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Wrestling is fake you idiot so he should be missing on those kicks. WWE guys just make the fake kicks look better and fake is not the right word cause it is physical and it hurts but they are trying to not hurt eachother that's why when a guy gets kicked or punched in the face they have no bruises unless it's Brock Lesnar then lookout. This isn't great but I respect these kids for trying at least. The invisible ropes are a bit much though. Just work with what you got there don't have to be ropes.
The worst amature wrestling i've ever seen. Had I wanted to see a couple of babies pretending to wrestle i would have gone to a preschool wrestling practice. I take it back that would have been more realistic. Interesting that you have a guy bounce off an invisible rope?, come on at least try to make it look like something is entertaining.


This is the best wrestling thing I've ever seen. I really hope they come out with new episodes. I also like the fact that the wrestle on the playground.
People say wrestling is fake, but it's not. However, when you watch one of these matches, you can see that one man "kicks" the other guy, but doesn't make contact. Also-and this is just a question for the maker of this program- Why do the wrestlers fight on a playground?!