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This is a great podcast! Mike is hilarious and super knowledgeable about rock. He gets great guests and has introduced me to some great new music. My only question is: are you afraid of your wife?
Michael Butler does a great job of making you feel like you are hanging out and talking about your favorite bands with a friend. A lot of music podcasts sound scripted or unnatural but Butler does his show from the heart. It is also an excellent way to find out about new music or reconnect with an old favorite. This is definitely my go to podcast.
I like this a lot, give a try!


Garbage. Avoid at all costs.
This is better than any podcast or radio you'll find. Butler should be back on Sirius.
Michael Butler proves that the word 'indie' doesn't have to be boring. There is some great rock and roll music from all over the world that finally has voice to get out to fans who are desperate for quality new (and some old) bands. If you are a new listener, go back and listen to all the shows once you have subscribed.
Don't let Mike get all modest on you - Stevie Stiletto and the Swtichblades ruled for their time. Jacksonville, early eighties was like anwhere else midseventies. Rock 105 ruled the air and not much punk was to be had anywwhere. Enter the Switchblades. I didn't care much for the later incarnations, but original lineup that did the 13 hits ep was the t*ts. Actually, the Matt Butler era and SOME of the Thom Berlin stuff wasn't too bad. That cat could smell though, I remember he worked at Coconuts records. pfew. This podcast is long, long overdue. Burn it to a CD.
This is the great show with more music and less talk. All Indie!!!