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In the distant past this was an excellent podcast. It was my escape from to a place free of partisan politics where everyone can be united in their love of Celtic music. Not anymore. Marc Gunn has increasingly sprinkled politics into his podcasts lately, which has despoiled what was once a politics-free haven.
I’ve been listening to this podcast off and on since at least 2012 (changing phones sometimes makes me forget what I had on the old one). But I love this podcast. I listen to it at work, in the car, while walking. I found some great artists that I love thanks to it and Marc!! Keep up the fantastic work.
I love Celtic music. It makes me feel happy!
I wake up to this podcast on the weekends and it starts the day off perfectly. Every episode is well planned out with just the right variety of music. Very relaxing, upbeat and enjoyable. You won’t be disappointed.


By SpydMC
Great music.
Great music and the host seems like a great person. Stoked to see support for our LGBTQ comrades.
This podcast is my life, I listen to it when I sleep, take showers, or eat! I also like to listen to it when I draw! -Kiana 2020 Thu Jul 16
This music is the best for studying and relaxing to -unknown
It is a fun way to listen to great music
It so hard to find a good listening place for this music, even SXM does have it! Thanks, Mark. I look forward to every podcast! Bruce T. Columbus, Ohio
Amazing! If there was less taking then I would like it more though.


By Naragor
Thank you for helping me get back in touch with Celtic roots. You do an amazing job at picking out songs each week while still finding ways to get the audience and listeners involved. Keep up the great work!
I truly enjoyed Mark Gunn’s ‘Irish and Celtic Music’ podcast! I’m not a huge fan of his own music but I do enjoy some of his songs and have bought and downloaded at least one of his songs on iTunes. His instrumental shows are the best in my opinion. Also, I have discovered numerous new songs that I have never heard before -and then bought and downloaded- due to this amazing podcast. Update: Dropped 2 stars after his LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ pride podcast. Leave the political/culture war crap out of your show, Mark. We get punched in the face with it daily as it is and your podcast was a way to get away from the bs...
Dang Marc that nervous laugh the whole episode was very awkward 🤣
Love all the work Marc puts into this podcast, he really supports all the artists that if it weren’t for for this podcast, I wouldn’t get to enjoy them!!! I look them up in iTunes and purchase tracks and/or albums that comfort me. Thanks again to Marc and these incredible artists!!!
Do you have some Irish dubstep
Has everything from trad to modern takes. Its like an Irish festival every week.
I've been listening to Marc's podcast off and on for years. I always thoroughtly enjoy the depth and varietly of Celtic music he showcases. This podcast has gotten me through many workouts and road trips. I recently had an opportunity to actually listen to this podcast while traveling in Ireland in Sept 2019. I've never listened to music that has touched me more or resonated more in my bones. Keep up the most excellent work Marc, you are so appreciated!!!!!
If you love Irish music, this podcast is for you. Great new music every week that is perfect for driving, working out or doing chores. Don’t miss it!
Define Celtic however you want, but Marc does a great job pulling music from the modern seven Celtic Nations and their diaspora.
Excellent work -- many thanks.
This is the absolute best Irish Celtic Podcast avail. My son just got back from Ireland and loved all the live music played in the pubs, so glad to bring it into our home as well. For many years now we have followed this podcast, so enjoyable! I’m trying to get 1 of my younger sons into this music so he wants to play it. My older sons play excellent guitar but their influence was rock and I want Celtic music to be the influence, so thank you for this podcast! It’s amazing! Keep it going!
I don’t have WiFi so REALLY love this access to Celtic music.
Thx for putting great music out there laddie it truly is remarkable that you have so many songs that remind me of my four times great grandfather-Scott Taylor I’m also from the McDonald clan of the irish
My wife and I are taking a two week trip to Ireland this year and listening to this podcast has really got me excited for our trip, as if I wasn’t excited already! I have strong Irish roots with my O’Reilly side of the family and this podcast is great for discovering artists and songs I haven’t heard before.
You know a good heart when you hear one. Great music through each week. What else do you want?!
Longtime listener now exploring other podcasts with emphasis on Celtic music rather than modern social justice causes. Unfortunately this podcast is no longer a relaxing stroll along the high road or the low road to the shores of Loch Lomond. Rating reflects Excellent music and too much SJW discussion.
I love this podcast. It’s a deep dive into Irish and Scottish culture through music.
This is a wonderful podcast. I’m so grateful that it gives me the opportunity to hear Celtic music that’s not in the mainstream. I can’t recommend this enough.
I just listen to the music🎶
Thank you, always good. Mark in Milwaukee
I absolutely love this podcast and listen to it everyday! Marc shares the best un-mainstream Celtic music out there, and I’ve made notes of the artists and bands I want to keep listening to and supporting. I love how Marc is so down to earth, fun, and informative, and how he includes his sweet family. Thank you Marc!!
I would like to ask What is the main difference between the Irish Gaelic and the Scottish Gaelic. ? The family in America are all gone. This trip I’d like to be able to speak both languages, as going to travel to both countries cnext year. Yours is the best course I’ve found so going to do yours for the Irish. Haven’t found one as yet for the Scottish language. Maybe you would be so kind as to suggest one? I will understand if you’re not allowed to do so. The comments all are so positive and uplifting. I think I will enjoy the experience. I do not know one person to communicate with to practice the lessons. That would make it easier and more fun for sure. Well making the Dive !
I’m not all that sure what to say other than I’m glad I get to listen to this epic music that keeps my mind clear and off he present. I sure as heck wouldn’t mind listening all the time!
I first found the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast back close to when Marc first started it. This was one of two podcasts I subscribed to when I got my first MP3 player, and I listened to it faithfully until I drifted away to Pandora for audio entertainment for a while (although it did inspire the Celtic music station I made). When I jumped back into the world of podcasts a few years past, this was the first one I added back to my list. The music is the perfect backdrop for just about anything I’m doing from editing spreadsheets at work to exercising to working in the garden. Thanks for exposing us to excellent independent Celtic musicians, and keep the good tunes coming!
Podcast come and go in my library but this podcast has been apart of my life for 10+ years!!! Thank you!
I have been listening to this podcast since 2005. It was the first podcast I ever discovered on my first iPod. I listen to the episodes over and over again and this podcast has inspired multiple trips to Ireland over the years. Thank you to Marc for keeping this up all these years!
Hey um i am part Scottish but i listen to the podcast anyway and i love this show i mean the irish and celtics music has so much meaning to it and feels like my heart was stolen by this podcast itself 🤩🤩🤩👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 that is how I feel
I’ve been listening to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast for years now. It’s a staple in my weekly listening diet, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. While Marc Gunn has introduced me to many new musicians (not to mention his own work) the podcast itself is always a thoughtful blend of music. I never get tired of listening to past episodes, and always look forward to the new episodes coming out every week.
I’m really Irish, so when I found this podcast, I fell instantly in love. This is the greatest source of entertainment I’ve ever found! And for free!?! Totally epic. Mr. Marc Gunn, you have outdone yourself! 💚 Thank you so much a billion times, this music is so beautiful. Everyone should subscribe to this. I love all of your podcasts!!! -BlackIcew01f.
Marc Gunn’s podcast has allowed me to hear a wonderful variety of very talented artists every week whose music I’m getting to know and love.
Excellent variety of Celtic music from trad to Celtic influence. I look forward to each new episode & can’t keep my foot from tapping along.
A recent fabulous two-week journey around the periphery of the Emerald Isle with Globus Tours readied me for more Celtic music, spirituality, and prayer. This podcast will do very nicely! Thank you so much.
Just recently discovered this most excellent podcast of Irish & Celtic music, and I became instantly hooked. Is this podcast 5 Stars? Absolutely!


This is my first time listening and I am so impressed! This is a wonderful podcast full of excellent music! Thank you!
Really nice podcast for people developing interest in Celtic music, as well as people with a deeper familiarity.
I love this music. I’m a metalhead but this music is awesome! Keep up the great job and the music!!!