Prince of Preachers

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Charles Spurgeon was an awesome preacher and these sermons are read wonderfully and captivating by this reader. I had to leave a review because they are so good. I’ve been listening for years
Really loving them!


By Lot85
These sermons are excellent! The narration is done in a powerful and heartfelt manner. I absolutely love listening.
Narrator Does a great job. Pleasant & appropriate voice for this podcast.
Of all the Spurgeon sermon podcasts i like this one the best. C.H.S has always been one of my favorite preachers. So it's great to be able to hear his sermons podcast. Keep up the good work.
These are very well done! Charles reads C.H. Spurgeon's sermons in a very heartfelt and passionate way (although without an English Accent), and I truly enjoy listening to them! I highly recommend these!