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Aloha from Hawaii I have a 2004 R50 and have listened to all your available podcasts listed on iTunes.. Twice Ha Ha . I see online older podcasts prior to 2015 but cannot access them. How can I listen to older podcasts ? Thank you for all your info and enjoy every episode. Look forward to more!!
These guys have lost their touch and have not an ill word for the current MINI fleet that it makes you wonder if their sponsors allow them to speak their mind. I loved the podcast back when they split their time between R53/R56, but now it just seems like a 3rd arm of BMW. Meh.. These guys are fanboys and I can think of 100 other podcasts to listen to.
I spend a lot of time in my garage working on projects and keeping our two MINIs spotless. This is among my"goto" list of podcasts when im spending quality time in my man cave.
White Roof Radio (WRF) is a "one-stop service center" niche show for MINI Cooper culture, industry news, technical knowledge, practical advice and opinion. A weekly running commentary born of a passion for a car that 'brings a smile to your face', the banter is decidedly pro-MINI but never blindly loyal. (There is plenty of criticism, where warranted, for MINI's missteps.) Led by their host, DB, the show unfolds at a good pace and stays on point. Always entertaining, WRF makes for a tasty cup of listening pleasure each week. Best "served fresh" on that miserable morning commute.
Great podcast to keep on top of all things MINI! Keep up the good work guys!
You guys make every road trip a blast. My dad and I catch up on all the episodes when we are driving and it is always something great to listen to. Very informative about new MINI Cooper news and just a bunch of fun funny guys to listen to. Thanks again! Chris T.
Tired of you guys knocking the COUNTRYMAN. Dumb move an I'm unsubscribing. Would explain why but not worth my time Posted on FB
I am not a MINI owner yet, but a MINI convertible will be my next car. I subscribe to 10+ podcasts and this is, by far, the on that I look forward to most. In addition, if you e-maill them, you receive a response within two days. I can’t wait to join the family!
My favorite podcast. Always informative and entertaining.
I am new to Minis and have recently purchased a 2013 Roadster S. Now happy to absorb the knowledge shared by the WhiteRoof crew and may the Mini be with you!
I can't wait for my new podcast from week to week. Very informative and often funny!đź‘Ťđź‘Ť
Seriously, once a week ladies you can listen in on this merry band of unlikely brothers as they talk about all things MINI and then some. You’ll learn a ton of stuff about owning a MINI, motoring in a MINI and loving your MINI. You might even learn about other cars. And it’s guaranteed that you’ll learn about things that have no relation to cars whatsoever, as the conversations tend to drift off topic with hilarious results. Go now and listen to Db, Todd, Chad and that new guy Alex. These guys love MINIs, cars in general, electronic gadgets, adult beverages and ladies - not necessarily always in that order. It’s a good time.
Have been a loyal listener since the beginning. The show is like a fine wine that has become better and better with age - very smooth and professional. Alex is a fantastic addition to the old timers DB, Todd, and Rev. Chad. The MINI news and info is fresh, honest, relevant, interesting, and entertaining. If you own a MINI or just have an interest, this podcast is your one-stop shop and shouldn't be missed!
I first heard about WhiteRoofRadio with host DB and Todd a few months before MINI Takes the States 2014. Since that time I have been hooked. Their weekly podcast is all things MINI (and not always complimentary as you might expect). They tell it like it is. They, along with co-hosts Chad and Alex are all MINI enthusiasts but are not MINI homers. They can be a valuable source of early and somewhat "inside" news about MINI and also offer many helpful tips if you own a MINI or plan to own one. I had the pleasure of meeting DB and Todd while on MTTS 2014 and it was a pleasure doing so. They are great down to earth guys and are fun to travel with. I plan to keep listening to WhiteRoofRadio and look forward to seeing the guys again at a future MINI event down the road. If you have a hankering or curiosity towards MINIs, I would encourage you to listen in. They are easy on the ears but have a face for radio (just a fun MINI poke in the ribs). Keep up the good work guys, your show is great.


These guys know their stuff and play off each other really well. They walk the line between being extremely knowlegable about all things MINI without being smug (or condescending). There's enough variety in the hosts to get a sense that they've got a wide swath of bases covered for a variety of MINI owners and MINI owner wannabes. This'll never be the worst hour of your week, but every now and then it'll be your best. Pick any show and give it a listen. They're all that good.
These guys are middle of the road, which is great. They aren't "Mini purists" that think anything that isn't a hardtop is heritical, they aren't gear-heads, and they aren't boring at all. This is a really enjoyable podcast on Mini automobiles, and they have fair praise and criticism on each model.
These guys tell it how it is. If they like it they tell you and the same of the flip side. Very informative and insightful. I love listening to them every week.


Witty, Smart, Informative and Insightful. Oh, and sometimes Gabe shows up too :-) If you like and/or own a MINI this podcast is a Sure Thing!


Before purchasing a MINI this year I stumbled on to this wonderful podcast. Truth be told, I wasn't even sure what a podcast was the before you characters came into my life. I tell you this, I didn't know what a pod cast was but once I heard it, I knew I loved it. You answered so many questions through the podcasts that I felt great and inspired when time came that I could get my MINI. I eventually got a 2012 JCW hardtop and I am in love, my wife is jealous. Thanks for keeping me company on the road. My work keeps me happily in my MINI about 3000 miles a month and your weekly chats make it fly by, well you chats and the peddle on the right really make the day fly. Thanks and keep up the great job. Doug
...Great information; good times and MINI's, really what more could you ask for? Well, maybe a cold beer; but not a better podcast is to be heard anywhere on iTunes!!!
But this is the gem that makes me love them. It's great to hear voices chatting about something you also share so passionately. Hope it never ends!
My Clubman is only six months old, and listening has been a great way to catch up on the past 10 years of MINI. Not to mention what's going on now and what's to come. I look forward to downloading each week.
The guys do a great job keeping the listeners informed on the lastest news surrounding the MINI brand. The Ask Chad section which discusses problems owners have run into is great, particularly if your MINI is out of warranty. Overall this is great material for fans of the brand.
This is a great podcast. I've been listening for over 3.5 years (6 months longer than I've owned a MINI).
Even though I'm *still* in the category of "non-MINI owning lurker", I look forward to downloading and listening to every WRR episode. The interplay between the hosts and guests is entertaining whether talking about MINI products, other automobile brands, the weather, beer, cocktails or general geeky technology. 'Ask Chad" is a great resource for any car owner, as much of the information is applicable to vehicles other than MINI. Keep it up guys!
I've been listening for the past two years and have like the show so much that I bought the car! I should have done this 2 years ago. Keep up the good work. ~ CHEERS! ~
Recently ordered a 2012 Cooper S Clubman - in the long wait for the car to arrive I discovered White Roof Radio - it fills my day with Mini related news - been going backwards listening to all the old episodes and have been able to learn quite a bit about my soon to arrive car. Keep it up!


By DeVader
I have been listening to WRR since 2008 once I knew I wanted to buy a MINI Clubman to fill all my go-karting needs. I look forward to the weekly discussion about "The Brand," especially when it is on the verge of being absolutely ruined(!), and to the possibility of hearing about any number of other random topics, many related to motoring, but not all. DB and Todd are clearly the glue that have kept it all together (now that Gabe is only available to occassionally walk-on as a guest star in the recurring role of MINI Insider) as this podcast approaches Ep. 400; sometimes they even let Nathaniel and Chad get a word in edgewise (I'm just saying). All kidding aside, this little ditty is well worth an hour of your time each week, even if you are not a MINI fanatic, because you will undoubted learn something worth knowing every time you tune in. Keep up the great work fellas and I hope to meet all of you when I attend my first MINIs on the Dragon next year.
If you are into Mini's this is the show for you! Really good entertainment and information, give a listen you won't be sorry.
New MINI owner learning so much from the podcast!
Best wishes to WRR Team from Ukrainian MINI Owners Club MINI Lovers! Great job guys! Thank you for doing this, thank you for finding time for that, thank you for making every particular episode interesting and not the same as previous, thank you for being so truly enthusiastic for so many years! Your listeners are really faithful!
what a breath of fresh air. too often the attitude of the automotive intertubes takes away from the auto experience with pretension, closed-mindedness and confusion. white roof and mini exude such a sense of community, it is contagious even for people (like me) who do not own minis! i do not know how better to put it- you guys got soul. kudos and keep it up!
This podcast is the only reason I'm into MINI Coopers. The chemistry of these guys is great and they are a blast to listen to. I wish Todd didn’t get drunk before every show though.
I've been listening every week for more than three years. This is the best source of MINI news and discussion. I never miss an episode.
Great listen that combines up-to-date info with a healthy dash of humor, even though there is little love lost on autos like my 2010 MCa
Even though I have a Sparkling Silver MINI with an automatic, both of which they rag on almost every show, I still enjoy the podcast. They know all things MINI, and have a good time sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with the listeners.
Every show is great! Chad from Detroit Tuned has great tips and keeps our beloved MINIs in optimum shape. Recent episode Chad mentioned the increase of MINIs coming to his shop needing lower control arm bushings. Prompted me to check mine; I'm glad I did. I ordered my bushings that day. (only vendor to offer pre-pressed bushings and core) DB Todd and Gabe are "in the know" and cannot keep a secret. I cant wait for MINI Connected. hey Guys, try to push for an emulator we can "play" with online. Thanks for the Outmotoring coupon! Keep up the good work and thanks for your dedication...5 Years Wow!
I have been considering a Mini for my next car and have been listening to this podcast for a few months. The guys have excellent reviews of the cars, with all the latest news, along with everthing happening in the Mini community. Well worth the time!
Think of this as MacBreak for Mini owners. I'm new to this particular subculture, but the parallels between being a Mac Geek and a Mini Geek -- culturally speaking -- are fascinating. Good information for the new Mini owner. Better than typical audio production, nice professional sound. Entertaining and well-versed hosts. I learn something with every podcast and it's entertaining.
I'm one of those typical automatic-only, female drivers that knows pretty much nothing about cars. However, I've been listening to WRR for the past couple months, and I have to admit - I'm actually learning things. I will say that the grand majority of the information is for the MINI enthusiast, but every show has a couple tips and tricks that I can use. Plus, it's supremely entertaining. I laugh out loud (or grin widely) at least once every episode. The guys have great chemistry and you can tell that they love everything MINI.
A must subscribe for any MINI owner!
I hear there is a better MINI podcast somewhere in this solar system, but White Roof Radio is definitely the best podcast about MINI's here on planet earth! You won't find any better MINI insider information anywhere else but on this podcast. Their not "Click and Clack" but ZIG, ZAG and ZUG.
Been following the show for a while, have my first MINI on order and without owning one yet already learned a lot of good stuff, thanks.
Very informative and fun cast. If you own a MINI, you can't miss this.
Been following the show since I bought my 2006 MINI Cooper S and the show is as good as ever, maybe better with the addition of Chad. Great show for Mini owners to keep up with issues, changes, and events.
This is a stellar podcast for any MINI owner, a superb auto podcast, and just a good podcast in general for anyone looking for a good example of grassroots podcast excellence.
This podcast is my favorite way to start my week. As I head into work on Monday morning I've got the first show on my iPod, only for it to end too quickly, and have to wait until the next day for the second show. The chemistry these three guys have is addictive, and their better shows have my laughing out loud. All this…plus MINI, MINI, MINI. Thanks guys.
Todd, Gabe, DB, Michael and Chad (and all their MINI superfriends) put out awesome shows every week-- funny, informative, entertaining. They make my midweek commutes the mornings to look forward to every week. I listened to the show for two-plus years before I even owned a MINI! Were I ever to sell it, I would keep listening - they are THAT GOOD! Guys, keep it up -- whiteroof radio rocks!! --Bill W. in DC