Tracks Up The Tree

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Used to be very good, then it got a bit stale, but still worth a listen! Check out Notes Underground and The Archer Bus podcasts also.
So I've listened since early 2005. At first I was turned off by the loud, obnoxious Ben. But slowly the show grew on me. I had listened loyally to Notes Underground prior to TUTT, so that may have helped me enjoy the show more. The major difference between the two is that NU is comprised of 2 mid-twenties guys talking about music, while TUTT is comprised of two mid-twenties guys talking about music at a party under the influence ! Well deck.

By pfm
I laughed until I stopped. Great indie music; funny, funny stuff. They should replace Howard Stern.
Funtime Ben and (sometimes) Josiah have been around since the beginning of podcast history. Ok, so it was only 2004 but since then, they have been delivering one of the best indie/alternative/new music podcasts available. Don't miss out on the chance to hear a podcast that predates most of the 'popular' podcasts listed now and I guarantee you'll keep listening.