Reviews For Revelation

For a long time I've had trouble getting through Revelation with any understanding of it and therefore not really caring about what it says. Stephen Armstrong here does an excellent job at breaking it up. He gives a profound insight into these passages and even passages you weren't looking for such as Daniel 2 or John 14. It's exactly what I was looking for. Definitely worth a listen and I am excited to listen to more of his studies.
A comprehensive study that was focused, easy to understand and fascinating. Wonderful teacher!
This is the typical type of Revelation study that views the book through the lens of 21st-century American Christianity. But John wasn't a 21st-century American, so an interpretation from the modern-day perspective is simply historically incorrect. I listened through the end of chapter 3, and so I ended up wasting several hours. By the end of chapter 3, Armstrong concludes that John prophesied the rise of Biblical criticism and evolution in the 19th century, and gay marriage and diet fads in the 21st century. This type of interpretation is lazy (because it doesn't bother doing the historical research) and self-centered (because it interprets the Bible as if it were written to 21st-century Americans). It appeals to Americans like cotton candy appeals to preschoolers. But if you really want to understand Revelation, I recommend reading David deSilva, Craig Keener, and Richard Bauckham. It will take more work, but they'll provide you with a historically grounded, scholarly, intellectually respectable interpretation while still remaining committed to the truth of God's Word.
Not kooky. Historically detailed explanations and a good pace.
This teaching is very helpful. It's very biblical. Great for home bible study / individual or group setting. I look forward to more lessons and I plan on go through every lesson Stephen Armstrong puts up in the Internet. Would be great if I can fly to Texas to attend the real classes!!
Patient teacher showing correlations between Revelation and lots of other books (some will surprise you!) I wish all the handouts were available on the web site--for free OR for money. I will listen again and again.
Stephen Armstrong is following God's will for his life and has the gift of teaching. This verse by verse study of the book of Revelation is well done and challenges each of us to dig deeper into God's word. Stephen is very articulate and teaches with great detail. He is humble and gives God the glory. Download this podcast, you will glad you did. God Bless