Reviews For KomicsKast

I'm not sure if the new direction for KomicsKast has a name as such, but I love hearing what happened each month and any insight into particular issues (like FF#1) is sweet, sweet gravy. Good job Bruce!
These guys have a true love for sequential art and I enjoy hearing them discuss their hobby. They also have a wealth of scholarly information about golden and silver age comics,
The 'Kast is always great for an incredibly knowledgeable view of comics - both old & new! Their historic pieces are some of the best on the web, and they are a must-listen for any serious comic collector!
Thanks to Bruce and Stephan's knowledge and love of older comics, I've tried a lot of books and strips based off of their recommendations and rarely been disappointed.
Bruce goes out of his way to make every episode a unique, fun, intelligent and worthwhile experience. His show offers an immense amount of variety and if you haven't checked it out, you are missing a great talent. Bruce's love for the medium is infectious. As long as Bruce is involved with podcasting, I will keep on listening. My favorite episodes involve his looks back at old comic strips. I am glued to those segments. This show has something for everyone.
KomicsKast is always researched, planned and entertaining. Bruce talks about comics or other sequential mediums that don't get the attention they deserve. Each episode like sitting in on a seminar about something you should be reading. I listen to Bruce's show with a pen and paper waiting to make notes of things I should check out. Small press, independent, alternative and mainstream, Bruce loves comics. That comes through loud and clear in every episode of KomicsKast.
Bruce looks back on - and speaks fondly of - the comic strips of yesterday and today, comic books of all shapes and sizes from small press and self published to the independents and the mainstream, and anything related to the sequential art form. KomicsKast is a joy to listen to and I, for one, always learn something from every episode.
Bruce has a laid back delivery and his love for and knowledge of comic books is evident. His show might not be for everyone, but for the discerning comic book reader who wants to hear honest opinions from a knowledgeable host, then this is the podcast definitely worth checking out.