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The hosts are hilarious and have great chemistry together. The guests are the best in the industry and always have cool stories to tell. Definitely worth listening.
This podcast used to have great guests like comic book writers and artists. Also, unfortunatley, Scott is getting too loud and obnoxious.
I listened to 1.3 of these casts and stopped after listening to Scott the host. I love his . . . "enthusiasm", but his voice goes higher and faster the more he talks and it makes me want to take my computer and chuck it out the window. This is unfortunate because I like the other hosts and the topics are enjoyable. Unfortunately, Scott's voice overshadows all of that.
This show is a lot of fun. The only reason for the 4-star review rather than higher is that the hosts tend to be overly friendly and positive. Sometimes you want some objectivity in their interviews. Otherwise, this show is almost never boring!
With all due respect - I think Scott sometimes forgets that the person being interviewed is supposed to be the center of attention, and gets caught up trying to be clever and funny. It's not bad - there are much better comic podcasts out there, though.
I'm so proud to be a geek, when i listening your podcast it's like a meeting with friends and how energetic and happy your program are, i don't have words to say how greatful you guys are to have such a good podcast, as millions i'm a pop culture lover and when i listening of one your podcast i'm also feed my aknowledges and enjoy the good interviews at FBR keep up the good job guys Wellington Silva pompano Beach, FL
This is a fun show. The main host can grate at times when he gets WAY over the top but for the most part I like both guys quite a bit. They cover pretty much anything comic related plus more. Solid show.
I actually listened to this podcast for several weeks, so I feel like my opinions are honest. The episodes I heard ranged from last year to most of the newest ones for the last month and a half. On the positive side, I feel like the hosts and other voices offer a diverse outlook regarding the movies and comics they talk about, it's never a one-sided discussion. The topics are generally interesting and current for the times. But on the negative side, and a few other reviewers have pointed this out, the main host talks over everyone and actually gets annoying after a while. He would probably be better doing sports talk, they are usually paid to be loud and obnoxious, but that doesn't always work here. And for a show with comic books heavily featured in the description, I'm surprised by how much time they spend on everything else, thus cutting down time for their main focus. Like I said, I gave it a shot but this just wasn't for me.
FBR is an enjoyable and intelligent podcast informing its listeners of current and upcoming events in the comic industry. Definitely a good listen.
Great hosts that consistently get the best guests in the comic & fandom universe.


By bbow73
The hype and complaints voiced here are the things that you would expect from the geekiest of the geeky. If you are nostalgic about the status quo in super hero comics then this is probably the podcast for you. The comics covered are not very diverse. The criticisms are not based on any legitimate criteria, just a lot of knit picking.
Fanboy Radio hasn't missed a beat in six years of interviewing anyone who is anyone in the world of comics and fanboy culture. If you're looking for ample listening material, their 400+ episodes will keep you busy for a while. Chances are you'll find an interview with your favorite creator, whether indy or mainstream. It's the podcast the pros listen to.
I have tried others, nothing compares to the Granddaddy of them All. Fanboy Radio. Great Interviews, wonderful host dynamic, good callers. It all makes for an enjoyable experience and its easy to see why they have been around for so long. Having Alan Moore as a guest never huts....
One of.. if not the best Comics podcasts going today... Scott & Oliver have a good mix serious comic talk & general humor... Clean FAM based discussion - without the desire to drop curse bombs through-out. Guest line up is solid - from some big wheels at Mrvl & DC... to the low in with unknown Indie's about to make the big time. Enjoy this cast every week. Check it out. You wont be disappointed.
Great podcast for anyone with any interest whatsoever in comic books and the media surrounding them!
This was the first “real” podcast I discovered and it’s still the best. Scott, Oliver and the rest of the gang always deliver an entertaining show. This podcast never talks down to its callers or fans and (unlike some others) never takes itself too seriously. I look forward to every new episode.
I just cannot stand to listen to this podcast anymore. The host is just painful to listen to. He has an attitude of being God's Gift to Radio. His antics (including screaming into the microphone and putting forth an extreme effort to be "exciting" or "passionate" or even "funny") are so excruciating that I end up screaming various epithets at my iPod so loud that I almost lost my voice one night driving home. All I wanted was the host to shut up. The host is a complete tool, and his "beavis" of a co-host detracts from this already bad show. The only saving grace are the guests, who are some of the biggest names in the business, but unfortunately are constantly being talked-over by the host. The host also asks leading questions that often are incorrect in their premises. It's really, really painful, but I'm giving it two stars just because if you are some kind of super human and can actually bring yourself to ignore the annoying host, the guests have a lot of really good stuff to say.
Fanboy Radio is one of my favorite comic book and pop culture shows...period. As a fan and a pro, this is the standard that I compare other shows to...and there aren't many that can come close. Scott & Oliver are one of the best tandems out there, and Britta, Meg, Sean (or is it Shawn?), David, TJ, and the other guest hosts/producers only add to the atmosphere. It's like hanging out with your friends and talking about the things you love most. In fact, when I call in, I don't feel like I'm calling into a "typical radio show"...I feel like I'm talking to my buddies about something cool or awesome. And if you start downloading the podcast, you'll be treated to Collin (perhaps the smartest KID in comic fandom) and Umar (perhaps the most vocal and enthusiastic fan in the industry) and a cast of colorful fans that truly love the medium. They've provided me with a platform to speak my mind, hype my work, and spread my love for the art. This show is INVALUABLE! If you are a fan of comics, movies (not just comic based ones), tv, video games...if you consider yourself a geek...if you know what the term "fanboy" means...then there is NO reason for you to not be listening. Subscribe today and download often.
One word... actually, 2: Alan Moore! He was a guest. Enough said. Its a great conversation show with superb guests. Its really nice to hear straight from the creators about their art and their writing. The hosts are fine fellows Scott, Oliver and the lovely Meg and Greta!?!? They are nice guys.
Terrific show! Nobody gets the same guests these guys do. One of the best shows around!
If you haven't gotten into comic book podcasts -- Fanboy Radio is great! They run an hour long and these guys LOVE comics and all its related fields, movies, cartoons, and the cool indie stuff too! Scott & Oliver and thier guests make me laugh and I can't wait for the next episode... Check out any episode with Kurtz, Kirkman or Dan Slott!
The best comic podcast I've ever heard. The guys are witty, smart, and really love comics. A great selection of guests, from the big names to up and comers in the industry!


By Chris E
As both a listener and guest, I've always found this podcast great. There's a ton of energy, the hosts keep it moving and will get onto tangents that can be fun and informative. The show doesn't just revolve around mainstream comics, but also independents and webcomics and I always learn something new every show.
Great guests, and the hosts all seem like nice guys and genuine comic fans, which makes it all the more tragic how disappointing this podcast is. Despite having done 300+ shows, the host still seems uneasy and unprepared during the interviews. He gushes excessively, to the point where every creator on the show is "amazing", "incredible", "fantastic", etc. He frequently seems to run out of questions for his guests by the 20 minute mark. Check out Comic Geek Speak or Word Balloon instead for enthusiastic comic interviews that still manage a level of professionalism.
If you're looking for a podcast about the ever-growing field of Comics then look no further. I have recently caught onto this show, and have enjoyed all the episodes I was able to download. The show boasts big names in the Comic business, and the interviews are full of information straight from the creators. Scott and Oliver are able to pull off a show that could be mired in Geeky one-upmanship, but instead make it into an hour-long sojourn into comics that makes me always wanting more. Fan Boy Radio isn't an hour long commercial for comics products like other comics podcasts, it's just an entertaining show that has helped me learn more about comics, and the business of comics. Check out this show, you won't be disappointed.
Fanboy Radio is, in my opinion, the best comic book related show/podcast. It gets the top names in the industry on a regular basis along with doing shows that spotlight up-and-comers and those deserving of more coverage. There's just nothing else that combines the best of both in the comics field. The comics industry needs a show like Fanboy Radio. It's a podcast that shall forever remain on my subscription list.
After checking out EVERY other comic book related podcasts.... there just are NO substitutes to the kool katz at FBR! The most entertaining comic book podcast out there right now. Scott and Oliver and the gang bring not only the latest outlook and insight to the industry, but hosts some of the most interesting interviews with the industry's best. In less than a month of following FBR, the other comic book podcasts just doesn't measure up...
I've heard the rest and this is the Best! The hosts are TRUE Fans and their energy pops through with fun, professionalism and quality! Get to know Scott, Oliver, TJ and the gang and you'll be hooked.
Fanboy Radio is the best comic book podcast I have encountered. This show is consistently entertaining, featuring the inciteful commentary on the world of superhero comics by the hosts Scott, Oliver, and T.J. The show also boasts the most engaging, and often times hilarious, interviews with a wide array of comic professionals: from mainstream writers and artists such as Brian Bendis and J. Scott Campbell, to the independent superstars of the medium like Rick Remender and Matt Fraction. Bottom Line: If you love comics, then FBR is a must for fans of the medium.

Like a previous reviewer, this was my first internet radio show back in 2004, now it's my favorite podcast. I can hardly believe there are over 200 episodes now. Keep them coming Scott and Oliver!
There's one podcast that keeps me begging for more, and that's Fanboy Radio.
Fanboy Radio is the place to be. From shiny Capes and Tights to the gritty realism of American Splendor, if you have question these guys have the answers. If you love the medium of comics and pop culture you can't do much better. With friendly hosts Scott and Oliver, great guests, and the best coverage and analysis of the entire spectrum of comics. From Marvel to DC, to Image or the next up and coming star from Artist Alley, they have it covered.
Fanboy Radio is a MUST-LISTEN for any fan of comic books, or comic culture in general. Combine A-list guests with sharp, dedicated, and hillarious on-air personalities and you get one of the most consistantly entertaining and informative hours in podcasting. Be warned, however - listening to this podcast has been known to greatly expand the number of titles on your monthly pull-list.
Fanboy Radio is the stick that all of the other comic radio shows are measured against. You will not find a more engaging radio show for the fanboy ANYWHERE. If you are interested in comics and the people behind them, this is the show for you.
Fanboy Radio is hands down the best there is. I haven't heard any other comic book shows as professionally put together as FBR. The hosts know their stuff and most of all.. THEY ENTERTAIN! This is no amateur hour snooze fest like you'll find elsewere. These guys are top notch. They are the voice of comics, accept no substitutes.
Without a doubt Fanboy Radio is a diamond amongst the rough of bland, mundane and just plain hideous comic book-theme podcasts that seem to have appeared on the ‘net overnight. It’s obvious that for the entire crew (consisting of Scott, Oliver, Meg, Britta, and TJ) this show is not some side hobby that is done when they are bored or have nothing better to fill their time with. Indeed, this show is a labor of love for them, and it shows in the final product. One of the stark differences that separates this show from others is their uncanny ability to get not only big name guests from the mainstream comic industry, but also individuals who are from the indy scene, as well as those who are on the verge of being the next break out talent. Not to mention the fact that unlike some comic industry magazines, this show’s interviews are not plugs or announcements posing as Q&A sessions. Each host actually asks thoughtful questions and/or gives their sincere opinion on topics. So, if you’re into comic books, this is the radio show/podcast for you. And if you have already subscribed to some other comic podcasts, unsubscribe right now. We’ll forgive you.
Fanboy Radio was my first podcast back when I believe that word didn't even exist. Scott and Oliver and the rest of the regular hosts give some of the best insight into comics and really keep the show funny and informative. The breadth of guests that have had from the comic world is astounding and as long as they keep making shows I will keep downloading them.