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Okay so you have at least one interviewee who "hates research" and recommends "just making it up". I think it's a bummer that good marketing seems to have to include bad ethics. I hope everyhting is going just too well for you to bother with the podcast since it hasn't been updated since 2008. Thanks for putting this together.
I have listened to this podcast series countless times over the years because of the value it brings. Regrettably a few of the podcast segments have poor audio and are not as useful because they can't really be tolerated due to the poor sound quality. I am perhaps the most disappointed because David and Jeff discontinued this valuable podcast back in 2008. Several of the podcast segments emphasize consistency and diligence in your marketing and the ease with which podcasts can be created, yet their podcasting ended without so much as an explanation to their dedicated listeners.
I found this podcast two years ago after buying David Steele's book: "How to Build Your Ideal Practice in 90 Days." Applying the principles they share in their audio programs helped to break through the illusive 6-figure private practice income barrier I had set for myself as a milestone. Amazingly, I earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from a prestigious university and didn't have one class on how to market myself upon graduation. In these podcasts, Dave and Jeff have shared a great gift with their peers, and for free. I will forever be grateful for finding their work. At the risk of sounding like a salesman, which I'm not, you are silly if you are in private practice in these difficult economic days and are not incorporating their proven techniques. Enjoy!