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At this point, nothing but an AEW propaganda machine. They’re critical of WWE for everything, but every week of Dynamite is brilliance! Give me a break! Dave was never really one to take too seriously, but ever since AEW sprung up, all he does is nothing but carry the water for Tony Khan and friends. Alvarez sounds like he doesn’t actually believe what he is saying most of the time either. The fact that they want people to pay for their below average content is utterly laughable.
These podcasts like the “news”letter are opinion columns..... and seem like they are there to push agendas for putting over their friends at All Petite Wrestling. They refuse to critter call out flaws ... they appear to merely be propaganda machine...
Most solid reporters in the pro-wrassling industry. These guys are rivaled by none, envied and hated by all. You want the most well sourced news reports and reporting on the pro wrestling business or MMA as well, these are your best option there is online.
I tried to listen to this everyday but the biased news of these guys is sadly insulting people’s intelligence there’s on episode where they literally talked mess about a woman performer and laughed about it....kinda sad these guys can’t stick to actual unbiased conversation they’re knowledgeable guys it just seems that they’re trying to please one particular set of people
-1 Star rating
If this show was recorded live in the Tokyo dome it would have been 4 stars but no! The work rate with these 2 is not existent... they obviously have go away heat
I look forward to your weekly information and opinions on the wrestling business. The updates since the new year started leave something to be desired.
Love these guys
No one beats Meltzer and Alvarez. No one. Very informative and the audio quality is superb! Subscribe.


By Ryumoau
Its really sad to see such a 'prestigious' wrestling site like Wrestling Observer crap out such a predictably smarky podcast. Bryan Alveraz is one of the most obnoxious people i have ever listened to and its boring hearing him just repeat every online wrestling fan talking point. If its not bashing Cena its just circle jerking indie wrestling. If you want to hear wrestling podcasts that aren't nearly as one note or bland as this, i recommend the Smart Wrestling Fan podcast.
I have to deduct 1 star because Bryan Alvarez is OBSESSED with Total E Divas and takes up way too much time talking about it - but that's why God made a fast forward button. Besides that, any wrestling fan will find this podcast to be very informative. Meltzer is the man
Alvarez is just annoying. DM should fire him & find a better replacement.
This is the one and only podcast that I have subscribed to. I'm a bit picky with podcasts, but you and your team nail it. I love that there are differing opinions, discussion on American and Japanese wrestling, and diverse discussion points. The team you have is perfect for getting all sorts of opinions out there. Not just the typical Anti-WWE crowd, but rather, an objective point of view from all members. KEEP IT UP!
I love Bryan and Dave, but Vinny just seems so out of touch and seems like he's trying too hard to sound like Bryan. I'd like the Bryan and Vinny show more if it were just Bryan.
But it is second fiddle to Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling.
First time listener, Long time wrestling fan But right now this podcast is more entertainment than wrestling today.


By ceeleo
I like this show but not being called a freeloader. I listen to other podcasts and dont have enough time to listen to all theirs they want me to subscribe to. p.s. I even like his cat stories. I
Dave is awesome. Bryan and Vinny are great. Love the podcast!!!!
Really enjoy the shows they are entertaining, informative, and fun. Dave still awesome to listen to Bryan and Vinny crack me up Todd Martin is great as well. it's a perfect 5
Dave Meltzer has always been the end all be all of professional wrestling journalism. Spot on since the 80's.
love it! but waiting 3 weeks for a show is unreasonable
Keep up the great work! Love your shows!
Easily the best wrestling podcast! This makes me enjoy Wrestling so much more. thank you!
This is one of the best wresting radio shows on the air right now. I listen to it every week in my car. I just bought a subscription to the web site. Love it.


Great show, Bryan is funny.
That is all...
It's a decent show with. Bryan's voice gets a lil annoying to me. I only listen when Dave Meltzer is on. I can do without the crappy songs that Bryan plays.
You must listen if you are a wrestling fan. If you do not it is an epic fail and no buys.
Vinny & him remind me of the Sklar Brothers that fill in on the Jim Rome Show, but with all wrestling takes instead. Brian & Dave are also great. This are the real #1 wrestling podcasts, I just wish more were free instead of 9.99 on their site.
I have to say that I really enjoy the Observer radio with Bryan and Dave. You get some honest reviewing and some cool information. I have listened to the Bryan and Vinnie show a few times and it's more along the tolerable level. I can't imagine paying for it except that they allude to doing straight shows where they have cool guests and don't just nitpick the crap out of wrestling television. Maybe when I make a little more scratch I'll join the site and try out the daily podcast, until then once weekly seems more than enough.
great writers that know alot about Pro-wrestling go to their web site and order it 9.95 it a great way to spend the money and know the wrestling game inside and out!
The feed hasn't been updated since August 25th, 2008.
I started listening to the free podcasts back in Late 2005 and finally became a free member in January 2007, this is absolutely the best wrestling podcast you can find. Not only is there the Bryan & Vinny show, but The Dr. Keith show where there are many indy talents appearing, The Figure Four Daily, which features big name guests from wrestling & MMA like DAVE MELTZER, Lance Storm, & Diamon Dallas Page. Adam & Mike's Big Audio Nightmare, which has lots of NHL & Japanese wrestling, & last but not least, The Karl Stern Show, talking everything BEFORE 1990, its a History lesson Kids~! for only $7.99 you get this, a weekly newsletter & THE BOARD to discuss wrestling & MMA with others.
Honestly, I look forward to this show weekly. Bryan and Vinnie give the best description and really depict everything that happens on Raw or anything else they want to talk about. Plus adding comedy that they offer into the show makes it that much more enjoyable. Im no Dave Meltzer, but this show gets 5 stars.
I downloaded this and I got 30 minutes about an indie fed's show. And this was at the beginning, when they should be trying to hook new listeners. Sorry, but I'm much more interested in a show that talks about the wrestling I can actually watch each week.
Download this! LOVE THE KREMEN
You WILL join the EMPIRE after listening to this. I DID.
Sign up for the pay site to support Bryan and get Vinny some cash
Bryan Alvarez is a friggin PiMP! His shows are awesome. I would HIGHLY suggest EVERYONE to signup for the daily shows!!! Also, check out his friend Dave Meltzer's podcast too!