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There might be some good ideas and speculation here, but this product feels too much like a rough draft. A listener must navigate through too many hesitations, retracing of territory and attack after attack of the Umm monster. After 20 minutes or so, the thing becomes unintelligible.
I like your podcast but you need to make them more often. I mean, come on. The last time you made one was November 2009. ITS APRIL 2010!!!! MAKE ONE ALREADY!!!!!
Overall, I'd say this is an above average podcast, but it could be better. There should be more co-hosts more often, and he doesn't always follow through with what he says. Once I was listening to another podcast, GamersCast, where DSCUBED was co-hosting, and he said that he would let Matt (the host of that podcast; but the episode I am referring to was apparently blocked from the music store because of glitches) co-host on his podcast, but it never happened. I was looking foward to that.
This podcast is everything you need and everything nintendo. I think Daniel does a fine job podcasting. Keep it up.


I barely made it through one episode. Bad, bad, bad.
Hey Daniel, Its Mykl Hicks, Send me an email. Oh and i Haven't been listening to your podcast all my life, lol because i am 16. So email me and i can see if i can join. Thanks, Mykl
For those of you who know me by my real anonymous, Die Pretty Ponies (now i m evil & u r not), you know I praise this podcast in it's highest monarchy. Daniel Friedlaender, the host, although he can ramble quite a while, is amazing. Keep up the good work, Dan!
This podcast is very informative, but there is quite a lot of drag time in the host's speech. It's sometimes even painful to listen to. He has a good heart and wants to bring Nintendo news for free, which is great, but I became bored with it relatively quickly. If you're looking for Nintendo DS news, check out DS:Life instead.
Pretty boring, with just one guy. The last podcast had lots of inaccurate information (also very late). Not really regular, not amazing. It's fine, but GoNintendo or The Wiire are much better options for Wii information.
This podcast is well researched, and I enjoy the fact that he put E3 Coverage Videos along with the podcast. I have learned a lot!
The podcast is very well researched. It is long, so there is plenty of discussion. There aren't like 50,000,000 people on the panel, so It makes it easier to digest while doing other things. He brings up viewpoints that I have never thought of before. AND HE ACTUALLY READS HIS EMAILS ON AIR! How many podcasts actually devote time to reading emails? The sound quality is great, and DS Cubed has a good voice.
I feel like someone is playing a practical joke on me. How is this podcast getting anything more than 1 star reviews? This thing needs edited BADLY. And who wants to listen to some guy ramble about Nintendo for over 2 hours? Avoid this podcast like the plague. You will learn nothing.
I listened to a few eppisodes and was very disappointed. As stated in other reviews, the host uses way too many UHmmms, and will pause for LONG periods of time (you can tell he's browsing the internet or something.) A few pieces of news now and then and even some inaccurate facts every once in a while. I like the host, I think this show has potential but listening to this made me feel robbed. Get organised and edit the show afterwards.
The average length of an episode is around two hours. He spends half an hour apologizing for being in mono and for the sound only coming out of one speaker when it's perfectly clear that the only technical problem is his ignorance of how to use his equipment. Does he pause when he's about to cough? Nope -- and it really makes you jump. There's supposedly a co-host, but he's rarely there. Overall, it's just a bunch of bragging about how his incessant whining got him into E3. Two hours is too long, and the episodes are too far in between. Rambles on, but he does know his stuff.
I think next time I'd rather watch paint dry than to struggle through this podcast once again. The sound "supposedly" was through both speakers(nope) and I've never heard so many "uhmmms" and "uuhhhhhhhs". And word of advice: stop rambling; get to the point and stay on the tangent.
the host and his guests of this 'cast don't seem to be that well informed. for example, in the one episode i was able to trudge through contained a discussion about confusion as to how the new 'revolution' machine's controller functions - incorrectly reffering to it as 'gyroscopic' - even though these details are all available on such sites as ign. also the host seems to be extremely poor-spoken. he stutters - often repeating words several times as he is thinking and he interrupts himself, thereby bouncing around to several ideas before completing a sentence. all of which might be tolerable if he was properly informed.


By Chief72
Worst pordcast I have ever heard. The guy is not really prepared and it can take 5 minutes to say somehting that does not mean anything. If you can afford to waste over an hour to listen this podgast: get a life.
This guy isn't very organized and there are alot of ums and dead time. Also he repeats stuff he already said to jog his memory. Listen to the Gameshout podcast for a very consise experiance. This guys drags on and on about stuff that you really don't care about e.g. what he bought at the store
So far my favorite Podcast! Out of all the nintendo based podcasts, this one is the best, most informative, and most of all, clean! Some of the past nintendo based podcasts, which i will not name, have used some of what i would call, offensive language, would sometimes pull the host off topic, and they only last up to 15-20 minutes long, which means there really is no time to be off topic. In this one, each podcast can last about 1hr+! Im a big fan of this podcast, so SUBSCRIBE!!! To DSCUBED, KEEP IT 133T!
im a nintendo fan (no fanboy) and this is the best research on the nintendo hype on the revolution, ds, gameboy etc. a lot easier to listen once a week to this podcast than go to incorrect sites on information. KEEP THEM COMING!