2 Guys, 1 Brain

Reviews For 2 Guys, 1 Brain

Started listening on a recomendation from the For Whatever Reason podcast. I enjoyed it very much, so have started listening from the first 'cast. Totally awesome loads of fun.
This podcast is by far the best of any I have heard. It is like you are talking with old friends. I highly recommend this show. Keep up the great work and see you at show 500!
This PodCast has had me busting out in laughter for years. Don't miss it.
If there were only room on my iPod for one podcast, this would be it. Andy and Randy are just two ordinary guys with superhuman powers...ok, so they're not superhuman, but they are jailers and tell some pretty funny stories about the "bad guys" that come into their jail. Great stories, great entertainment. A must listen. Bucket of fish to the two guys!
When Marlee Matlin says "This is a podcast worth listening to" ... no more words need be said. Five stars for each of the one brains, which equals five stars.
I have listened to multiple podcasts over the last few years. Some tech and computers, gaming, auto, law enforcement, aquariums, and hunting to name a few. Out of all of them I seem to get bored and lose intrest. Not with 2 guys. Andy and Randy I stick with and always will. Funny great stories and well produced. I even go back and listen to old ones just because. It's a good day when my iTunes tells me there is a new 2g1b episode available!
What a great podcast! I am listening from the beginning (no small task!). I love how they constantly update their segments and "keep it real" with their listeners. Randy, Andy and Engineer Emma are so entertaining. Thanks for the many laughs :)
Started listening to Randy and Andy on the recommendation of Kentie from The Flatus Show, and I am hooked! Riveting and hilarious (and sometimes poop-related) stories from a Washington State county jail, family talk that makes you feel like part of the family. They have a deservedly wide following--including family members Fire Fighter Cindy and Mother Superior, colorful callers like Major Holiday Matt, Cop in Detroit, and World Traveler Jim, and beloved dogs Cletus, Taser, and Mai Tai. Don't miss this one!
Of all of the podcasts I've heard this is the best. Very entertaining as you listen to two average guys (jailers) relay their work and life stories with lots of listener participation. Top shelf morning talk show quality and recorded professionally. Listen to a few and you'll be hooked.
These guys are funny and great story tellers. I can't tell you how much I enjoy this podcast. I listen to tons of podcasts, but it's the best. It's really a wonderful show. It almost makes me want to become a jailer - nah. Nevermind - I don't want to be a jailer - I just want to hear the crazy stories.
It just doesn't get any better than this. Real guys telling real stories. Listen to a few episodes and you'll be pulled into a community of great people full of funny stories. Don't hesitate to subscribe. This is far and away my favorite podcast.
This is the second podcast I ever subscribed to. Now I subscribe to quite a few. Although many talk-slash-comedy shows become repetitive after a time, this one stays fresh. The hosts, Andy and Randy, are two average guys from the Pacific Northwest. They blend stories from their personal lives and their jobs as jail guards with original comedy bits to serve up well-paced and constantly funny episodes. And yes, people get tased. What more could you want?
This is such a great podcasts. It's two real guys (and great storytellers) that talk about everything. The discuss their personal lives, their jobs, their vacations, and just about everything else. The stories are usually very funny and very well told. The Momento en Espanol con Senor Andy is also very hilarious. They make new shows often so you don't have to wait long. This is definitely worth a listen. Try it out.