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I’m not all that sure what to say other than I’m glad I get to listen to this epic music that keeps my mind clear and off he present. I sure as heck wouldn’t mind listening all the time!
I first found the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast back close to when Marc first started it. This was one of two podcasts I subscribed to when I got my first MP3 player, and I listened to it faithfully until I drifted away to Pandora for audio entertainment for a while (although it did inspire the Celtic music station I made). When I jumped back into the world of podcasts a few years past, this was the first one I added back to my list. The music is the perfect backdrop for just about anything I’m doing from editing spreadsheets at work to exercising to working in the garden. Thanks for exposing us to excellent independent Celtic musicians, and keep the good tunes coming!
Podcast come and go in my library but this podcast has been apart of my life for 10+ years!!! Thank you!
I have been listening to this podcast since 2005. It was the first podcast I ever discovered on my first iPod. I listen to the episodes over and over again and this podcast has inspired multiple trips to Ireland over the years. Thank you to Marc for keeping this up all these years!
Hey um i am part Scottish but i listen to the podcast anyway and i love this show i mean the irish and celtics music has so much meaning to it and feels like my heart was stolen by this podcast itself 🤩🤩🤩👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 that is how I feel
I’ve been listening to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast for years now. It’s a staple in my weekly listening diet, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. While Marc Gunn has introduced me to many new musicians (not to mention his own work) the podcast itself is always a thoughtful blend of music. I never get tired of listening to past episodes, and always look forward to the new episodes coming out every week.
I’m really Irish, so when I found this podcast, I fell instantly in love. This is the greatest source of entertainment I’ve ever found! And for free!?! Totally epic. Mr. Marc Gunn, you have outdone yourself! 💚 Thank you so much a billion times, this music is so beautiful. Everyone should subscribe to this. I love all of your podcasts!!! -BlackIcew01f.
Marc Gunn’s podcast has allowed me to hear a wonderful variety of very talented artists every week whose music I’m getting to know and love.
Excellent variety of Celtic music from trad to Celtic influence. I look forward to each new episode & can’t keep my foot from tapping along.
I truly enjoy Mark Gunn’s ‘Irish and Celtic Music’ podcast! I’m not a huge fan of his own music but I do enjoy some of his songs and have bought and downloaded at least one on iTunes. His instrumental shows are the best in my opinion. Also, I have discovered numerous new songs that I have never heard before -and then bought and downloaded- due to this amazing podcast. Thanks Mark!
A recent fabulous two-week journey around the periphery of the Emerald Isle with Globus Tours readied me for more Celtic music, spirituality, and prayer. This podcast will do very nicely! Thank you so much.
Just recently discovered this most excellent podcast of Irish & Celtic music, and I became instantly hooked. Is this podcast 5 Stars? Absolutely!


This is my first time listening and I am so impressed! This is a wonderful podcast full of excellent music! Thank you!
Really nice podcast for people developing interest in Celtic music, as well as people with a deeper familiarity.
I love this music. I’m a metalhead but this music is awesome! Keep up the great job and the music!!!
I love listening to the Irish and Music podcast! I especially love it because it gives me new tunes to practice my Irish Dancing too or new songs to listen when I’m in the car or walking.
This terrific podcast has Celtic music and music with a Celtic flavor, so it never gets old. There's always new music or a new interpretation of old music. I save all the episodes and replay them while waiting for new episodes to be released. If you love Celtic music, you WILL find something here to love, and maybe even expand your musical horizons!
If it weren’t for whiskey, the Irish would rule the world.
I've been listening to this podcast for years, and it's about time I gave it a review. I have been a Celtic music fan for 50 years (yes) and have a huge collection of my own. But Marc's podcast keeps me up to date. It is my favorite podcast to listen to when I'm out for a run or a walk.
The best source to discover new Celtic, Irish, and Scottish music. New episodes weekly. Go and support Marc Gunn on Patreon and help spread Celtic music far and wide!
Fine variety of music presented with enthusiasm and a generous spirit. Producer welcomes suggestions. Marc is truly dedicated to the dissemination of Celtic Music which, of course, is good for the soul.
This was the first podcast that I ever listened too. I now listen to several. I really enjoy the great selection of Celtic music. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Celtic music. I would love to hear more Scottish and even Welsh Celtic music. Keep up the great work Marc.
Marc's superb podcast is a powerful way to lift my spirits from the demands of working a tough job in a faraway place. Thank you.
I've been suscribed to this podcast for what seems like forever. And while I still enjoy this podcast I find myself fast forwarding through large chunks of it due to the quality and type of celtic music being played. It now seems more interested in putting out lots of music rather than quality music. Just my opinion though. Still very much worth a listen.


By jdemonz
Great diverse selection of Celtic music. Very uplifting. I like listening to it in the mornings to start my day.
Absolutely awesome!!
Great music, love the themes! I am making my own top music playlist based off of the songs I hear on the podcasts. I use the detailed podcast descriptions to identify the artist and songs and then get them from iTunes! A lot of great music, artists and free stuff! Worth subscribing, and not just around Saint Patrick's Day!
I love this podcast for the wide variety of Celtic musicians it features in every episode. No two episodes sound quite alike, and I love that it constantly exposes me to new artists. This podcast has become my go-to music to have on while I write.
I don't really have a method to find or listen to Celtic music, though I love it, aside from this podcast. It's hella helpful
I love this podcast. I've been listening for a few years now, and it only keeps getting better. Marc Gunn is devoted to Celtic music and even gives back some of his Patreon donations to nonprofits. Well worth the listen. I personally enjoy hearing sound bites and comments from other listeners, and I think the balance between talk and music is just right. Not so much interruption as radio, but enough that I feel like I have gotten to know Marc through my time as a listener. Keep it up!
Great podcast, well-spoken host, fun/good music. All around excellent podcast.
I am a long time subscriber and supporter on Patreon. Please give this podcast a listen. You will not be disappointed.
I have always loved Celtic music. I recently stumbled on this podcast and I am in love! The music choices are wonderful. I listen at work and while the work I'm doing requires concentration I like to have some background noise. This podcast is absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of description and chat intermixed with a lot of beautiful music. So glad this is out in the universe!!!!
Thanks Marc, I listen at the gym and get lost in the reels and songs. It pleases my mind and keeps me from thinking about that one last mile or next five lifts. Keep up the good work!
Just started listening to this podcast. So far I am loving the playlists! Looking forward to catching up on previous episodes.
With our Mark Gunn’s podcast, there is no way that I could listen to this much Celtic Music! Sure- I could buy it all and download to my iTunes but I would have to take out a small loan. Yes- there are other Celtic music sources out there, but you have to go find them and open your “account” each time. Mark just sends the email with the link and in three keystrokes you are rocking to the best Celtic music programming anywhere. ;)
A great way to hear Irish and Scottish music from new and independent bands. I’ve purchased music from many of the musicians I’ve learned about from this podcast. The quality of the podcast and variety of selections is terrific.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Great host and wonderful music. If you can listen to this podcast and keep your fingers from tapping and your feet still, you need to see a doctor.
Mark Gunn does a wonderful job of creating these podcasts. Love the music, like the comments and appreciate the singers, bands and talents in this musical genre. This is my only podcast subscription but I love it so much I am a proud patron. Keep it up!
Great way to listen to classic Celtic music and to check out new Celtic bands.
Love the Podcast great Music and Awesome Host Thank you from this Irish-American
I love this show because Marc gets strait to the music and the music is always what I wanted to hear that day.
I have been listening to this podcast for over a decade. Not only have I not gotten tired of it, but I still look forward to every episode. Marc Gunn is possibly the hardest working podcaster on the planet. He manages to come up with great episodes week after week. I don’t know how many different celtic artists I listen to on a regular basis that I first heard on this podcast.
I have been enjoying Marc Gunn's podcast for more than five years, and it only keeps getting better! He consistently finds great new music, discovers incredible new artists and delivers a solid education in Celtic heritage. If you love Celtic music, you will want to subscrib to this podcast and not miss an episode. Slainte!
I have listened to this podcast from the very beginning and it is the best source for celtic music you will find! I have discoverd so many great Celtic artists and many of the episodes I play over and over again! If you like Celtic music, you better be subscribed to this podcast!
Marc Gunn where have you been all my life!?! Seriously! I have been looking for a show like yours and I don't know how I haven't found you until now. Listeners... If you haven't subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? This show brings a beautiful eclectic mix of artists together in one spot. There's fabulous music you may have missed out on if not for listening here. Marc, thank you for filling my Irish soul with the sound I've been searching for. Keep up the great work!
Marc's podcast is a gem. I look forward to each week's new episode. Thanks to Marc I can listen to great Celtic music for days straight (and I do) without repeating and episode.
Enjoyable regular podcast with a wide mix of Celtic tunes.
Marc Gunn is very inovative and I enjoy his Pod Cast a lot.