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Just found out via 23 and me that I am Puerto Rican and not Mexican as I previously thought. Iā€™m 50 years old and trying to emerge myself in my new found roots and culture. Thank you for your podcast. āœŒšŸ½šŸ’›
Great Podcast for people looking to visit PR
My Girlfriend Katerina and I are visiting Puerto Rico in June 2012 and although my Parents are from Puerto Rico and I lived there as a child there are so many places we would love to visit before our next vacation to her homeland of Greece. I heard about "La Casa De Piedras" in Aguada's barrio la Guna. I'd like to know more about it. Also I'm not sure if you have or not but a Video Podcast would be great! Thank you for a great Podcast Miguel Alicea


By MoniQ
Don't stop guys I want more.
I enjoyed Epidode 15 the best. But guys, it's pronounced "Reen-cone", not "Rin-Con". I want you guys to take classes in Spanish, it's so expressive! Laurie- sometimes you sound just like Cher!!! Keep exploring!!!
My wife and I are planning a trip to Puerto Rico this summer and found this podcast to be very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put these together and enlighten us as to what to expect during our vacation.
I really enjoyed sampling these podcasts on El Yunque and the inn. The mixture of interviews, soundscapes, ideas for adventures and background on the inn is both practical and inspiring. A lovely idea, effectively produced. Subscribing to the podcasts means former guests will continue to be reminded of their experiences. My only complaint is that the podcasts should be mentioned and accessible from all the inn web pages so that you don't have to go hunting for the link.
This is positively the most engaging and interesting podcast I've ever heard. And those two, Bill & Laurie, especially Bill what a cool ... wait a minute that's me. Why am I writing a review about my own podcast. Kind of like one of those street corner beggers who puts some of his own money in the cup first so that people will put more in.