Reviews For A VerySpatial Podcast | Discussions on Geography and Geospatial Technologies

Been absolutely loving their conversations on GIS and geography. Especially liked the recent philosophical episode on Space and Place. :)


Really excited that there's a podcast like this and I'll keep listening, since I'm passionate about geography and it's part of my job. However, there's something missing and I can't quite pinpoint it. Probably could just use a little more enthusiasm/spark/passion to lighten things up a bit.
I've been searching for a good GIS Podcast for awhile. Very impressed.
These folks started off in the right direction but around 2004? or so the went political. I gave up on them when they started being a mouthpiece for the John Kerry and Al Gore crowd.
Just stumbled onto your podcast.....As a public health epidemiolgist who uses GIS at work this site is helpful as it gives a broad overview of the industry and all of the different capabilities GIS has to offer.