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Brian and Georgina have been making me laugh for more than 10 years. I breathlessly await each episode.
I tried. So help me, I tried. I've been listening from oldest to newest and finally had to give up and delete the subscription after about 30 lengthy episodes. It's just the same so-called comedic stick. It's just not my kind of humor I guess. They drone and prattle on about nothing a good 45 minutes at a time. I mean nothing. They highlight a few bits of their local news and chuckle on about the occasional thing they've seen, the noise of her computer mouse, but they're not interesting. What's the gag? Seriously, someone tell me what I'm missing that makes these two so entertaining and popular? Disappointed. I wanted to like them as I like to listen "similar" radio talk. I like to listen while I work, and they don't make the time fly. The format never seems to change and the humor is lifeless after the same type of potty joke is made.
Brian and georgina r hillarious


By Mrs
No brainer. Best podcast out there bar none. You go B and G!
If you are 12 and under, or you act like you are 12 and under, you would love this. I, however am 15 and i think this show is a load of crap. DONT GET IT IF YOU ARE 13+ !!!!!!
Dude, no one wants to know about your going "pooh". What self-aborbed dolt would tell people about his pooh sessions? Only a fool with a microphone in his hand for the first time will smoking hooch would think that talking about his pooh would be of interest to anyone but his own proctologist. Put the microphone down, turn off the computer and just go away until you can think of something of the slightest bit interest to someone other than yourself.
This podcast feed contains a number of shows of widely varying quality. I love Sowerby and Luff, but I automatically delete all the John Dredge stuff, the Jenni Shows & Tells (watched one episode, wanted to seal the windows and turn the gas on), and ESPECIALLY the sickeningly unfunny Will Franken content (ESPECIALLY especially Strollers, which actually offended me - and that's not easily done). I want more of the Jake Yapp Podcast! What happened to it? I had two or three episodes downloaded, and they vanished after I listened to the first one. Now THAT guy's funny.
I've been listening to Georgina and Brian nearly since the beginning and they have only gotten funnier. True, it is a required taste but the distinctness of British humor is there if you like it already. Try out their other podcasts, too!
This is one of the Best & Funniest British podcast around. It is best served on your morning commute just before you meet all those grumpy coworkers. Excellent sound, excellent quality, excellent comedy! I love it, I love it!
This is the only pod cast I've ever really fallen for. I don’t know how many times I've busted out with laughter on the train on my way to work (often resulting in people looking at me like I'm crazy). I don't know how I would survive my morning commute without comedy 365!!!
This is a very funny podcast!! Them is very funny & it's funny to hear them get a little pissed off at each other.
Great Brittish comedy. A wide variety of content, some, especially the musical stuff is not my cup of tea, but mostly very good stuff. Sort of like Douglas Adams on a pub crawl.
Funny stuff. Are you guys in prison?
This podcast was boring and not funny. Don't waste your time.
This is a great podcast it is awesome a hugely goodshow
Pass it around. I need to get some of the inspiration going. For real hook me up.
I downloaded Chris Skinner meets... Henry VIII and just loved it. Keep it comming.
I know comedy, and I can honestly say: Comedy 365 has more variety, more good humor, and just more stuff in general. Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby are two of the greatest people ever to grace a microphone. Props to all of those who work on this lovely podcast!
it has its moments. definitly worth checking out! hehe
You need to give this podcast a listen! My suggestion would be to download one of the syndicated talk show podcasts such as "The Big Squeeze" or "Moca-Choca-Latte" and get to know the hosts Sowerby and Luff. Then, watch an episode of Fluffy TV. The chirped up voices and funny little puppets are bound to make you laugh. After a few podcasts, you'll be hooked....just like me... Brilliant writing and sketches, here! - Eric from Wisconsin, U.S.A.
You see, you have this guy who likes collecting knickers and will drink inordinate amounts of alcohol at the roll of the dice and you have this woman with one of the most delightful laughs on the planet and who likes to tie up said aforementioned man and speaks in various dialects....without question one of the most joyous and zany half-hours in podcasting.
This is a very funny podcast