Reviews For Podtacular

If you like all things halo than this is for you
Duststorm and Godzilla T are some of the most knowledable and entertaining hosts. If you love the Halo universe, this should be at the top of you list for podcasts!
Love the halo content but can't stand the upward inflection the one of the host speaks with. He probably doesn't realize that he does it but once you're aware of it you can't not notice it.
The hosts have trouble speaking clearly into the microphones and frequently slurr their speach. The problem is amplified when they attempt to read e-mails. Instead of taking time to rehearse the messages, they stumble over the words and slurr even more. If they werent enough, when they do talk about Halo, they get many of the facts wrong (Or mistake some things for others.) and spend more time making juevenile jokes with one another. In the few times they do bring good information to the table, they take too long repeating it in as many ways as possible. All in all, not a podcast I will retain any subscription to.
I love this podcast. I listen to it on my commute to work and I feel like I'm hanging out with friends talking Halo. As a huge fan of the halo cannon and expanded universe, the novel discussion episodes are amazing. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for everything!
Great Podcast!
Your podcast gets me through tough days at work, I'll save them up till I need the stress relief and come hang with you guys for the day. I appreciate both your Halo talk and your more divergent material. Enough people have ragged on Daft so I'll just say I like Brent Gamer as a cohost. All in all well done, keep up the good work! And Thanks!
Dat Tarp witnessed my divorce....


By RJ1532
It seems to have some decent halo conversation, but the guy with the speech impediment derails things fast. He is the stereotypical "game nerd" and is insufferable to listen to.
This is by far the best halo podcast out there that gives a equal dose of everything! I've been listening for about 3 years now and love every episode! Keep it up guys your doing great!
I love listening to your podcast Think your doing a great job.
I love this podcast! Listening it since the early halo 3 days keep it up.
I appreciated the speculation of the Armory episode. I truly did. But, one of the guys refused to stop getting political and flaming Obama. I don't want to listen to a podcast with content that I find grating. This is a video game podcast. For ESCAPISM. I can find other places for real Halo news if someone is going to push his friggin' Republican Agenda. Other than that, it was a good podcast, but I won't be returning. Good luck in the future.
Getting better... Keep bringing on the Modcast guys...
Plz upload 230
I miss the podtacular of old, this just isn't that good...
The sometimes 3 hours or more episodes are great filled with awesome off topic things like pokemon and many other video game related topics. Helps me sleep at night to.


By K 1 N G
Such a good pcast. It's how I roll dawgg.
The jokes, the interviews, and the content! It's INSANE!
I anticipate more podcasts with all the new Halo games.


I used to enjoy this podcast with weekly or bi-weekly podcasts...its alright when they release them...if they release them at this point. I am sad to say that this podcast is looking like its on it's last legs. Podtacular has seen better days...
The quality, the comedy, everything seems to be going down from before. Do you know why I loved it? I used to listen to the 2hours of pokemon comedy or halo comedy. It was awesome... Now what has happened to the community of podtacular? I'm getting bored of it now...
This show is very entertaining while still being informative. Hope to see this show stay around for awhile.
Seriously if you think that this is quality entertainment then you probably have never heard another podcast in your life.... I'm not kidding.
I absolutely love the podcast but it's not updated enough to get a full five star rating.
It's a great podcast I think it's one of the best podcast out there so when the next episode
Love the game. Love the podcast
This is a great podcast. Verry informative and very funny. We all love you Brent :)
this podcast is amazing weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Love the song and the podcast.
Every time this on I always fond myself laughing when people around me have no idea why.... Great show. whereas GLewis ???
I used to listen to this years ago and I loved it. I recently found it again and thought I'd give it a go. It is boring and monotonous. They hardly talk about halo at all and even when they do it's dull and not the least bit entertaining. It's an all new cast and somebody decided to bring in robots this time around. They obviously do not plan ahead for their podcast, they just sit down, start recording, and then proceed to blast your ears with dead air and awkward pauses. They constantly refer to things that happened outside the podcast recording which is like a comedian telling an audience an inside joke. Here is an example of the most exciting bits of this show: Someone makes a weird noise. "Was that necessary?" awkward pause "Yes." awkward pause "Really? You think it was?" awkward pause "Yes." If you are lucky enough to get an episode where they actually talk about Halo you will find that the commentary is boring and........weird. I've never heard a more boring group of people referring to themselves as "the bad boys of Halo". Save yourself the badwidth and the time. Don't download this horrible waste of audio.
I love this podcast. Great hosts, intruiging topics, awesome guests. My favorite thing to listen to. Just way too funny.


Podcast Evar!!!! Only, maybe put episodes out every week instead of every two months...


I really liked the part where *random halo gameplay noise blocking out the talking* blah.
Screw Pokeman. This is a Halo Podcast. More Master Chief talk Less stupid 5h17. Let's say we, wife and me, go grocery shopping and we're looking for peanut butter. Well she wants to look at everything else in the store except peanut butter. 2 hours later we leave with 20 items, peanut butter forgetten. STAY ON TASK! screw pokeman. p.s. Great Show.


By ccm68
This podcast is the best. I hereby give it my seal of approval. If you are reading this then you must click "subscribe" within the next 30 seconds... or ill find you.
Love halo and love the cast! :)
Why haven't you guys made any new episodes since 219???????????
Used to be a fan then i listend to sarcastic gamer go check them out
They do it for us, for free, and do it out of love for games. I salute their willingness to do so.
This podcast used to be great until Brentgamer started co-hosting. -DaftLink I17


By Davey21
I love it so much, keep the podcast up;) ! !!!!!!!!!


this is the best podcast ever but it wont let me subscribe to it. i still listen to every episode. subscribe NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i believe you may get more viewers if you were to make Machinima montages like top ten of some sort... the reason why i'm saying this is because Machinima only has like 5 halo montages while there's like a billion call of duty ones. i'm getting tired of seing call of duty ones due to lack of skill needed for that game. thank you. -infinity1523.
Your Podcast is awesome! What is your Facebook name?


This is a decent podcast, but I have a few things to say. If you want to talk halo my gamertag is wilderness1. I'm a captain grade 2 and am in a massive halo clan, called the popos. (comes from leader, blobapopo7) look me up. Also, About some of the "tips" a lot is just common sense. Before you melée Give them a couple rounds from your BR or assault rifle(unless of course you are behind them) overall I give it 4 out of 5.
I stuck this podcast out for an entire 2-hour episode. I am absolutely done with this one. The audio is very poor! Some hosts are very loud, where others are barely audible. Whenever a joke is cracked, it is rode way too long. The content in general is very unprofessional. If you are looking for a serious podcast about the Halo universe, steer clear of this one. If you want a ridiculous, rambling conversation filled with random, immature jokes/catchphrases, this podcast is for you!