Reviews For Pilotcast

I have listened to approximately 30 podcasts so far. In general, I find the discussions interesting. I have expecially enjoyed the ones that included guests that are very articulate and knowledgable. On the other hand, I'm still struggling getting used to Pilot Mike's tendency to dominate conversations (Pilot Kent stays generally quite....) and when this is combined with his chronic stuttering, I sometimes ask myself "Why doesn't Mike stop talking, gather his thoughts and let someone else talk?". On the positive side, Pilot Dan seems to consider what he says before saying it and is enjoyable to listen to. But all in all, I am going to continue listening to the podcast.
i loved this podcast but they haven't released a new episode for 3 months. come back!!!!
Guess you guys have been busy lately as the Podcasts are becoming few and far between. Just a question? Is there some reason you don't include last names, i.e. Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent and Pilot Mike? We promise we won't hunt you down or try to sue you guys.
I'm a student, and I guess like many students... I can't get enough of anything GA. When I'm not studying or flying with my CFI I want to watch or listen to anything that can help me be better at what I'm doing. CFIcast allows a student to do something he/she doesn't get a chance to do... listen to a bunch of CFIs round table their thoughts. The differing views, the common views... you get the "details" of things you just don't get from a training video or book. (not that this replaces that, just that it's a great augment.)
Diverse yet topical, informative and interesting. I'm a middle aged gentleman and just started working towards my Private Pilot VFR license. My son got his ticket and I realized that flying wasn't just something to dream about, it was something I could do. This is my favorite podcast. I listen to each one over and over. Dan, Mike and Kent and their guests and are mentors at large to all aviation enthusiasts.


me lik it
These guys are really on to something. Pilotcast combines the informal atmosphere of a bunch of guys sitting around the hangar talking about flying with that sense of discovery of what's just over the horizon that makes GA so enjoyable. My favorite piece was the interview with the blimp pilot in one of the earlier episodes. That pilot sort of reminded me of one of those old riverboat captains that Mark Twain wrote about.


The podcast equivilant of Waynes world without the funny and without any hope of good information. Skip this one


By Roy U
It is obvious these guys have put considerable time and effort into this podcast. The result is an outstanding production of hangar flying that has focus on the grass roots of aviation. All pilots and future pilots should be aware of this rewarding and thought provoking show. This is a gem! Fly high and fast gentleman.
The pilot cast rocks! Gets me thru my very boring job, I am always excited for the next one to come out! Keep it up guys- Student Pilot Andrew
I just started my pilot training a couple of month ago and found the BEST podcast on flying. Three GA buffs discuss everything about GA Current Events. If you're a pilot, this is a must-subscribe podcast!
This podcast really does as advertised, it make you feel like you are sitting in a hangar shootin' the bull about general aviation. I'm a student pilot and have really learned a great deal from listening to these guys. They have great guests that know their aviation and the hosts themselves have a lot to say about current events and history in aviation. Bravo Zulu Guys!
Never missed an episode and never will. Its better than all the other aviation podcasts!

By RudyW
Good content for me - 200+ PPL.
If you can't be at the airport listening to some good hangar talk then this is the next best thing.
Informative and entertaining! These guys put forth a lot of effort and bring a wealth of interesting material They are receptive to comments and criticism - it's the podcast for pilots, by pilots!
Listen to the First Podcast of you guys and sounds pretty good. i'll subscribe