.
Great advice and very entertaining. Gave me the wake up call I definitely needed.
Dave will change your life!


By Yoma323
Dave is the goat! Love this podcast.
I listen to the show (or watch on YouTube). This show changes your viewpoint on how to to approach financial success.
I’m very grateful for all his advice. It help me change my family tree. Live on less of what you make.
I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Dave Ramsey...I’m sure I was desperately googling financial advice. Thank God I landed here! My life (and spending and saving habits) have changed from that day on. I wish you were better known in my parts—Massachusetts, but I’m certainly trying to spread the word. I have a lot of “broke” friends and family members. Sadly, “broke” is an epidemic that’s quickly becoming a “norm”. Time for a change. Keep doing what you do! Thank you, Dave.
The financial stuff is 100% amazing. If you follow it and make smart decisions you’ll be better off. We followed it and we are debt free (except for our mortgage) What’s odd: Is it just me or is this show preaching religion more and more. As an agnostic person, it really doesn’t bother me here and there but it’s overwhelming. People saying that Jesus talks to them and the fact that Dave is more like a preacher than a financial guru.
I just found out about Dave Ramsey this month. I purchased and read the book and my husband and I have started our financial journey. This man is brilliant and a true Christian. People seem to judge him on his personality and not the content of his teachings. I love both and I think God chose Dave to deliver this message in his own unique way. Sometimes people need to hear it that way. If it hurts your feelings, then you must need to make better financial decisions. Seems like only the hurt dogs are hollering!
I used to love Dave, but his extreme right wing rants are so obnoxious. I’ve officially turned him off. Also funny how he supported the tax cuts for the wealthy (himself) even though it ran up the country’s debt.
10 years ago I was buried in debts. Now I’m almost a millionaire and debt free....true.
Always enjoyable to listen to. Sound financial advice from a trusted source.
Angry, shoting at thin air about mysterious liberal ideas. Preachy to the point of obnoxious, considering what Jesus said about the chances of a rich man entering into the kingdom of heaven. Ego and right-wing anger has taken over, but there is some good advice in the mix if you can tollerate the nonesense.
Dave's Program has helped my husband in so many ways. Only critique is when Chris Hogan does the the show he often forgets to answer the actual question of the caller. Probably just nervous. Still love all the Ramsey personalities.
The Dave Ramsey show is great I’m a young teen and I still love it
Love this show can’t live without my day starts with hearing this show and it just motivates me to be better with money and time keep up the great job of helping people with money and life its so inspirational love hearing the success all the people have with your baby steps