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You had mentioned breaking down stereotypes regarding girl drummers, while simultaneously referring to drumming being a "sausage fest". It might not be a huge deal to most people listening, but just a friendly reminder that some of us drummer chicks have dicks, and some drummer DUDES have vaginas, trans drummers are slaying the drum game and smashing stereotypes, too.
These guys know what they're talking about when it comes to drums. Fun to listen to, and great information. They really know their stuff,and the show has great production, and they are sincerely nice guys. Keep it up!
A wealth of knowledge and experience. Great for musicians, regardless of instrument [bass and guitar personally], as it offers more than just talk about the drumming life but also the music life and profession. Love listening to it on long runs!
I’m not sure if there’s been a formal change of staff but, this show is SO much better than when 4-5 guys were in the room. Dave & Troy make a good team, Troy especially is well prepared and extremely knowledgable on all subjects discussed. Not crazy about the “music bed” of drums in the beginning (sounds like someone’s practicing down the hall). Thankfully, they’ve tightened things up and getting to the subject at hand quickly - unlike before. Keep up the good work!
I must say I have gone back as far as possible and listen to every episode before I wrote a review. Dave is spot on and a great host of this podcast. His drum knowledge is great and the addition of Troy brings a business aspect that all musicians can benefit from. Keep up the great work and can't wait to hear the next episode.
I recently found drummer talk and after listening to the most recent episode with Efrain Toro, I am hooked. This is a great podcast for keeping up with drumming news and listening to interviews with great drummers. If you are a percussionist, you can't pass this one up.
This is truly a great podcast as it has longevity, substance and is simply, fun to listen to. It's been around for a long time now (184 + shows.) Each edition is usually more than an hour in length and it's archives are fantastic. Dave Kropf is a great host, he is knowledgeable and easy to listen to and has great co-hosts always joining him. We miss Carter Baldwin but Tony Dares is a fantastic addition. Too bad he's Canadian, but he's a perfect next to Dave Kropf.
Drummer Talk is truly a blessing. It has been with me since high school and really helped me to become exposed to diffrent facets of the drumming universe I wouldn't be exposed to otherwise. The aura Dave Kropf (the host) creates is one of freindship and family while at the same time being informative and funny. He has a servants heart and really wants to give back and improve the drumming community. With a slew of guests who fill out Dave's already impressive knowledge its wrong not to listen to drummer talk. Everything from the best gig car to hybrid rudaments and cruise gigs are topics, and the cast members are always open to the newest ideas. Drummer talk has gotten me through some drumming dry spells, and helped me grow and rethink the way I view our insturment numerous times. Listen to Drummer Talk
When I saw there was a podcast about drums and the business of drums I was very excited. Two of my favorite things together awesome. I listened to 2 shows and I couldn't take it anymore. These guys are boring and try to hard to be funny when they are not.
Amazing how with 150+ episodes of DrummerTalk, Dave Kropf and his krew still can put out the content. The latest installments with shuffle beats, Latin flavor ideas and other great topics really keeps it fresh! Well wroth the consistent listen. Keith "D-Bop" D.
I've been playing drums for about a year, and have listened to the last half-dozen episodes of this podcast. I highly recommend it - it's fun, informative, and entertaining. I've been learning about different drummers and techniques I would not have otherwise, and enjoy the lengthy clips they play (especially for the Drummer of the Week). It basically feels like you're hanging out with some other drummers at the Memphis Drum Shop for an hour, which is totally cool. Keep it up, guys!
Flam-tastic!! I feel like I'm with friends. RLRRLRLL x8 (fade out)
I couldn't see giving these guys anything less than 5 stars. thanks Dave and Carter for your weekly contributions to the drumming community. thanks! marshman
I listen to Drummer Talk for God-knows-how-long and this is one of those shows that can make an hour pass in a blink of an eye. Recorded without cuts and a lot of post-processing (if any) sound as natural as having a morning coffee with fellow that share your interest in drums (or an afternoon one, if your from the Old World. Or even tommorow's, if you live in New Zaeland ;-) ). Yes, they tend to rant endlessly about football. Yes, they way too often complain about their internet connection. And yes, they occasionally like to goof around - and that is exactly why a non-drummer will enjoy their show. And if you play drums, even just a little - you will appreciate the educational aspect. To sum up: - it's fun, - it's fresh, - it's informative. So I cannot imagine any reason NOT to listen to it, other than you ran out of space on your iPod.
I've been listening to Dave, Carter and the gang for a couple of years now and it feels like they're old pals. Part talk show and mostly drums (of course) but always informative, educational and always entertaining. The drumming community is much richer for having them dedicate their time. My next stop is to pledge some support through their website and get my free t-shirt!
Just like hanging out in a room full of well educated drummers! informative and entertaining! its great to hear about the new gear and drummer news! personally i dont care much for the sports chatter but thats just me not caring for sports alltogether and as long as you keep it entertaining (and by that i mean keep making jokes about each others teams) i have no problem with it! love to listen to the show in the car too and from rehearsal and gigs, keep the longest running drum podcast going! - Zach Alwin (Drummer for When Time Fails)
This is the very best podcast because everyone on the show is hilarious yet they still help out with drumming questions and info that's fun to hear. i am definatly jealous and i wish i could be in a show like it. Great work guys and keep the shows coming!!!
This is an extremely informative and valuable podcast! Excellent on all things drumming and Dave and his crew are knowledgeable, funny and easy to listen to. I even like the tangents! Subscribe now!
Awesome show! I am officially hooked. It's like hanging out with drummer buddies and shooting the breeze.
Great idea but could really use some work on public speaking skills. Doesn't sound prepared. Lots if stuttering plus "umm" ,"and uh" and "soo..."
This podcast put me right to sleep.
I have subscribed to this podcast for a long time. It is entertaining and educational. Great source for the latest drum news and products. Regardless of your drumming ability, everyone is treated like family on the Drummertalk web site.
This is a great podcast. It's clean, educational, and informative. I highly recommend it to any drummer of any skill level. Keep it up Dave n' friends!
Love it! Good info and humorous listening!
Great podcast! Informative, funny, entertaining. They cover rudiments, gear, various drummers and styles...basically all things drumming. Keep up the great work guys!
This show is just what I've been looking for. It's like that extra bowl of Wheaties that every drummer needs and I truly believe that this is the greatest show on the air.
funny, informative, wholesome, educational, i like that they are christians, they cover topics i want to hear, they may stray from the topic from time to time but thats one of the good things cause it keeps it fresh and its usually a way they get another topic goin and discuss for a bit. all around a great podcast for drummers, i just found it a few days ago, and i have downloaded a lot of past episodes 'cause the topics are so great. keep up the good work guys!
This is easily the best drumming podcast on the web. It's informal feel is almost as good as sitting around with your drumming friends shooting the breeze about your shared passion. It's also chock full of good tips, news and equipment reviews with helpful links to everything available on their website.
Drummer Talk is THE BEST podcast for musicians period. After a few listens you'll be fast friends with all the cast members. They all come across as close friends just sitting around talking about drums, music, gear, and whatever else comes up. I quickly found myself laughing aloud in public whilst listening to the fun-filled romp through all things percussion. All the knowledge presented is professional, anecdotal, and always usefull to all skill sets. Every Saturday morning I make it a plan to upload the latest episode, and most often find myself listening within moments of the download. If you're looking for a professional, usefull, funny, and always entertaining percussion podcast, then look no further then Drummer Talk!!
This is one of the podcasts I absolutely listen to when it is downloaded. As a drummer for over 25 years, it keeps me up to date on new happenings, people, equipment, etc. I love the banter between the guys even though it takes up time. I feel like I'm just hangin' with a bunch of drummer dudes like I used to in High School and college, except maybe slightly less altered.
Dave and company bring lots of energy and fun to the drumming community. They have weekly features such as news, rudiment of the week , feature artist...etc. I listen to them while doing my weekly routine at work or traveling to gigs and they are great company. The cast will also talk about subjects that are not related to drumming but go a long way in getting to know the cast. I really like this aspect of the show because in my opinion good character development is vital to making a connection with the audience. The only modification that I would make is to have Dave do more drum set playing, I really learned a lot from that segment. -Rocco
If you dont have anything good to say then shut ur freakin mouth i cant stand people that do what you do, i dont if you noticed but u are the only bad review on there maybe listen for more than eight minutes and plus the beauty of a podcast is u can fast forward. To finish this off i think maybe u should listen to a whole episode before open ur big dumb mouth to write a review.
This show is full of good tips and advice, and the hosts are always entertaining. Plus it is completely clean, which is a refreshing change from most podcasts. Recommended for drummers of any level!
This is another one of those podcasts that takes forever to get into the ostensible subject matter. On trying it for the first time, I had to sit through someone talking about their new hobby, the harmonica, which is of no interest to me. We even had to hear his (pretty good) harmonica solo played back twice. Then they started talking about fantasy football, for heaven's sakes, which is even less interesting. After eight minutes of this, I gave up. If I want to sit around and talk about random subjects I can do this with my own friends. I wish more podcasters realized that inside jokes, kibbitzing among buddies you don't know and extended off-topic forays just bore people, especially new listeners. I'll check back in in a few weeks and see if they've gained focus on drumming.
This is a very good podcast for drummers to listen to. Not only does it have a new rudiment and topic every week, but it also has a new drummer every week with new music and drum solos. This podcast has already helped me, and I haven't even heard many episodes of it.
There truly is not a cooler podcast in all of Itunes than this one. The magic of this podcast comes from the informative randomness of the show's cast. A great listen for everyone (G rated) even people that can't understand English!
This show will capture your full attention with the great personalities of the host and his podcast tribe alone. They have a great way of conveying their show with vivid detail through this audio only avenue. Thanks for bringing your professionalism to us all, and please keep it going for all of us drummers who appreciate what you do.
I've only been listening to these for a couple of days, but there awsome! You get great information on drums, from people who like talking about it! Its very Entertaining! -subscribe now-
Check this podcast out. Just a buncha drummers talking about drum stuff in a reasonably structured manner. Great Audio quality and subject matter quality. Drums and talking: Good stuff.
Dave Kropf has something very unique in his podcast. It is a great place to hang out because it's all drummers all the time. I liken this podcast to Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of my cult favorite shows. It's informative, witty, and funny. Be careful, this podcast is addicting. When Dave went overseas recently I was starving for the podcast. It has a lot of information for drummers with a cast of drummers like Ian "The Whipping Boy" and others who seems to want to learn more about the art of drums and related percussion. Definately put this podcast down as a favorite!! Trebor O.
This is an interesting and fun take on drumming. The program is well produced and offers great insight into the average drummer's life. Dave seems like a great drum instructor as he spends time giving us and his fellow podcasters background and technical information on whatever the subject is. The program has improved its focus with its second season but still retains the humor and easy-going nature that the host and his friends/students no doubt share in their daily life. Listen for the Pearl Reference reference; it's great for a chuckle!
This is one of my "Must Listen To" Podcasts. Dave and his merry men get together every week and talk about all sorts of stuff related to drums, drummers, and drumming. These guys have an excellent show with cool characters and great chemistry. If you're a drummer, or would like to understand the mind of a drummer then you MUST subscribe to this podcast!
Drummers of all ages and experience levels will find something useful here. Is it a polished broadcast? Thankfully, no. These are real drummers, sitting in the office of a mentor who cares, surrounded by gear and talking drums. This is the drumming community at it's best, namely, real people with a variety of experiences and skill levels, getting together to give of themselves and share what they know. You will relate to these guys. As a fellow drummer, I feel like I’m sitting in the room with them, absentmindedly retaping my trusty old Calato RegalTip 662’s for the umpteenth time as someone else is popping drags on their knee while we all shoot the breeze and let the conversational tangents take us where they may. No hidden commercial agendas, no showboat arrogance run amok. If the gear is good, they tell you why. If it stinks, they tell you why. Most importantly, if they aren’t sure, they’ll tell you it’s a guess rather than blowing smoke up your six. You will relate to these guys. You will learn things of value. These guys are real. They are us. Dave and company are giving something back to the Brotherhood, for all the right reasons. Subscribe. Support. Rock on.
If you are looking for an inside look to the buisness, art, love, and hobby of drumming, this is where it's at. The laughter, good times, and awesome drummer talk never stops with Dave and his crew. So, subscribe today and join in on the discussion.