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Can't Download


Can't download! Anyone else? I can't listen unless online. Help?!?!?
What a joy to find this podcast. Listened to it in the mid-80's in Southeast Michigan. The occasional classic from the archives are the icing on the cake. Edwin Dewint and George Pickering and friends provide lively repartee and laughs. Just plain fun! Would be great to have a podcast section of the classics to complement/parallel contemporary episodes. UPDATE Aug 2012: can't download for non-online listening!
As the son of WT Rabe, originator of the show long before I was born, I can't tell you how happy and proud I am that it's still around. Now -- if anybody has tapes of the show from the 1950s and 1960s, lemme know at Offramp (at) -- John Rabe Los Angeles
This is a very, very funny show. I absolutely love the professors offbeat humor. The range of questions (and answers) is mind-boggling as are the actual questions and answers. Love it!
I remember listening to this show on KRTH 101 in Los Angeles in the 90s. They are very funny & Not your average stuffy college professors. I use to dread when the Detroit Mercy bells would ring & indicate another wonderful show was ending. Now with it as a poscast I can listen to this show one after another. I was looking for a new podcast since all my other ones seem not to be uploading at this time & was ectatic when I found out Ask the Professor was now a podcast. Thank you so much I thought i would never hear u all again. I love love LOVE this podcast!!!
Don't let the title professor throw you. They are profs at a university but just as quick and/or clueless as you and me for this trivia broadcast. Delightful.