Reviews For Piano by Joel: the Fresh Piano Blog and Podcast

I found this podcast a few years ago but somehow lost it when my iPod broke needless to say i have been looking for it for two years and I am exuberant that I found it again. I remembered this after two years... It's that good :)


This music took me to prayer instantly. Thank you Rosenberger family.
At the end of a long and busy Easter day we stumbled upon Joel's podcasts, and we were moved to tears as we listened to his soulful renditions of familiar and unfamiliar hymns. Thanks, Joel, for the beauty you brought to our Easter, and that you will bring to more moments in our future.
Such beautiful sounds. I am a huge fan!


By arroya
Your music is wonderful, thanks for sharing....
your music is played in my house all the time, day or night. Ihave it on my iPod and take it to paryer meeting and pray to your music I even play it in my car I just love it Can you Play "The Old Rugged Cross" That song is so Powerful Thanks Ian
Excellent Joel! I was wondering if any other Musicians were doing anything like this, so i did a search and found your program. It was an emotional experience to find out that someone else had decided to give their music. You've helped encourage me to do the same.
Joel-you are a true artist and your skill is incredible. I enjoy hearing your works everyday!!!!
Fantastic works of art for our ears to enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to share such wonderful music.
I listen to your podcast just about anytime of the day and I'm fully blessed. Thank you!
Your music is beautiful and very relaxing. It's like going to church any time I hear this. We need more podcasts out there like this. Keep it up!
Beautiful, heart-felt music that is truly from the Spirit of God. Joel has been given an amazing gift and he has chosen to share his talents with us freely. Thank you Joel, may the Lord continue to bless you!
Your ministry of music is sincerely inspiring.
I've downloaded every composition you have have available. I listen to your work while I'm taking it easy around the house, or while I'm trying to get work done. It's very soothing and I thoroughly enjoy it. Can't wait for you to submit more. Thanks, Chris McCall, 26 Dallas, TX