Raj and Pablo: The Podcast

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English-language Bollywood podcast that keeps up with Bollywood news & celebrity interviews.
This podcast is a very condensed version of the BBC weekend show. It features two seemingly uneducated, barely articulate, closeted individuals that appear to despise each other. They manage to mangle both the english and hindi languages. Raj, the one with the scottish accent, cannot pronounce "g" or "th" so "everything" comes out as "everyfink". Really? What happened to BBC standards? Technically, the in-studio interviews are fine but remote interviews appear to be done over a very poor Skype connection. So bad as to be sonically painful. Again, BBC standards? Neither presenter has any integrity - they fawn all over their guests, even the mediocre ones. Their banter is banal. To be fair, they do seem to give honest opinions about the films they watch. It's a shame that amongst the millions of asian immigrants in the UK, these two slackers are the "best" that the BBC can scrape up.


That is so good
:) nice and concise
I have been following this for past 3 yrs. The best in it's league. Raj and Pablo know their stuff well. Keep rocking guys.
This is prolly one of a kind show where the celebs are interviewed by their fans. In addition, it features the latest news, songs, movie specials, etc from the Indian movies. If you want to be in the know with the latest stuff going on in the Indian Film Industry, this is the show to subscribe to.