I have loved all the episodes, but this one just takes the cake!!
I know Marc doesn't produce this podcast anymore, but pick up and listen to the archived episodes. While he features mainly his own music (which is GREAT), he also sneeks in other artists too. Worth the time to download and listen.
I love this podcast. It brightens my day when a new one is posted.
Great music but too much talking by the commentator.
Great to listen to on long rides in the car.
A more personal and casual feel podcast that is as much of a delight to listen to regularly as Marc's other podcasts. I heartily recommend it!
Always fun to listen to these podcasts.
Best I've heard great to work out to.
Marc plays some very good music on all of his shows and is the one responsible (although he doesn't know it) for bringing me to an appreation of Irish music. Play on Marc.
Really enjoying the podcast. I think it gave a pretty good range of music from down here in Nawlins' and the surrounding area ranging from teh music you would hear near the wharf in New Orleans where the Steamboats dock to the swamplands out in the bayou, to the old screened iin, wooden floor danchalls, and back down to the streets of Mardi Gras I enjoyed the remake of "Battle of New Orleans" it was a fresh take on the Johnyny Horton version. I was not really sure what to make of "Pagan Zydeco" it was a nice little tune that i need to listen to again a few times "Cajun Angel" was very catchy, and I started even signing it aloud while I was listening "Louisiana Man" was another remake, the tempos of the music was slowed down, though it would still make for an interesting two-step The only song I feelw as missing was "Jambalaya"
The music, when played, is great, but there is far too much talking and self promotion during the podcastt, this distracts from the music....... Heard your reply on the next podcast, thanks. Music still great and now I understand the main purpose is promotion of your music and events In which case this podcast is what you advertise it to be. So well done.
This is a great podcast! I mean really great! I highly recomend it to all my friends. Marc is a funny guy that I really enjoy listening to. His music and talent is amazing. Great work!
I am buying all of his itunes music to support him. His podcasts are great, and he does it because he loves it and that shows. He seems to be a genuinely good soul who loves cats! But best of all, his music is like none you will find anywhere else. It is light and humurous, and just plain fun! Especially after a few pints, eh? Great work Marc!
This podcast is excellent. Marc Gunn does a great job with this and all his other podcasts. Defintely worth subscribing to even if you had to pay.
Good music, good production = Good Time.
Love the podcast - makes me feel like I'm down at the pub!
I wanted to get intouch with my irish roots and i came across this podcast. I love all of these fun songs me and my friends play them at my drinking partys. GRADE : A